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Essante Organics, the pioneer of organic MLMs (reviews and complaints)

Essante Organic USA offers refreshing and exciting innovation in the overcrowded marketplace of natural, non-toxic, and organic products.

When you think of green and organic products, one MLM always comes to mind. Essante Organics USA has been in the organic healthy living industry for many years. Having so many years behind them, this natural health company has a large line of products.

Lead by Michael Wenniger, a pioneer in the world of organic products. Essante Organics has risen to the top of the industry through innovation. What sets Essante Organics apart from other natural product MLM companies is its focus on non-toxic products. With a large line of toxic free and all natural products, this company has attracted a huge following.

Having such a loyal following makes marketing an easier job and each sell comes with a generous commission of 30%.


Sign-up costs: $29.95

Global revenue: $25 Million +

The good: Essante Organics is a leader in their industry and they have a large product line with a loyal following.

The bad: Some people who lack recruiting skills will have difficulty turning a profit.

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Five Most Popular Essante Organics Products

  • Nutrition
  • Body and spa
  • Home care
  • Essential oils
  • Baby care

Nutritional products are the backbone of this MLM company. Essante Organics offers a wide range of nutritional products including their very popular line of healthy shakes. Designed to balance your body’s PH, these shakes are easy to prepare and many people simply love the taste. Other nutritional products that this company offers includes herbal teas, power pops, and a line of toxic-free vitamin supplements that are all good for you. The organic industry is a billion dollar a year market, and according to this report, it is set to only increase (1).

Body and spa products offered by Essante Organics are some of the best on the market. They have really put a lot of money and research into developing this line of products and people really love them. Lotions, sun screen, soaps and deodorant are just of few of the non-toxic, all natural body and spa products they offer. This line of products has a huge following and many people swear by them. This is why selling Essante Organics products is so simple. People already know what they want and many of them will come directly to you.

Home care products are the latest products offered by this global MLM company. They have done a great job breaking into this somewhat new market. All of their home cleaning products are made from natural ingredients that won’t harm you or the environment. This is great for those who have kids or pets in the home. One of their most popular cleaning products is their all-natural laundry detergent that many people use on a daily basis.

Essential oils are nothing new to this award winning company. For many years, they have been offering a wide range of essential oils that are great for many different applications. People use essential oils in their daily lives to relax, sleep better and they are also great for your overall health. One thing that sets Essante Organics apart from other MLM companies offering oils is their dedication to purity. Each and every bottle of oil Essante Organics sell is 100% pure and free from any chemicals or toxic ingredients.

Baby care products is also something new that this company has decided to offer. We all know that most parents put a lot of thought into what they use on their baby. Essante Organics understand the concern many parents have and put together a line of baby care that is easy on the skin. These new baby care products also stand up to the standards of purity that the company had setup many years ago. This new product line is attracting new parents from all over and this baby care line has a promising future.


When it comes to opportunity, there is plenty of room to turn a profit using this company’s compensation plan. If you are willing to work hard, you will surely see your profits rise. The company offers a handsome 30% commission on all sales that you personally make. While that helps you rank in some profits, your downline will make you even more money. For each sale that a member of your downline makes, you will get an additional 5% commission. The more people you have in your downline the more money you will make. By just having a few dozen members in your downline, you will start to see a huge jump in your income.

The good

This MLM offers products that people actually use and love. Having so many good usable products will give you ample chance to increase your bottom line. One of the best things about offering these products is that many people will come to you over and over again. Once you have built a relationship with your clients, you will have an endless supply of income. Furthermore, the more people you add to your downline the larger your profits will become.

The bad

While you won’t find much wrong with this MLM company, one thing that some people complain about is a lack of profit. But the truth is most of those people lack the drive or the skill to attract people to their downline. As you can see, results are all depending on how hard you are willing to work and how much you are willing to learn. Once you overcome those two things then you will see your profits soar.


If you are looking for an MLM company to get involved in that actually has great products that people want, then Essante Organics is for you. If you are willing to work hard and build a downline of positive minded people, you won’t have a problem turning a profit. A very small signup fee of only $29.95 will give you access to many different products that are all-natural and toxin free. Many of these products have a huge following and people will come back over and over again for them. The company having been in business for many years is one of the most respected MLM company in the world. So if you are looking to invest a small amount of money, you too can get in on all that Essante Organics has to offer.


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