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Ritual review: making big waves in the womens multivitamin space

Ritual has an incredible story.

The company has recently released a video that details the origin of the Ritual story:

Give it a watch:

The womens multivitamin company is on a mission of transparency.

Learn more about Ritual


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Rankings: Best diet pills for women of 2018

Eating healthy and exercising might be the foundation of weight loss, but diet pills certainly don’t hurt.

Good diet pills can give your metabolism the boost it needs to burn fat and lose weight quickly, like many fat burners for women.

This list contains only the best of them, but not all diet pills are created equal. You’ll find them ranked according to their weight loss benefits and health risks.

Part 1 ranks this year’s 9 best diet pills for women in order, and part 2 will go over how they work and answer some FAQs.

9. Sheer Appetite Suppressant for Women

sheer appetite suppressant

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This is one of the few diet pills on the market that focuses specifically on suppressing appetite for women, so if that’s the issue you want to target, Sheer Appetite Suppressant for Women is a solid option.

Women are 8x more likely to develop a thyroid problem than men, which slows down the metabolism, so it’s great to see companies like Sheer Strength Labs developing custom formulas that target the specific metabolic needs of women. (1)

Sheer Appetite Suppressant for Women’s all natural formula is built around the following active ingredients: Rhodiola Rosea Extract, Caralluma Fimbriata Powder, Hoodia Gordooni Extract, Chromium Piccolinate, and L-Methionine.

Methionine helps your liver and kidneys naturally produce more L-Carnitine, which is a popular amino acid in the weight loss community for its stellar fat-burning power. While L-Carnitine studies on humans of average weight have produced mixed results, a study done on obese individuals found that those taking L-Carnitine lost an average of 2.9 pounds than other participants. (2)

Rhodiola Rosea, the main ingredient in Sheer Appetite Suppressant for Women, is known to have some powerful health benefits, which include fighting fatigue, preventing diabetes, and improving workout performance, allowing you to exercise harder and longer without feeling as strained. (3)

At $17.97 for a one-month supply, a bottle of Sheer Appetite Suppressant for Women is very reasonably priced. Overall, it’s an effective diet pill, although its focus is pretty narrow for folks who are looking for more holistic health benefits in their supplements.

8. Nutri-Thin



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Produced by SPX Nutrition, Nutri-Thin claims to be a holistic, high-potency weight loss solution that works by increasing energy, suppressing appetite, and burning fat.

Nutri-Thin does this with their proprietary formula, which includes the following active ingredients: complete Vitamin B Complex, Phenylethylamine, Bitter Orange, Acai Berry, and Siberian Ginseng.

The big focus here is on Vitamin B, and Nutri-Thin serves up 100% of your daily value of Vitamin B3, B5, B6, B12, and B9. B Vitamins exist to help your body metabolize carbs, fats, and proteins and turn them into energy for your body instead of storing them as fat. Vitamin B12 is particularly powerful in fighting weight gain, and Vitamin B12 deficiencies are very common, especially in vegans. (4)

Bitter Orange is a controversial one, though, and it’s been removed from a lot of weight loss products. Some people claim it’s a potent, all-natural ingredient for suppressing appetite and burning fat. However, it’s a powerful stimulant that has some alarming side effects related to heart health. It’s a less potent version of ephedrine, which used to be used in weight loss products before it was banned by the FDA for its side effects. (5)

For $49.95 a bottle, it’s not the cheapest diet pill on the market, but it does have good reviews. However given the fact that they’re still using bitter orange as an active ingredient, proceed with caution.

7. Plexus Slim


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Plexus Slim is part of The Plexus TriPlex system by Plexus, which bundles their three favorite weight loss and health products into the ultimate weight management program. The Plexus TriPlex includes Slim, Bio Cleanse, and ProBio5.

Slim is their version of the diet pill, but it comes in the form of a flavored powder drink that you mix into water. The supplement is offered in raspberry, lemon, and watermelon, and it’s gluten-free with no artificial flavors.

The core function of Plexus Slim is to skyrocket your metabolism by introducing akkermansia microbes into your digestive system. This process helps up the good bacteria count in your gut, similar to probiotics. It also promotes the production of lactobacillus bacteria in your digestive system, which is a powerful bacteria for stopping fat absorption and helping your body burn more calories. (6)

Plexus Slim harnesses 200 mcg of chromium, an essential mineral that helps you metabolize fat, carbs, and protein. It’s been shown to improve blood sugar control, lower insulin levels, and reduce appetite and carb cravings. (7) (8)

Finally, the supplement increases lactobacillus bacteria in your gut by 365, a good bacteria that’s been shown to block fat absorption and burn calories faster. (9) Improving gut health has been shown to be a huge factor in kick-starting weight loss. (10)

If you want to go for the whole bundle, ProBio5 is a probiotic supplement that keeps your intestines healthy, and Bio Cleanse is a cleansing supplement that helps your body detox regularly.

The whole bundle goes for $149.95, which puts it on the spendier end of diet pills and weight loss programs. However, it does offer a multi-angled approach to weight loss, and you’re getting three products out of it.

6. Skinny Fiber

skinny fiber

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Skinny Body Care has been killing it in the MLM space, especially when it comes to weight management.

Their Skinny Fiber supplement is a proprietary fat burning blend that checks off all the weight loss boxes, from killing cravings and boosting metabolism to reducing fat absorption and detoxing your digestive system.

Skinny Fiber boasts a special active ingredient with some serious fat-burning credentials: Glucomannan.

Glucomannan is a fiber found in a specific yam variety, and over the last few years, the weight loss community has really started to pay attention to this powerhouse fiber. It’s hard to ignore.

This fiber works its magic by absorbing water in your gut, expanding into a gel-like substance that sits in your belly and makes you feel full. (11) Studies have been so successful that participants consuming Glucomannan along with a healthy diet are losing 8-10 pounds in just 5 weeks. (12)

All the active ingredients in Skinny Fiber are natural. The supplement also harnesses Cha de Bugre, Caralluma Fimbriata, and various enzymes. Caralluma Fimbriata is known as “famine food” in India because it’s so effective at blocking hunger.

There are some health risks that come with taking such powerful appetite suppressants. Bottles come with a warning advising customers to drink a full glass of water with every single pill, otherwise, the swelling of the product’s ingredients could block the throat and make it difficult to breathe.

At $39.99 for a two-month supply, it’s not the cheapest product on this list, but it’s affordable.

5. Alli



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Alli is the only diet pill on the market that’s FDA-approved. Their claim is that anyone using alli and pairing it with a balanced, healthy diet can lose 5-10% of their body weight with ease, and it’s backed by a number of clinical trials.

Their diet pills are considered lipase inhibitors, which prevent roughly 25% of the fat you eat from being absorbed into your body.

The active ingredient in alli is orlistat, which is a synthetic drug designed to promote weight loss. It’s not natural, but it is effective. Some studies show that it decreases fat absorption up to 30%. (13)

While the science is there, alli isn’t really designed for heavy weight loss. They do produce a prescription product for people who are severely overweight called Xenical, but you have to talk to your doctor about being approved to use it.

4. Isagenix Natural Accelerator


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Using all-natural components, Isagenix’s Natural Accelerator helps you burn more fat while also boosting your metabolism. You’ve probably already seen me write about the rise of Isagenix and how they’re slated to become one of the top health and wellness MLMs in the world.

Like everything Isagenix comes up with, Natural Accelerator is a top-notch product. It uses plant-based ingredients that support thermogenesis, your body’s process of heat production.

