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13 startling truths you need to know about ViSalus

At first glance, ViSalus is another churn and burn MLM that hit the ground running, had a glorious couple of years, and then tanked.

However, unlike companies like Yevo, ViSalus didn’t let a fall in profits sink their ship forever. While they may not be making what they were a few years ago, they’re still breathing. Does this mean I’m involved?

This video explains everything:


Make sense? Either way, here’s 13 startling truths you need to know about ViSalus.

#13. Vi-Shape, Vi-Trim, and ViSalus Go are their signature products


ViSalus is a nutrition and weight management MLM. Their three most popular products are…

Vi-Shape, which is their meal replacement shake meant to aid in weight loss.

Vi-Trim, which is their clear control drink mix meant to reduce appetite.

ViSalus Go, an instant energy blend.

#12. Challenge kits

Of course, like most weight management MLMs, they offer challenge kits that rake in the big dollars…if they can find customers who can afford them. Their kits are as follows…

Weight Loss Kits

These offer a combination of meal replacement shakes, nutritional bars, and appetite suppressants for rapid weight loss.

Lifestyle Kits

These kits include superfood shakes and nutritional snacks that are meant to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle. They target people who have already achieved their weight loss goals but don’t want to lose their progress. It’s important to carry a product like this when the majority of people who partake in these crash diets gain all the weight back.

Fitness Kits

This one is a little unique. Most MLMs just offer challenges for losing fat quickly. Not a lot offer fitness challenges that are geared toward people wanting to increase their fitness level but not necessarily lose a lot of weight. This pack includes nutritious on-the-go snacks and shakes as well as exercise challenges.

You can also customize your own kit.

#11. Popular new superfood shake

ViSalus released a new superfood shake in early 2016 that got a lot of positive attention.

This superfood shake is made up of premium ingredients, it’s plant-based, and completely vegan. It’s also non-GMO, has no artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners, preservatives, trans fats, cholesterol, wheat, or soy. [1]

It’s the ultimate in nutrition for true health freaks.

#10. Their CEO is a former gang member

Yep, you read that right.

Ryan Blair, the CEO of ViSalus, is a high school dropout and former Los Angeles gang member. Now, he’s a multimillionaire CEO, venture capitalist, and an idol to budding entrepreneurs. If he changed his life around, they can too. [2]

He’s also a best-selling author. One of his books, “Rock Bottom to Rock Star”, describes an inspirational journey that many of his followers hope to mimic.

He has a pretty crazy life story, including a year of it spent living in a tool shed. The books are worth a read, even if you don’t join ViSalus.

#9. Hit $623 million in sales after 7 years

In 2005, ViSalus launched. By 2012, they were making $623 million in sales a year. That is HUGE.

These are impressive sales numbers for companies that have been around over a decade.

ViSalus quickly became the second largest MLM in Michigan, with only Amway managing to top them. [3]

#8. Huge sales loss in 2013

After their big year in 2012, their sales plummeted a whopping 44% in 2013.

They continued to fall in years after.

ViSalus even had to cancel a planned $175-million IPO, causing shareholders to file lawsuits that were later dropped. [4]

This once promising company fell to the ground before they even hit their 10-year mark. Such is the life in MLM.

#7. Lots of layoffs

ViSalus hit the ground running and really achieved impressive sales numbers in a short time period.

But that growth proved to be unsustainable when they tanked and, in March of 2016, had to cut 87 positions at their local Michigan office. [5]

#6. Now a private company

After their huge tank in sales and lawsuits from shareholders, ViSalus made the decision to go private in 2014. They no longer report their sales figures. [6]

#5. Court disputes with former distributors

As if the loss in sales and shareholders lawsuits weren’t enough, the company has been involved in a number of court disputes with former distributors in recent years.

Just in April 2016, courts were reviewing allegations of robocalls and unwelcomed mass text messages from the company that violate the federal Telephone Consumer Protection Act.

So, they spam the hell out of their customers and distributors. Welcome to MLM.

But ViSalus is apparently annoying to the point of breaking federal law. [7]

#4. 125 personal qualification volume per month required

In order to remain an active distributor, you need to maintain a minimum of 125 PQV per month from monthly auto-delivery subscriptions.

If you don’t have auto-delivery, you can also achieve eligibility through 200 PQV per month in retail sales.

#3. 9 ways to earn

The nine ways to earn are as follows…

  1. Personal customer commission
  2. Weekly bonus pools
  3. Leadership bonus
  4. Fast start bonus
  5. New business bonus
  6. BMW bonus
  7. Team commissions
  8. Leadership depth bonus
  9. Ambassador star bonus

This MLM offers a lot of good bonuses. But what’s their commission rate like?

#2. 10-30% commission on personal sales

Your first 200 BV in sales activates you for the month and makes you eligible for commission.

After that, you get…

10% commission if you sell between 201-500 BV.

15% commission if you hit 501-1,000 BV.

20% commission if you hit 1,001-2,500 BV.

25% commission, finally, if you sell 2,501 BV or more.

All BV above 2,501 gets you 30% bonus commission.

#1. 5% team commission

You get 5% team commission paid down to 8 levels at the highest ranks, which is pretty standard, if not on the higher end.

Starting out, you only earn this on your first 2 levels. But with each rank, you add a new level of team commission earnings.


So, basically, if you can sell a LOT, you can make some good money. But if you can’t, you are left to fight the majority for the scraps.

If you like automated ways to build passive income, there are better ways.

(and you can trash those old MLM habits, too)


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