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Kyani, the trendy Alaskan blueberry MLM

From a small family business started in Idaho Falls, Idaho, to a worldwide company, Kyani has grown quite substantially since it’s beginning in 2005. With only a few products on the market, Kyani Inc has its foot in the door of the health supplement market. The company has created their products from main superfoods such as the Wild Alaskan Blueberries and Wild Alaskan Sockeye Salmon. The promise to globalize health with their product is quite ambitious, however they have crept into 44 countries worldwide since 2005.

Sign-up cost: $229 per year with $20 renewal fee per month (1)
Global revenue: Unknown
The good: Kyani Inc. has a simple four product line of health and wellness supplements that are created based on research and studying of an ancient tribe in Alaska.
As for the marketers, they are given all the right tools including training, power point presentations, tutorials, and cold-calling assistance as well as many other perks. The high commissions and other bonuses reel people in.
The bad:The all around expense of the products and the expensive start up fees and monthly renewal fees are enough to scare people away.

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With only four products with the company name currently, the company has created the Kyani Triangle of Health for consumers. These are the four products:

  • Kyani Sunrise
  • Kyani Sunset
  • Kyani Nitro FX
  • Kyani Nitro Xtreme

The Kyani Sunrise is a combination of blueberries with pomegranate, cranberry, and Gingseng among other powerful antioxidants. One standard order of the Kyani Sunrise includes 30 pouches at one fluid ounce each.

Kyani Sunset contains a secret mix of EPA and DHA from fish oils along with vitamins A, E and D. The combination allows our bodies to absorb all the nutrients from our diet from the day. 90 gels come in one bottle.

Kyani Nitro FX is an energy booster containing Noni juice. Noni juice is from a nitrate plant that replenishes Nitric Oxide which is able to pass through cell membranes and vastly improve the efficiency and function of the cell. You can buy it in an 8 pack of shot-sized bottles or a larger bottle with roughly 4 servings.

Kyani Nitro Xtreme is a bit more concentrated blend of Noni juice but also contains CoQ10 and Zinc, as well as B3. You can also buy this in the 8 pack or the large bottle. The Kyani Nitro Xtreme can also be bought in powder form for on-the-go convenience.


Marketing is a great way to make money with very little time consumption, however when you become a distributor for Kyani you may need to spend a bit more time getting your business off the ground than you think.

It is true that the company offers training for beginners so you can form the right techniques and build your clientele. These include tutorials, presentations, product guides, and cold-calling dialogues for you to study.

The Good

For an mlm company, Kyani is ideally a great company to work with. You won’t have to store a wide array of products since there are only four. You can make 30% commissions of your own sales which is significantly more than most companies. And you can also receive some bonuses as you climb the ladder. These include Sponsor Bonuses, Fast Start Bonuses, and Incentive Trips.

The company is accredited by the BBB with a fantastic rating. Eleven years is a significant amount of time for an mlm business to be successfully progressing into the global economy. And across the last three years, only three complaints were filed against the company and were resolved quite quickly.

In addition, the company products are under constant research and development from renowned doctors and scientists. The products are made of proven, super foods, that are good for your body.

The Bad

The worst part of the business of Kyani is that it is substantially more expensive than most of its competitors in the market. This makes it hard to buy and hard to sell.

Although the product has a great record among consumers, this may not be enough for some hesitant people and lower income households to make the purchase.

If you want to join, you have to find a sponsor who is willing to give you their id number to use on your application. This makes it elite for anyone new to the product who wants to become a distributor.

In addition, there are some fees for tools for marketers to access that are most likely necessary for a successful career with the company. This is not common in the mlm business, usually the company gives you all the tools you could want or need to build your career.


Kyani Inc. is a distributor, via mlm fashion, of dietary supplements. The company was started in 2005 and has over a decade of experience in the business.

The products are made of Alaskan blueberries and Alaskan Salmon among many other natural resources. High price tags deter many from buying the product and the expensive start up deters many from becoming a distributor. Their promise of bringing well being to everyone around the world, stops short when you think of the many impoverished around the world that can never afford it.

The company is accredited and has received very little bad press so it is possible that the products they make are effective. However since most can’t buy them, we know the results are not very even keeled in terms of how healthy or sick the consumers are before they begin the regimens.


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