This is one of the most effective natural methods for increasing your metabolism, as your body starts to burn additional calories in order to produce heat. (14) One of the most powerful natural ingredients for kick-starting this process is green tea, an active ingredient in Natural Accelerator. Multiple studies have shown that consuming green tea helped participants burn 16% more fat than those who took a placebo. (15)

Cayenne is another powerful natural ingredient that is proven to support thermogenesis and weight loss. One study shows that people who consume the active ingredient in cayenne for breakfast burn a whopping 51% more calories during the meal than people who don’t. (16)

Finally, cocoa seed, the last main ingredient in Natural Accelerator, contains caffeine, which is shown to boost the effects of thermogenesis when consumed in conjunction with green tea.

Ultimately this is an effective fat burner that doesn’t rely on synthetic ingredients and has little to no side effects. It provides enough caffeine to give your metabolism a good push without incorporating dangerous stimulants.

3. Advocare Slim



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Advocare is easily in the top 10 hottest MLMs, and it’s probably #1 when it comes to health and wellness. Their vitamin, mineral, and herbal supplement Slim helps you take control of your appetite and also incorporates energy and metabolic enhancers.

This powdered drink supplement comes in lemonade, mixed berry, and apple pear and costs $31.99 for a pack of 14.

Green coffee extract, chromium, and garcinia cambogia (one of the most popular natural diet pill ingredients) are the main ingredients in Advocare Slim.

Coffee has long been used to stimulate weight loss, and some studies are showing that green coffee extract (which comes from raw coffee beans before they’re roasted) may be even more effective. (17) That being said, there aren’t a lot of studies out. In fact, a few years ago the FTC pressed charges against diet companies pushing green coffee extract pills as a miracle weight loss solution due to lack of scientific evidence. (18)

Garcinia cambogia is a standard ingredient in the diet pill industry, on the other hand, and there are plenty of studies supporting its effectiveness. It’s a fruit, and the hydroxycitric acid (HCA) found it its peel is shown to promote weight loss. (19) Out of 9 weight loss studies done with the fruit, 8 show significant increases in weight loss. (20)

However, in order for garcinia cambogia to have maximum weight loss effect, supplements should contain 50-60% HCA. (21) Advocare does not disclose how much active HCA is contained in their products.

2. LeanMode


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If you’re sensitive to stimulants or worried about their side effects, Evlution Nutrition’s LeanMode is the product for you. It’s one of the few effective diet pills on the market that’s also stimulant-free.

You get over 50 capsules for under $20, and each capsule promotes weight loss through 5 different key modes: fat burning, appetite control, metabolism, energy, and positive mood.

It works by harnessing the power of some of the most popular and heavily studied natural fat burners out there, none of which are stimulants. Garcinia cambogia is one of the primary ingredients in LeanMode, a fruit you’ll find in many of the most effective diet pills because the hydroxycitric acid it contains is proven to significantly increase weight loss. (22)

Consuming the extract from green coffee beans, which are raw, unroasted coffee beans, has also been shown to promote a number of health benefits, including weight loss. (23) Green tea leaf extract is similarly powerful in increasing the metabolism and boosting fat burning, and it’s also a great source of antioxidants. (24) These two ingredients combined put your body into calorie-burning mode. (25)

1. Leanbean


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It’s hard to argue with the testimonials, celeb power, and sheer popular support Lean Bean has seen in recent years. They’ve become the social media darling of diet pills.

They’ve got a price tag to match the fanfare. A starter pack costs $185, but it comes with a three-month supply of Leanbean supplements as well as one free bottle and an e-book workout guide.

Their vegetarian, all-natural supplements target women by incorporating simple, plant-based ingredients that work in conjunction with the female metabolism. Glucomannan, green tea extract, and turmeric are the primary ingredients.

Glucomannan and green tea extract are both popular diet pill ingredients that boost metabolism and suppress appetite, with plenty of studies to back them up. Turmeric is a little less common.

As a medicinal herb, turmeric has long been used to stimulate the metabolism. It’s similar to cayenne in that it causes your body to go into thermogenesis, which makes your digestive system burn additional calories in order to produce heat. This raises your overall metabolic rate and kicks up your fat burning efforts. (26)

There are lots of other natural ingredients in each capsule, including vitamin B6, acai berry, and vitamin B12. You’ll notice all these ingredients are present in doses of 100mg or more, so you’re getting a sufficient amount too. No fillers.

They also offer a 90-day money back guarantee, so while they’re on the spendy side, you can always return the product if it doesn’t work.

Part 2: Why should you use diet pills for women? What are their benefits and side effects?

Diet pills can be a helpful addition to a healthy diet and exercise. But what is the full range of benefits offered by them? Are they really aw effective as they claim?

More importantly, what about the potential side effects of taking diet pills? Are they safe?

Benefits of diet pills for women

Diet pills for women are designed to boost the metabolism and suppress appetite. The central benefit of adding diet pills to your diet and exercise routine is an increase in the amount of calories you burn, and therefore additional weight loss.

Diet pills can be particularly effective for women, who are shown to have a slower metabolic rate than men on average, making it harder for them to lose weight. (27) This is especially true as they age.

Having unnecessary body fat is associated with many health risks, including heart disease, diabetes, and high blood pressure. (28) Diet pills, when taken properly, can help reduce this risk by promoting fat burning.


Many of the ingredients found in diet pills have additional benefits that are indirectly related to weight loss. They often help boost energy, which can increase focus and improve workout performance. Diet pills can also promote digestive health.

Side effects of diet pills for women

Diet pills are not without risk. Because diet pills aren’t heavily regulated by the FDA and most aren’t FDA-approved, the variation in quality is huge. If you don’t do your research and choose the correct products, diet pills can be dangerous.

The exact side effects of any given diet pill will depend on the active ingredients found in the pill. Many diet pills use high doses of stimulants which can cause anxiety, heart palpitations, and even addiction. Bitter orange is also a common ingredient in some diet pills and is linked to increased blood pressure and heart rate. (29)

Finally, diet pills that contain hunger-suppressing fibers can sometimes cause bloating and constipation for people who don’t typically consume a lot of fiber.

Diet pill misuse and abuse are also widespread, especially amongst teens. Failing to take the proper dosage can result in serious health complications including insomnia, dizziness, chest pain, and vomiting. (30)

Recommended dosage

Every diet pill contains different ingredients at varying levels, so it’s important to check the dosage of your specific diet pill. They may recommend anywhere from 1 to 4 capsules per day. It’s important to follow the recommended dosage to avoid health risks.

The recommended intake level of caffeine is 400mg per day, so if you are sensitive to caffeine, keep this in mind.

Diet pills for women FAQ

What is the best diet pill? There are many different diet pills on the market, and most use their own proprietary blend that claims to promote weight loss. The best diet pill will depend on your individual body, but some particularly effective natural ingredients found in diet pills include garcinia cambogia, caffeine, orlistat, green coffee bean extract, glucomannan, and green tea extract.

What does garcinia cambogia do to your body? Garcinia cambogia is a fruit found in Asia. Its peel contains the active ingredient hydroxycitric acid, which is shown to increase fat burning and suppress appetite.

How long does it take garcinia cambogia to work? This depends on how much hydroxycitric acid your supplement contains. It should have at least 20% HCA to be effective, but supplements with levels closer to 50-60% are shown to be the most effective at promoting rapid weight loss.

Do any diet pills work? Diet pills will not work on their own and must be used in conjunction with a calorie-deficit diet and a regular exercise routine for any weight loss effects to take place. While not every diet pill is effective, there are studies that prove positive weight loss effects of many of the diet pills on this list.

Are weight loss pills bad for you? Some diet pills combine high levels of caffeine with other diuretics, causing users to see weight loss results in the form of losing water weight. This is not sustainable as users are not burning fat but simply losing water weight because they are dehydrated, and it’s not healthy. However, many diet pills contain safe, natural ingredients.

