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14 suprising facts about Univera you might not know

These guys are like the mad scientists of natural medicine, and they’ve created a super-powered, ultra-potent aloe blend that claims to have a lot of healing properties.

Their Frankenstein aloe has won them lots of sales and a near monopoly on the aloe market (well, Forever Living might disagree). Does this mean I’m involved?

This video explains everything:

Make sense? Either way, here’s 14 suprising facts about Univera you might not know.

#14. Based on the powers of aloe vera

If you’re pasty pale like me and have felt the relentless pain of a bright red sunburn at least a few times a year, you’re probably already convinced of the healing powers in aloe vera. Nothing else is quite as soothing.

What I didn’t always know, though, is how much it can help with skin and internal health aside from just making sunburns feel better.

Their aloe products come in both ingestible and topical forms, and together they help with everything from youthful skin to immunities to healthy digestion and nutrient absorption.

#13. Unique, patented aloe technology


Isn’t aloe very just a gel that oozes from a plant? How do you have a unique, patented version of that?

Well, through some mad scientist efforts, Univera has basically created aloe vera superplants and ultra-potent products.

The power of the aloe plant comes from its polysaccharides. So, they just multiplied that effect by figuring out how to isolate the most potent, effective polysaccharides, and they only use these premium parts of the aloe in their products. On top of that, their products have a higher concentration of these superpower polysaccharides.

#12. Chosen as world-class goods for 12 consecutive years

The Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy (MOTIE) in Korea has chosen Univera’s aloe as a world-class good for 12 years in a row. [1]

This means that they consistently achieve over $5million in annual exports, a market rank within 5th, and they have a 5% share in the global market. Clearly they’re doing big things.

#11. International farms and sales in over 40 countries

Univera is a truly global company.

Not only do they sell in over 40 countries (which is pretty big, even compared to other established MLMs), but they also have international production. [2]

Farms for Univera’s aloe are located all over the map and include Texas, Mexico, China, and Russia.

#10. HUGE market share

Univera’s global raw material market share for aloe? Over 40%. [3]

Nearly half of the aloe around the world is sourced from Univera’s aloe. There’s a good chance you’ve even used it. They’re not going anywhere.

#9. Four decades of research and development

Part of the reason they’ve been able to achieve such a global presence is undoubtedly the fact that they’ve been researching and developing within the market for a whopping 40 years.

#8. Nearly two decades in business

Apart from having four decades of research and development behind them, Univera, as it is known today, has been in business since 1998.

Their super-potent polysaccharide “sweet spot” aloe formula was first discovered in 2000, so their product is time-tested. [4]

#7. Award-winning products

Aside from their awards in the aloe market, their premium anti-aging product and their health food products both won “Good Design” awards in 2014. [5]


This award is also given by MOTIE in Korea, and it’s one of the highest level awards in the industry. They’ve won it two years in a row.

“Good Design” means more than pretty packages. It means the product is aesthetically pleasing but also highly-functional and affordable. Basically, the three most important ingredients for creating a solid product.

#6. Good sales numbers, if they can maintain them

Their sales numbers are pretty good, even for a company that’s been around a couple decades.

In 2012, they made $121 million in sales and were ranked 79 in MLMs by Direct Selling News.

However, in 2013 they saw a small drop in sales to $118 million.

It’s pretty normal for company sales to drop and fluctuate occasionally though, and a little over a 2% drop in sales isn’t very alarming. [6]

#5. 7 ways to earn

Like many MLMs, they offer a variety of different ways to earn income as a distributor. Here they are:

  1. Retail Commission
  2. Unilevel Pay
  3. Generation Pay
  4. Promotional Pay
  5. Xcelerate Your Drive (car allowance)
  6. Incentives and Events
  7. Blue Diamond Bonus [7]

#4. 20% retail commission

Distributors profit off the difference between their wholesale price and the retail price. In most cases, this is about 20%.

In order to have access to these lower wholesale prices, they do have to maintain a certain level of product on autoship each month.

However, if they’re selling to preferred customers, because of their discount, distributors only receive 10% commission. And you usually want these preferred customers, because they’re the ones who automatically come back every month. Unfortunately 10% commission on sales is very, very low, even for network marketing. [8]

#3. Up to 15% commission on recruits

You get 15% commission on the sales of your direct recruits, which isn’t the best I’ve seen, but it’s not bad.

Commissions for the rest of your downline range from 3%-10%. Still, not bad.

However, once you move up in rank, the commission you get off your direct recruits actually goes down. At top levels, it can be as low as 5% or 3%. And you only get paid commission 4 levels down, whereas most MLMs pay at least 7 or 8 levels down. [9]

#2. Generational pay is where most of the money is

Even Univera themselves say this in their compensation plan – generational pay “contributes toward a majority of the monthly residuals of Univera leaders.”

These are commissions you’re earning on your recruits, however they’re based on the rank of your recruits rather than amount. This encourages distributors to no just go crazy recruiting anyone and everyone to make more money, but to actually focus on quality recruits and helpful training, eventually building other leaders.

It’s a smart idea, and the commissions aren’t bad, ranging from an additional 2-5%. [10]

#1. Three ways to participate

You can be a part of Univera in the following three ways:

  1. Customer: You, obviously, become a customer simply by purchasing product from Univera. At this level, you pay full retail price for the product.
  2. Preferred Customer: These are customers who are signed up for an automatic monthly delivery of a certain amount of product. They get a 10% retail discount and don’t ever have to worry about re-ordering product.
  3. Associate: These are people are their distributors. As long as they maintain a certain level of product on autoship each month, they get a 20% retail discount, bonuses, travel rewards, commissions, etc.

While you might be able to make a little money with Univera, assuming you had the right audience and focus, it’s not going to make you rich.

Not a Univera hater, but the MLM industry has its flaws.

If you like automated ways to build passive income, there are better ways.

(and you can trash those old MLM habits, too)


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