Monday, May 16, 2016

Evolv Health keeps trending, should you join?

Evolv Health USA offers healthy living nutritional products in a unique and powerful way that combines the power of direct marketing with the motivational forces of social responsibility.

Evolv Health is a very different kind of MLM company. Instead of being solely profit driven, this company takes on its social responsibilities by giving back to the world. Run by visionary Brent Hicks, Evolv Health offers a portion of its profits to children in need.

With each and every sale, part of the money goes to feed a hungry child. This focus on social good has helped those who invest in the company help the needy while still making a sizable profit for themselves. What’s not to love about a company that gives back to the community?

Another reason so many people are taking about this MLM company is their products. Each product that they offer is designed with healthy living in mind which has helped hundreds of people lose weight and get their lives back. According to a recent report healthy living is on the rise (1).

Sign-up costs: $59.95
Global revenue: $50 million +
The good: The products offer by this company are backed by science and actually works.
The bad: Sign-up cost is a little higher than most MLM in the same industry.

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Five Most Popular Evolv Health Products

  • The reboot kit
  • Lifebar
  • Shakes
  • Vitamins
  • Drinks

The reboot kit is the company’s largest and most popular product. Designed to get your life back on track, the reboot kit will provide you with the proper nutrients to restore your body back to health. Many people who are new to the products offered by Evolv Health will choose this one first. This is one of their most expensive products and sales are only expected to increase over the years. By selling just a few of these kits will help you recover your sign-up cost.

The lifebar is the second most popular product that Evolv has to offer. Great for snacking while on the go, this health food product is made of only the finest ingredients. Designed to help people lose weight, these bars are packed healthy with good stuff and are low in calories as well. These bars will help speed up your metabolism which will help you burn fat the natural way.

Shakes are also pretty popular products that many people swear by. Shakes are a great way to supplement meals and if you are looking to lose weight without starving. Everything you need is inside and you can quickly mix up a shake even while on the go.

Vitamins are always on anyone’s shopping list that is looking to live a healthy lifestyle. Evolv has some of the most unique and healthy vitamins on the market that are made directly from whole foods. This means that you will only be getting the best for your money. They have put a lot of research and money into their vitamin products which means that you can stand behind what you are marketing. The market for vitamins is huge and billions of dollars each year are spent on them. With so much focus on vitamins these days, the chances you will have success with them is high.

Drink mixes that Evolv Health offers are not only good for you but they also help keep you alert and full of energy. Not to be confused with other health drink mixes that are on the market, Evolv Health never add caffeine to their drinks. This means that you won’t feel that burned out a few hours after you drink them.


There is ample opportunity for those looking to make some income with this MLM program. While the start-up cost is a little high at $59.95, your investment will be well worth it. After you sign up for the basic package, you will gain access to their product lines which are all really great. The products you will be offering your customers are backed by science and all are made from only the finest ingredients.

Evolv has a huge following and their numbers of happy customers are going up by the day. Once you sign-up, you will get the chance to offer these products and you will receive a generous 15% commission on all direct sales. There is also a tiered compensation plan that revolves around the amount of sale your downline makes.

The good

Evolv is an award winning company that stands behind all of its products. They have spent tons of money and time closely researching their products, and they only use the highest quality ingredients. Instead of offering traditional weight loss products, Evolv focuses on scientific nutrition to develop products that works with the body.

This approach seems to work really well. They are also very socially responsible and give back to the world by helping those in need. This is a huge plus for many people and what’s not to love about doing some good while making money at the same time?

The bad

While this company has gotten rave reviews on its products, some find that the higher start-up cost is a no go for them. But if you are willing to invest the money there is ample opportunity for you to make it back. At the end of the day this company really has a lot to offer both its customers and its marketers.


If you are looking for a new and unique MLM opportunity, then Evolv Health is the perfect place to start. Not only will you have a chance to make money but you will be giving back to needy children at the same time.

Many of their products have science behind them and they are proven to be effective for weight loss. While the cost of sign-up of $59.95 is on the higher side, most people won’t have a problem with it. They have a large amount of products to offer, all of which are designed to keep you healthy. The weight loss industry is huge and there is plenty of room for you to make some serious money with this MLM company.


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