Are diet pills addictive? Diet pill abuse and addiction is a problem, especially among teens. Diet pills that contain high amounts of stimulants can make users more susceptible to addiction. Additionally, if users have a history of eating disorders, they may be more prone to abusing diet pills in the hopes that higher doses will result in quicker weight loss.

What happens if you take a lot of diet pills? You could potentially overdose on stimulants, which would raise your blood pressure to dangerous levels. Overdosing on diet pills can even result in heart attack or stroke.

How do I suppress my appetite? Apart from consuming effective diet pills designed to block hunger, drinking water, minimizing stress, and eating enough protein and fiber can all help to curb your appetite.


Diet pills can help boost your metabolism and push you past a plateau when it comes to losing weight. While there are side effects involved, as long as you research products and take them at their recommended dosage, diet pills for women are very effective in increasing metabolism and suppressing appetite.

Eating fewer calories and exercising regularly will always be the foundation to healthy, successful weight loss, but diet pills can help women get there faster.

For #1 diet pill for women recommendation, click here.


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Leanbean Review: Best fat burner for women?

Leanbean is a fat burner for women supplement that is designed with women in mind.

It contains a great mixture of natural ingredients to help you shift those unwanted inches. Leanbean claims to help you burn fat while reducing your appetite and food cravings without the use of synthetic stimulants.

This Lean bean dietary supplement review will analyze the product to see if it can really stand up to those claims.

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Leanbean contains a blend of all natural ingredients which they claim work in harmony with the female body.

Many of these natural ingredients are already well known for their weight loss benefits, as we’ve seen with other direct sales weight loss shakes in Herbalife and Advocare.

Leanbean claims to help you slim down in the following ways:

Boosting The Metabolism

You may already know that our metabolic rate is the rate at which we burn calories for energy.

Everyone has a base metabolic rate which determines how much energy they burn by simply being alive and breathing. This is known as our Basal Metabolic Rate or BMR.

Our BMR tells us how many calories we would burn if we just laid in bed all day and did nothing.

Of course, if we want to lose weight we can burn additional calories by exercising.

But what if we could raise our metabolic rate to increase our calorie burn further?

Leanbean contains ingredients such as green tea and turmeric to help kick your metabolism up a notch without the use of harsh stimulants.

Appetite Suppression 

Aside from increasing your calorie burn, if you want to lose weight you also need to cut the amount of calories you are consuming.

But watching what you eat and counting calories can be quite stressful. It is very common for people to lose their will power in the face of hunger and cravings.

Leanbean can help make your dieting less hassle by suppressing your appetite.

It contains ingredients that fool your brain and gut into believing you have eaten more than you really have. This will help you to get through the day without grabbing a calorie laden snack.

Hormonal Balance

The amount of fat we store in our bodies is largely effected by the levels of testosterone and estrogen we have.

These hormones can be thrown out of balance by an unhealthy lifestyle and toxic diet choices.

If our hormones are out of balance, this can lead to excess weight gain. A balanced body is critical to help you look and feel your best. 

Leanbean contains antioxidant ingredients to help boost your body in its fight against these imbalances so you can boost weight loss. 


Green Tea Extract

Green tea has been drunk for thousands of years in the far east due to its health boosting effects.

It contains compounds called catechins which have strong antioxidant properties and have been proven to increase resting metabolism.

Catechins have this effect upon the metabolism by increasing the levels of norepinephrine which promotes the burning of fat. (1)

Green tea also contains caffeine which has energy boosting and fat burning qualities. (2)


One of Leanbean’s top appetite suppressing ingredients, glucomannan is a dietary fiber which slows down the progress of food through the gut.

Glucomannan swells up inside the digestive tract, creating a feeling of fullness which prevents you from feeling hungry for longer. (3)

Glucomannan is so good at reducing the appetite that one study found it reduced body weight by up to 0.8 kg a week. (4)


Turmeric is a much loved spice that has a wealth of health properties. (5)

It is native to India and Southeast Asia, and is commonly used in spicy dishes from these regions.

Turmeric has an active compound known as curcumin, which has a thermogenic and antioxidant effect on the body. (6)

Furthermore, tumeric has been proven to help reduce body fat. (7)

Cayenne Pepper

Another well-known spice, cayenne pepper is often seen in a hot curry.

It contains a substance called capsaicin, which is what make chillies hot.

Capsaicin also has a heat producing effect upon the body, raising the metabolism. (8)

It also can help to reduce your appetite. (9)

Green Coffee

Green coffee is just regular coffee that hasn’t been roasted yet. The beans turn brown during the roasting process which makes them ready for your espresso.

Therefore, green coffee contains much more of the good stuff that is lost during processing.

Green coffee is rich in antioxidants and also contains a chemical called chlorogenic acid.

Chlorogenic acid has been proven to help with the reduction of fat absorption and can reduce blood sugar levels. (10, 11)

Raspberry Ketones

Raspberry ketones are responsible for the colour of the fruit and also contribute to their aroma.

They have been shown to help increase the breakdown of fatty tissue.

Raspberry ketones do this by making the cells more responsive to the fat burning hormone norepinephrine. (12)

Garcinia Cambogia

Often found in fat burning supplements, garcinia cambogia has a potent weight loss effect.

The skin of this tropical fruit contains hydroxycitric acid (HCA), which can reduce abdominal fat accumulation. (13)

Garcinia Cambogia can also reduce the appetite and help lower calorie intake by boosting serotonin levels. (14)

Acai Berry

Acai berries are native to south america and are often referred to as being a superfruit.

It has high levels of antioxidants that can accelerate healing and athletic performance. (15)

There is some evidence that acai berries can reduce cholesterol and fasting insulin, helping you to reduce cravings. (16)

Chromium Picolinate

The mineral chromium is found in many of the foods we eat. It is vital to blood sugar regulation and plays a role in appetite reduction. (17)

Taking chromium when trying to lose weight can assist with reducing hunger and calorie consumption. (18)

Vitamin B6 and B12

Vitamin B6 and B12 are critical for human life.

They are important for energy production and the synthesis of amino acids, cholesterol and fatty acids in the body. (19)


Piperine is extracted from black pepper. It is responsible for the peppery taste that we love to add to our meals.

It is included in Leanbean because it can help slow down the absorption of fat and body fat accumulation. (20)

Side Effects

Major side effects are unlikely but with any dietary supplement there’s always things to be aware of.

Firstly, Leanbean does contain some caffeine, although at much lower amounts than other fat burners. Therefore, if you are very sensitive to caffeine you may experience disturbed sleep if you take it too close to going to sleep.   

Secondly, Leanbean contains glucomannan which swells in the gut to prevent hunger.

Glucomannan can cause mild side effects if not taken with water. However as long as you drink plenty of liquid and follow the directions you should experience safe weight loss. 

Recommended Dosage

One Leanbean capsule should be taken four times a day with food and plenty of water. It is best to spread the dosages out throughout the day for maximum effect.


How to take Leanbean?

Leanbean capsule should be taken four times a day with food and plenty of water.

Who should use Leanbean?

Leanbean is best used by women who want to lose weight and tone up without the use of synthetic stimulants.

Is there a lean bean coupon code?

Leanbean costs $59.00 for 120 capsules (1 month supply). They do not currently offer a lean bean coupon however they have free postage options and money off for buying more.

They also offer a bikini bundle” for $185.00 which includes: 3 bottles of Leanbean, 1 free bottle, and a workout guide.

Is Leanbean legal?

Yes, Leanbean is legal.

Is Leanbean safe?

Leanbean is safe is used according to directions. It is manufactured in an FDA approved facility.

Where to buy Leanbean – Leanbean on Amazon?

Leanbean is not available on Amazon unless you’ve come across one of the cheap copies or fakes. The real thing is only available to buy from their official website.

Does Leanbean really work?

All the ingredients in Leanbean have proven weight loss and appetite suppressing effects.

How long do you have to take Leanbean before seeing results?

You should see results within 1 or 2 months with diet and exercise. If you have used it according to directions for a full three months and not seen results then Leanbean will give you a refund.


All of the ingredients in Leanbean are natural and have the clinical proof to help you to lose weight and burn fat.

Due to the lack of synthetic stimulants there are few if any side effects. Although it is important to take Leanbean with plenty of water.

After conducting this Leanbean fat burner review we found a number of benefits for weight loss. However the highlight for us is that the company will provide you with a money back guarantee if you have not seen results after three months of use.

Overall, after taking a closer look at Leanbean we think it is a great choice for women who are looking for a natural boost to their fat burning efforts.

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Rankings: Best fat burners for women

Many ladies use a fat burner to add an “extra boost” for their weight loss goals.

Unfortunately, a lot of them are ineffective or straight up scams.

All of the products on this list contain ingredients that have been scientifically proven to help burn fat and have minimal side effects.

Part 1 ranks this year’s 8 best fat burners for women in order, and part 2 will go over how they work and answer some FAQs.

8. Estroven


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This one is actually marketed as relief for menopause symptoms. One of menopause’s biggest symptoms is weight gain, so Estroven has a product that specifically targets weight control.

Should you take it to burn fat if you’re not going through menopause?

Estroven is a completely herbal supplement, containing no drugs or hormones, so anyone can take it. In theory, it might even work for men, although it contains ingredients that specifically work to burn fat for women.

The three main ingredients in Estroven are soy isoflavones, cissus quadrangularis extract, and black cohosh root extract. Despite the long names, they are all herbal and natural. All three work together to boost the metabolism.

Soy isoflavones provide extra fiber, which is proven to help burn belly fat. (1) It’s worth noting that this means people with a sensitivity to soy shouldn’t consume this product.

Black cohosh is a flowering plant, and it was used to treat pre-menstrual and menopause symptoms in colonial America.

It’s becoming popular again, but there’s not a lot of modern research to back it up.

There are claims that black cohosh functions by grabbing on to estrogen receptors and preventing symptoms that occur from a fluctuation in estrogen levels (such as weight gain). It’s also believed to stimulate serotonin receptors. However, the few studies of the plant have yielded conflicting results. (2)

If you’re not going through menopause, you might find more success with other fat burners that are more geared toward you. This is a great option for women who are going through menopause and want to specifically target weight gain, as it’s a common symptom of menopause.

7. Amberen


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Amberen is another medication designed to assist with the symptoms of menopause, and they’ve made some pretty hefty claims about the pill’s weight loss power.

In the past, they claimed that the supplement was the only product on the market now proven to cause weight loss in women over 40. However, in 2015 the FTC came at Luneda, the makers of Amberen, saying that they didn’t provide enough scientific evidence to back that claim and they have to stop publishing it. (3)

Fast forward, and now their website states very clearly that Amberen is not a weight loss product, but that their clinical studies have shown that it helps women manage weight during menopause.

While before their claims were based on a sketchy “clinical trial” done in Russia way back in 2001, they do have a couple new clinical trials listed on their website now from 2015 and 2016. Those studies show that women did experience relief from a number of menopause symptoms, including weight gain, after consistent use for 30-90 days. (4)

A big plus for Amberen is that it contains no estrogen or soy, so it’s safe to use for folks who have negative reactions to soy. Unlike Estroven, Amberen doesn’t use black cohosh either. While it’s believed by some to help with menopause symptoms, there are also studies suggesting that black cohosh may be correlated with liver damage. (5)

Instead, Amberen uses a proprietary blend of antioxidants, calcium, magnesium, amino acids, minerals, and vitamin E. Pretty healthy, actually.

6. Skinny Fiber

skinny fiber

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Skinny Fiber supplements are specifically marketed as weight loss tools for women, and as I’ve mentioned before, Skinny Body Care is on its way to joining the ranks of MLM powerhouses like Isagenix and Beachbody.

Their proprietary fat burning blend claims to do just about everything — it suppresses appetite, boosts metabolism, reduces fat absorption, and even flushes toxins.

Glucomannan is the active ingredient in Skinny Fiber, which is a fiber found in the roots of a specific kind of yam.

Basically, this fiber sits in your gut absorbing water and gives you the sensation of being full, even if you’re eating less. (6) Multiple studies have shown that this fiber, paired with a healthy diet, can help people lose 8-10 pounds in 5 weeks. (7)

So, the main ingredient is legit. Other ingredients include Cha de Bugre, an Amazonian superfruit used in almost every diet pill in Brazil, Caralluma Fimbriata, an Indian cactus known as “famine food” for its hunger suppressing abilities, and a range of enzymes that aim to improve your digestion.

Not much research has been done on Cha de Bugre outside of Brazil, but Caralluma Fimbriata is recognized as safe by the FDA. What’s more, a study by the journal Complementary Therapies in Medicine showed that C. Fimbriata found that it was one of only two plants, of 14 studied, that successfully curbed appetite and may even be effective in fighting obesity. (8)

It seems that Skinny Fiber has honed in on some of the most powerful natural ingredients in weight loss.

You do have to drink at least one whole glass of water with every pill you take, otherwise the website warns that the product could swell, block the throat, and even cause choking. A little scary.

Overall this is an effective product if used properly. It’s also $39.99 for a two-month supply, which isn’t cheap but it’s not prohibitively expensive either.

5. Fit Affinity

lean fat burner for her

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Fit Affinity is a trendy weight loss company that offers a range of weight loss products for both men and women.

The offer three weight loss supplements: Firm Body Sculptor, Tight Tummy, and Lean Fat Burner. These can be taken individually or altogether as part of a weight loss system.

Lean Fat Burner for Her is their most popular weight loss supplement, as it specifically targets fat burning.

Lean Fat Burner claims to increase energy, boost metabolism, reduce fatigue, and optimize fat burning. An interesting difference here is that this supplement doesn’t include any appetite suppressants, but rather focuses on increasing your body’s ability to metabolise carbohydrates and fats and burn fat at a faster rate.

The main ingredients in Lean Fat Burner are naturally derived and include caffeine, cayenne powder, cocoa seed, and synephrine.

Cayenne powder is packed with health benefits, including increased metabolism and calorie burning and craving reduction. A study in 2003 showed that women who consumed cayenne powder measurably increased their metabolic rate for up to 30 minutes. (9)

There’s actually legit science behind this: hot peppers cause your body temperature to rise, which causes your body to go into cool down mode. Cool down mode means your body is burning more calories, similar to the way your body continues to burn calories at a faster rate for a while after a workout. (10)

Caffeine is one of the most well-researched metabolism boosters there is, with studies showing that it can increase fat burning by up to 29%. (11) Of course, the downside is that many diet pills that utilize caffeine cause jitteriness and anxiety.

Synephrine comes from the citrus in bitter orange, and it’s another popular ingredient in diet pills. Numerous studies have shown that it does increase fat burning. (12) However, like caffeine, it’s a pretty potent stimulant. Side effects include increased heart rate and even addiction.

Finally, cocoa seed (the fruit that produces chocolate) is one of the most powerful antioxidants – containing more antioxidants than both green tea and red wine. It has a myriad of benefits, including aiding with brain function and memory and decreasing the risk of a number of diseases. It is also a stimulant, though less powerful than synephrine and caffeine.

Given that all of the major ingredients are stimulants, and some of them are pretty potent, there are also some significant side effects to take into account. If you’re particularly sensitive to stimulants like caffeine, this might not be the diet pill for you.

That being said, there’s a ton of evidence here that the ingredients in Lean Fat Burner for Her are fat burning gold.

4. Plexus TriPlex


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The Plexus TriPlex by Plexus is a combination of the three most powerful weight management products offered by the nutrition network marketing company.

This system comes with a month’s supply of three products: Slim, Bio Cleanse, and ProBio5.

Slim is a flavored powder supplement that you mix into water and drink once per day to promote weight loss. It’s gluten-free and vegetarian, and it contains no artificial flavors. You can get it in raspberry, watermelon, or lemon.

Plexus claims that Slim is clinically shown to increase weight loss, boosting metabolism by enhancing akkermansia microbes in your digestive system and increasing the good bacteria count in your gut. It also contains chromium, which has been shown to burn belly fat. (13)

Finally, the supplement increases lactobacillus bacteria in your gut by 365, a good bacteria that’s been shown to block fat absorption and burn calories faster. (14)

ProBio5 is a probiotic supplement that you take twice per day, and it’s meant to keep intestinal yeast in balance while keeping your intestinal track healthy.

There’s significant evidence that balancing the bacteria in your gut contributes to weight loss and that overweight people have different intestinal bacteria than thin folks. (15)

Bio Cleanse is a cleansing and digestive supplement you take four times per day. As a detoxification supplement, it reduces bloating and inflammation to ensure that your fat burning isn’t canceled out by poor digestion.

At $149.95, it’s not cheap. However, it is a complete system that assists your body in weight loss from multiple angles. It’s the only product on this list that incorporates a probiotic and digestive supplement in addition to your typical fat burner.

3. LeanMode


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Sports supplement company Evlution Nutrition designed LeanMode to be one of the few effective, stimulant-free fat burners on the market.

This supplement claims to support and boost metabolism, suppress hunger, increase energy, and burn fat, all without the use of stimulants. You can get it in capsule form or as flavored powder drink mixes.

LeanMode contains some of the most popular, non-stimulant fat burning ingredients on the market, including garcinia cambogia, green coffee bean, and green tea leaf extract.

Garcinia cambogia is one of the most popular and powerful weight loss supplements in the world. It contains high amounts of hydroxycitric acid, which is shown to contribute to weight loss. (16)

Because garcinia cambogia has been heavily studied, it’s easy to tell whether or not it’s effective. A compilation of nine different studies on the weight loss effects of garcinia cambogia showed that the plant caused a significant increase in weight loss in all 8 out of 9 studies. (17, 18, 19)

Green coffee bean, or coffee before it’s roasted, has received a lot of attention recently for its health benefits. It’s already been shown that coffee can aid in weight loss, and green coffee bean is even more potent. While studies are still minimal, initial trials suggest that the bean could promote increased weight loss. (20)

Finally, green tea leaf extract is an excellent source of antioxidants as well as catechins and caffeine. The combination of these components has been shown to increase weight loss. (21) Essentially, the ingredients work to enhance thermogenesis, the process by which your body burns calories. (22)

Overall, LeanMode contains natural ingredients with solid fat burning power, and the fact that it’s stimulant-free is a huge plus as it decreases the risk of side effects. It’s also very affordable, at just $19.99 for 50 servings.

2. FitMiss Burn


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This women’s weight loss supplement with a 6 stage fat burning system has exploded in recent years.

FitMiss Burn is geared toward kick-starting your metabolism, burning extra fat, and fighting food cravings. The stages of their “revolutionary” system are as follows…

Stages 1 & 2: Energy and Focus Complex

Stage 3: Appetite Reduction and Fat Metabolizer

Stage 4: Promote Positive Mood Balance

Stage 5: Water Shed Diuretic Complex

Stage 6: Enzymatic Matrix

Each stage utilizes different ingredients to promote different factors in weight loss. For example, caffeine and green tea extract play a role in stages 1 and 2.

Key ingredients in stage 3 are raspberry ketones and glucomannan, both of which have been shown to reduce appetite and boost the metabolism. In fact, glucomannan is extremely effective in reducing appetite because it absorbs water and turns into a gel-like substance in your stomach, making you feel full. (23)

No human studies have been done on raspberry ketones, but a couple studies on rats showed that it increased fat breakdown and decreased weight gain. (24)

A number of enzymes found in FitMiss Burn, such as DigeSEB, HemiSEB, and Peptizyme SP are said to assist in the breakdown of fats and carbohydrates and enhance nutrient absorption.

Most fat burners incorporate similar ingredients that boost metabolism and fat burning, but FitMiss Burn is unique in that it also incorporates mood balancing herbs and a diuretic. The uva ursi combined with dandelion have been shown to release toxins and act as a diuretic that is proven to reduce water weight. (25)

The unique blend that creates their 6 stage fat burning system is ultimately what makes FitMiss Burn stand out from your everyday fat burner.

1. Leanbean


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Arguably no other fat burner has skyrocketed and taken over the fitness industry like Leanbean.

It’s definitely on the spendy side, but it’s a premium female weight loss supplement that’s been promoted by some big names in fitness modeling.

The Leanbean weight loss formula is specifically tailored to women, vegetarian, and all natural.

They like to brag about the fact that their “secret” is pretty straightforward: top notch, simple ingredients that work.

The main ingredients in Leanbean are glucomannan, green tea extract, and turmeric.

We’ve already talked about the first two — glucomannan is especially powerful as an appetite suppressant because it physically fills your stomach. (26) Green tea extract provides the fat burning power of a stimulant without the jitteriness and risky side effects that come from straight caffeine.

Turmeric is a natural, medicinal herb that’s meant to increase metabolism without having to resort to powerful stimulants that can have adverse side effects, particularly on women. Turmeric works similarly to cayenne pepper by increasing your body temperature naturally and thus raising your resting metabolic rate and causing you to burn more fat.

One study even showed the turmeric suppressed fat tissue growth in mice. (27)

Apart from these three main ingredients, Leanbean also incorporates green coffee bean, acai berry, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, and garcinia cambogia, all in doses greater than 100mg, meaning they’re not cutting corners. Hence the price.

So, they’ve got natural ingredients, no stimulants, backing by fitness models, and their product isn’t stuffed with corner-cutting fillers.

None of the ingredients listed have any significant side effects, and they offer a 90-day money back guarantee. All of this combined makes them the best fat burner for women on the market.

Part 2: Why should you use fat burners for women? What are their benefits and side effects?

Burning more fat sounds like an obvious win. But burning fat does more than give you a bikini bod. What other health benefits, if any, do fat burners offer to women?

What about the side effects? Are fat burners for women dangerous?

Benefits of fat burners for women

The primary benefit of fat burners for women is that they help you burn more fat. It is still recommended that you maintain a healthy diet and exercise routine, but by adding a fat burner on top of that, you’re lowering your body fat percentage even more.

This is particularly beneficial for women who feel like they’ve reached a plateau with just diet and exercise or women who are experiencing additional obstacles to weight management, such as menopause.

Women naturally carry more fat than men because they usually have a slower metabolic rate, so it can be more difficult to burn fat. (28) Fat burners for women can help them overcome this disadvantage.

A high body fat percentage in the unhealthy range (over 25% for younger women and over 34% for women over 40) is associated with a myriad of health risks, including heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, and even certain cancers. (29)

The fat burning ingredients found in these supplements have additional benefits as well. Many of the fibers used to suppress appetite, such as glucomannan, feed the good bacteria in your gut. This helps with inflammation and lowers blood sugar and cholesterol. (30)

Ingredients such as green tea leaf extract, green coffee beans, and caffeine boost energy and increase focus and alertness.  This can improve your exercise performance as well.

Side effects of fat burners for women

There are some risks and side effects associated with fat burners, especially as they’re not required to be approved by the FDA, so quality varies a lot.

Side effects will depend on the ingredients used in each fat burner. Some fat burners have been linked to liver inflammation and liver damage, while others use ingredients like bitter orange that are linked to increased blood pressure and heart rate. (31)

One of the most common side effects of diet pills is anxiety, jitteriness, nausea, heart palpitations, and other symptoms that occur from the consumption of caffeine. Caffeine is also addictive and can cause you to lose sleep. If you find yourself experiencing these symptoms, it’s important to switch to a fat burner that does not use stimulants.

Certain fibers found in many fat burners can also cause problems with digestion, bloating, flatulence, and constipation.

Finally, fat burners are meant to provide a short-term boost to your metabolism and should not be taken indefinitely.

Recommended dosage

Dosage varies by product, but most recommend between 2 to 4 capsules per day. It is very important to follow the recommended dosage on the package, as over-consumption is extremely dangerous.

If the product you are taking contains caffeine, you may want to monitor your dosage more closely. It’s not recommended that you consume more than 400mg of caffeine in one day, and if you are sensitive to stimulants, you’ll want to consume even less.

Fat burners for women FAQ

Do fat burners really work? Studies have shown that most fat burners do aid in weight loss, but the degree to which they help depends on the product as some are more effective than others.

What weight loss pills really work? This depends on the ingredients in the weight loss pill and how they interact with your specific body. Studies have shown that caffeine and green tea have plenty of data to back up their metabolism boosting properties, and glucomannan is proven to suppress appetite. (32)

What supplements to take for lean muscle and fat loss? Caffeine and green tea also aid in gaining muscle Branched-Chain Amino Acids, creatine, and increased protein take are all very useful in building lean muscle as well, but you won’t find them in most fat burners. It’s important to pair your fat burner with a protein powder or protein supplement.

When should you take a fat burner? You should follow the instructions listed for your fat burner. Most recommend consumption right after you wake up in the morning as well as right before exercise. Some suggest once daily consumption while others recommend twice.

What are fat burning foods? In addition to taking a fat burner, it’s important to incorporate a healthy diet. For maximum fat burning power, consume almonds and other nuts, low-fat dairy products, eggs, lean meats, berries, and fatty fish. (33)

Can you take a fat burner on an empty stomach? Many fat burners recommend consumption first thing in the morning on an empty stomach, as it increases the rate of absorption. Be sure to check the instructions on your fat burner.

How should I cycle fat burners? While fat burners containing stimulants can be very effective, they also tend to have more adverse side effects. Because of this, it’s recommended that people sensitive to stimulants cycle their consumption between stimulant fat burners and non-stimulant fat burners, taking the former for 3-4 weeks and then switching to the latter for 2 weeks to let the body rest from the stimulants.

What is a natural fat burner? Some fat burners contain synthetic ingredients and chemicals, while others contain natural ingredients such as green tea leaf, grapefruit essential oil, and chromium.

What is a stimulant free fat burner? Non-stimulant fat burners use ingredients that aid in fat loss and boost the metabolism without resorting to stimulants and caffeine. There are several listed in this post.

Are weight loss pills bad for you? While there are some fat burners that have been shown to have dangerous effects, many simply incorporate natural ingredients to help boost your metabolism. Often, the dangers associated with weight loss pills occur from over-consumption or misuse, so be sure to follow the recommended consumption instructions listed for your fat burner.


While fat burners are no instant weight loss miracle, they are great for providing your body with a boost to cut extra fat and increase your metabolic rate. For women, who tend to naturally carry more fat than men, fat burners can be particularly useful.

It’s still important to pair these fat burners with proper diet and exercise to get the results you want. No product can replace healthy food and a solid workout routine.

For #1 fat burner for women recommendation, click here.


Rankings: best meal replacement shakes of 2018

Meal replacement shakes are the food of the future.

They’re convenient, quick, and easy. They pack a meal’s worth of nutrition into one beverage, helping you stay healthy, lose weight, and save both money and time.

The latest Research and Markets’ report on meal replacement products confirms they’re perfectly suited for the modern lifestyle, finding that the global meal replacement market is poised to grow 6.83% from 2017-2021. (1)

Part 1 ranks this year’s 13 best meal replacement shakes in order, and part 2 will go over how they work and answer some FAQs.

13. Plexus Slim


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The Plexus Slim “pink drink” by Plexus is a solid option, especially if you want a shake that targets both weight loss and gut health.

Instead of replacing a meal, Plexus Slim is meant to be consumed right before a meal in order to suppress your appetite.

Chromium, one of its active ingredients, has been shown to curb carbohydrate cravings, while garcinia cambogia has been proven in a number of studies to cause animal test subjects to lose significant amounts of belly fat. (2, 3)

Also, the prebiotic fiber it contains is essentially food for the healthy bacteria in your gut. Your body will turn it into butyrate, which is shown to be anti-inflammatory. (4)

The powder comes in raspberry, lemon, and watermelon flavors, and it’s gluten free with no artificial flavors, sweeteners, or colors.

12. 310 Shake

310 shake

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Their plant-based meal replacement shakes are made from natural ingredients and plant proteins, so you don’t have to feel like you’re missing out on the nutrients and minerals you get from eating whole foods. 310 Nutrition uses a proprietary protein blend, called their Tri-Plex protein blend, that includes pea protein, brown rice protein, and hemp protein.

Plant-based protein is supposed to be particularly effective in aiding with weight loss. Hemp protein is high in omega-3 and omega-6 fats, which is great for weight loss and overall health. Studies have shown that pea protein is effective in triggering “fullness hormones.” (5)

Unfortunately, brown rice and hemp protein are low in essential amino acid lysine and thus can’t be considered a complete protein.

The 310 shakes come in mocha, salted caramel, chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, and vanilla chai. They do contain dairy, so they’re not vegan.

Because the shake uses a plant-based protein, some people complain about the flavor and the way the powder mixes in their drink. However, others have said that blending it with ice rather than shaking gets it to a good consistency and adding some berries and almond milk improves the flavor.

11. AdvoCare Spark

advocare spark

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AdvoCare Spark by Advocare is marketed as a supplement that increases energy and mental focus. It blends 20 different nutrients, B-vitamins, caffeine, and taurine to create a formula that heightens awareness and energy without causing “the jitters.” It’s also sugar-free, low-calorie, and low in carbs as well.

Think of it as a nutritional, weight loss promoting energy drink more than a meal replacement. At 45 calories, it’s both healthier and cheaper than that pumpkin spice latte at Starbucks.

The mix also incorporates L-tyrosine, an amino acid that is shown to reduce stress and improve memory. It’s also a fat burner. (21)

They come in fruity flavors like limeade, mandarin orange, and mango strawberry. They also cost a little over $50 for 42 servings, making them one of the more affordable options on this list.

10. SlimFast


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SlimFast, the grandfather of all meal replacement shakes. I feel like almost everyone has tried this one at some point.

But are they popular because they actually work, or just because they’ve been around for so long?

The short answer: yes. SlimFast can absolutely help you lose weight if you pair it with a low-calorie diet and exercise.

SlimFast has designed a 1-2-3 program for weight loss, which recommends consuming one healthy meal per day, two of their meal replacement shakes (200 calories each), and two of their approved snacks and snack bars (100 calories each). If your meal is around 600 calories, that puts you at 1,200 calories per day — easily enough to put just about anyone at a calorie deficit. So they’ll lose weight.

The long answer is: yes, but it might not be sustainable. SlimFast is definitely one of the more processed shakes, with an ingredient list longer than Heidi Klum’s legs. Also, the 1-2-3 plan includes very little fruits and veggies, so you’re not really getting balanced nutrition. The SlimFast shakes don’t necessarily provide adequate fiber or antioxidants. (6)

Finally, with such a low calorie count per day, many people are left feeling hungry and thus more likely to fall off the wagon and binge eat.

That being said, their simple 1-2-3 plan and the fact that there are no food restrictions makes it easier to stick to. They’ve been huge for decades, so obviously it’s working for a lot of people.

9. Soylent

soylent ready to drink

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Soylent is a food beverage that was released by a crowd-funded Silicon Valley start-up just a few years ago. Thanks to some excellent branding and support from bloggers and influencers, they’ve made a name for themselves.

These shakes really started gaining momentum with a trend amongst busy and stressed Silicon Valley techies: replace all meals with Soylent for 30 days, eating no real food. The goal wasn’t weight loss so much as to save time and money and increase productivity by not having to prepare meals.

That’s the aim of the company too, which named its shakes after a science fiction novel — food efficiency. They claim their shakes contain so many nutrients that they’re equal alternatives to whole foods and prepared meals. In fact, they don’t label themselves as meal replacements but rather as “ready-to-drink food.”

Three servings, or “meals,” of this stuff adds up to 2,000 calories, which is about the recommended daily intake for most people, so you’re probably not going to lose weight on these.

However, most nutritionists agree that you shouldn’t replace all of your meals with Soylent, and Canada has even banned the beverage stating that it doesn’t meet the requirements of a meal replacement product. This is likely because in Canada, products that are meant to replace all meals can have a maximum of 30% of their calories coming from fat, while Soylent gets 32% of its calories from fat. (7)

So, Soylent isn’t meant to be used for weight loss, and it’s probably not a great idea to replace all your meals with it. But Soylent is a super nutrient dense, ready-to-go beverage that works great as a replacement for one or two meals per day if you’re short on time.

They offer both traditional powder mixes as well as their Soylent 2.0, which are ready-to-drink bottles.

8. GNC Total Lean

gnc total lean shake

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GNC’s Total Lean shakes are formulated with an oat base, so they’re very rich in fiber and antioxidants, which is an area where some meal replacement shakes are lacking.

In fact, oats are one of the most nutrient-dense foods you can eat. A particular form of antioxidants called avenanthramides can only be found in oats, and this miracle antioxidant lowers blood pressure, improves blood flow, and is anti-inflammatory. (8, 9) Even the fiber in oats, beta-glucan, is super powerful and reduces cholesterol and blood sugar and leaves you feeling extra full. (10, 11)

The aim of GNC Total Lean is to support the growth of lean muscle mass by providing high-fiber meal replacement shakes as well as an exercise program that targets toning lean muscles.

High fiber and vitamin counts in this meal replacement shake leave you feeling full off only 180 calories per serving and also provide a more balanced diet.

At $39.99, it’s also relatively affordable, although one package only comes with 16 servings rather than a month’s worth. GNC also offers a money back guarantee, so there’s not much to lose.

7. Vi-Shape

vi shape

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The Vi-Shape shake mix by Visalus is part of the ViSalus Body by Vi Challenge kit. It features their proprietary Tri-Sorb protein blend, which contains both soy protein and whey protein.

The soy protein is a bummer for people who are trying to avoid soy. Really, there are some valid arguments both for and against soy. Studies have shown that it reduces LDL cholesterol and the risk of prostate cancer, and some studies show that it reduces the risk of heart disease. (12, 13, 14)

On the other hand, soy is largely made up of compounds called isoflavones, which are considered endocrine disruptors. Basically, they mess with your hormones. They can both decrease and increase the levels of estrogen in your body. (15)

Whey protein, the other main ingredient in Vi-Shape, is pretty much a serial dieter’s or body builder’s dream protein. It’s absorbed quicker than other proteins, it’s better than other forms of protein at promoting muscle growth, and it even aids fat burning more than other proteins. (16, 17, 18)

Plus, of all protein forms, whey is shown to be the most satiating…aka it keeps you full the longest. (19)

Other benefits of the Vi-Shape shake are that it’s low in fat, sodium, sugar, and gluten-free. It’s also got 26 different vitamins and minerals, and it’s a good source of calcium and fiber.

Overall, if you don’t buy into the bad news about soy protein, this is a solid meal replacement product. And apparently, it tastes like cake batter.

6. Shakeology

shakeology chocolate

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Shakeology took over faster than almost any shake on this list, and it’s no surprise — this shake comes from Beachbody, one of the hottest fitness MLMs in the world.

Also not surprisingly, Beachbody refuses to let their Shakeology shakes be classified. Is it a meal replacement shake? A weight loss supplement? A protein shake? According to their website, both all and none of the above.

It’s an “ultra premium superfood shake” that’s meant to be a 130-170 calorie snack. While you can add a few ingredients to up the calorie count and make it into a meal replacement shake, it’s also recommended as a “pre-loading” shake. Pre-loading is basically just bodybuilder talk for filling up on a nutritious shake right before a meal so that you eat less.

Shakeology doesn’t want to be associated with low-quality meal replacement shakes that sacrifice nutrition for weight loss. They’re big on addressing nutritional gaps by incorporating lots of vitamins and minerals, as well as enzymes, prebiotics, probiotics, and antioxidants so that you’re improving your health in a more holistic sense.

Of course, many people use Shakeology shakes for weight loss. It’s packed with 17 grams of protein from their proprietary protein blend, which includes whey, pea, chia, flax, and quinoa protein. It’s a solid blend that’ll do wonders for suppressing your appetite.

The shakes themselves are pretty tasty, and they come in cafe latte, chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, greenberry, and tropical strawberry, as well as several vegan options.

5. IsaLean Shake

isagenix isalean shake

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The IsaLean Shake by Isagenix is a meal replacement shake that’s offered as part of Isagenix’s 30-day diet. The shake’s formula is specifically designed to promote weight loss and lean muscle mass.

Each shake packs 24 grams of protein from whey and milk isolate, which is nearly half your daily recommended intake in one beverage. They’re soy-free, gluten-free, and low-glycaemic. Studies have shown that a low-glycaemic diet is great for diabetics and promotes weight loss. (20)

The diet program is similar to the SlimFast diet. You replace two meals with two shakes, have two 100-150 calorie snacks (which can include their snack bars), and one 400-600 calorie meal. This adds up to 1,200-1,500 calories per day, which will put anyone at a calorie deficit large enough to lose a few pounds.

Shakes also include 8 grams of fiber and branched-chain amino acids, which are great for promoting muscle growth. Ingredients are natural and contain no artificial flavors, colors, or sweeteners.

The shake is offered in a variety of vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry flavors, and they even offer kosher shakes. They’ve actually done clinical trials that have shown the IsaLean shakes do facilitate weight loss, so that’s a plus.

4. Vega One

vega one shake

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The Vega One shakes are organic, all-in-one, plant-based meal replacement shakes that avoids dairy proteins while offering high amounts of amino acids. It’s great for both weight loss and building muscle mass.

You can mix their protein powders with water and ice, but they also offer easy recipes for all kinds of add-ons and mix-ins such as almond milk, greens, and seeds that turn your protein shake into a fully balanced meal.

This is one of the few USDA certified organic meal replacement shakes on the market. It’s also gluten-free, and non-GMO verified.

The vitamins and minerals in Vega One shakes provide a whopping 50% of your daily value, and the shakes also contain healthy helpings of probiotics, antioxidants, and Omega-3 ALA (found in plants).

It comes in chocolate, vanilla, plain unsweetened, coconut almond, mocha, and berry.

3. 18 Shake


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Branded as a “luxury meal replacement,” 18 Shake is made from all natural ingredients. It contains no gluten, no soy, and no artificial sweeteners.

This shake has been one of the most talked about in the meal replacement market for a minute now. Part of the reason is their top quality “dual-protein formula” that uses both whey protein concentrate and whey protein isolate to offer a protein blend that packs extreme weight loss and muscle building power.

With the addition of fibersol-2 and 24 vitamins and minerals, it’s packed with nutrition and will keep you feeling full for a while. At the same time, each shake has only 90 calories, making it one of the most low-calorie shakes on the market.

Replacing one meal a day with 18 Shake would likely decrease your calorie intake by 500 calories or more, so it’s no surprise that a lot of people lose weight with 18 Shake.

While 90 calories wouldn’t usually be enough to keep anyone full for long, the 18 Shakes incorporate fibersol-2 as an appetite suppressant.

2. Herbalife Formula 1

herbalife formula 1

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Herbalife has built a global empire around their nutrition products with their meal replacement shakes at the helm.

While they’ve got some flack for incorporating some processed ingredients and preservatives, including hydrogenated oils, they’ve since updated their formula to include more healthy, natural ingredients. Either way, it’s still far better than consuming a fast food meal when you’re on the go.

Herbalife shakes contain 21 vitamins and minerals, 9 grams of protein, and 3 grams of fiber. The protein comes from soy isolate and casein. The casein protein helps you feel full for a good while, even though the shakes only come in at around 170 calories.

The shakes also include biotin, which is a b-vitamin that promotes clearer skin and healthier hair.

Herbalife Formula 1 is touted as one of the tastier meal replacement shakes and comes in flavors like banana caramel, dulce de leche, mint chocolate, piña colada, and cookies ‘n cream.

1. IdealShake


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IdealShape markets their IdealShakes as “the ultimate meal replacement shake for weight loss,” and they’re not wrong.

Between their highly effective weight loss plan, their appetite suppressing protein blend, and fat-burning nutrients, IdealShake is a great product for anyone looking to lose a few pounds.

First of all, they incorporate slendesta, a potato protein extract that’s demonstrated some powerful hunger blocking abilities. (22) No wonder potatoes are so filling.

Paired with their blend of all-whey protein and fiber, these shakes keep you full for a good while. They also only have 1-2 grams of sugar in each serving, which is one of the lowest sugar counts on the market.

Oh, and, they actually taste good. Cost-wise, they come out to about $1.67 or less per shake, which also makes them one of the most affordable options.

Part 2: Why should you use meal replacement shakes? What are their benefits and side effects?

Meal replacement shakes went from diet fad to diet staple decades ago. Most people have tried them at some point, but what exactly do they do for your health and weight regulation?

Obviously replacing high-calorie meals with low-calorie shakes will aid in weight loss, but there’s more to the story.

Benefits of meal replacement shakes

The primary benefit of most meal replacement shakes is that they lower your daily calorie intake. This makes them a very effective and simple tool for weight loss if consumed properly.

However, there are plenty of benefits to meal replacement shakes for folks who aren’t interested in losing weight. Most of them are a quick and convenient source of protein and often, they contain enzymes and nutrients geared toward building lean muscle mass. This means they’re also a great option for enhancing your workouts.

These proteins also act as appetite suppressants. It’s been shown that increased protein intake increases levels of appetite-reducing hormones such as GLP-1, PYY, and CCK, and it also reduces the hunger hormone ghrelin. (23, 24)

Finally, high protein intake boosts your metabolism, which causes you to burn more fat. (25)

Some meal replacement shakes even contain enough vitamins and nutrients to fill nutrition gaps in your regular diet.

Side effects of meal replacement shakes

Some people experience side effects such as bloating, cramping, gas, and diarrhea. This is often a reaction to certain ingredients within the meal replacement shakes.

For example, some blends include dairy that may cause adverse reactions in people who are lactose intolerant. Additionally, increased fiber intake for people who don’t typically consume enough fiber may cause digestion issues in the beginning.

If you are experiencing issues with digestion, consider switching to a meal replacement shake with different kinds of protein.

Recommended dosage

It’s recommended that you start by replacing just one meal per day with a meal replacement shake.

While some programs call for replacing 2 meals per day in order to accelerate weight loss, this isn’t recommended for long periods of time as the lack of whole foods in your diet could cause you to miss out on some important nutrients.

Most shake recipes call for one to two scoops of powder. When shopping around for a meal replacement shake that will reduce hunger, aim for 20 grams of protein. Studies show that shakes containing at least 20 grams of protein reduce hunger by 50-65%. (26)

Meal replacement shake FAQ

Can meal replacement shakes help you lose weight? Yes. The most important key to weight loss is consuming fewer calories. Meal replacement shakes have been shown to make you feel full while consuming fewer calories. (27)

Are meal replacement shakes bad for you? No, but every meal replacement shake is different. While nearly all of them provide adequate protein, some are lacking in fiber. Some use natural, organic ingredients, while some use more processed ingredients. A few meal replacement shakes even incorporate added sugars, hydrogenated oils, and corn syrup, so make sure you read the ingredients.

Do meal replacement shakes really work? If consumed properly, meal replacement shakes can be very effective at aiding weight loss. One study showed that participants using meal replacement shakes lost an extra 5.6 pounds in three months as compared to those following a reduced calorie, full meal diet plan. (28)

What are the disadvantages of meal replacement shakes? Not all meal replacement shakes are as nutrient dense as full meals, so you don’t want to rely on them for a balanced diet.

When should you drink meal replacement shakes? You can drink meal replacement shakes at any time. Because they are convenient and easy, many people like to take them to work and drink them for lunch or grab them on the go for breakfast. If you’re looking to maximize weight loss, you should replace your heaviest meal with a meal replacement shake.

Can you eat with meal replacement shakes? While you can eat with meal replacement shakes, if your goal is to lose weight, it might not be a good idea. In fact, if you eat a full meal with your meal replacement shake, you may end up gaining weight. However, there are low-calorie shakes that are meant to be consumed before a meal to suppress appetite.

Can you live off meal replacement shakes? Meal replacement shakes are meant to replace one meal per day, sometimes two meals for a temporary period of time in order to jump-start a diet. While you could technically survive on meal replacement shakes, you should be balancing them with whole foods.

Do protein shakes help you lose belly fat? Yes. Consuming high amounts of protein can speed up your metabolism, which increases the rate at which you burn fat. Especially when paired with exercise, protein shakes can be very effective at helping you burn belly fat.

Do protein shakes make you put on weight? If you are adding protein shakes to your diet rather than replacing a meal with them, and you’re doing nothing to decrease your calorie intake, they could make you put on weight due to a net increase in calorie intake. However, if you’re truly replacing one meal with a protein shake, it should make you lose weight.

Is whey protein good for losing belly fat? Yes. Whey protein gives your body all of the amino acids it needs. (29) If you’re pairing this with a good exercise routine, you will start to build muscle tissue with the assistance of whey protein and amino acids, and this will cause you to burn fat faster.

Which protein is best for weight loss? Whey protein is a complete protein and has been shown to be better than other forms of protein such as soy and casein at building muscle and therefore burning fat. (30) It has also been shown to lower cholesterol, reduce inflammation, and even treat type 2 diabetes. (31, 32, 33)


Meal replacement shakes are a popular and powerful tool for weight loss and weight management, and they can even aid in building muscle mass if consumed with enough protein.

The best part is that they’re fast, easy, and convenient, which is a big deal in the modern world, where most people just don’t have the time to cook healthy, nutritious meals and sit down to eat them three times per day.

As long as you do your research and choose a high-quality product, there are very few downsides to meal replacement shakes.

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