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12 intriguing facts about Ubox

With the digital age of entertainment, streaming TV online has become more popular than ever. We want to stream every channel, and we want it now. If it’s free, even better.

That’s what Ubox offers, and the company has poached lots of former Netflix customers. Does this mean I’m involved?

This video explains everything:

Make sense? Either way, here’s 12 intriguing facts about Ubox.

#12. Up to 40% commission on your downline

You can earn up to 40% commission on your downline, which is pretty awesome. That’s the commission for your level 1 recruits. So every time they sell the $399 product, that’s about $160 in your pocket.


From there, you get 20% on level 2, 10% on level 3, etc. Of course, you need to move up in rank to access each additional level. There are generational overrides for the top-ranked sellers that range from 1-3%. [1]

#11. Make $150 in profit on each sale

Their only product costs $399, and you make a flat $150 in profit off each sale you make.

This is a great profit margin – even selling one unit a day can net you an OK income.

Unfortunately, that’s not a realistic goal, for several reasons…

#10. Distributors can’t generate recurring sales

Unlike health and wellness or cosmetics products, that keep customers coming back for more and more, your customers will only purchase from you once. Upon paying $399 for their streaming box, they have free TV for life and never have to buy anything from you again.

This is a lot more work on your end, as you can’t build up a recurring customer base.

It means that in order to keep making money off your one-time customers, you have to convert them into recruits.

#9. $50 application fee

Unlike most MLMs, you do have to pay an application fee to become a distributor. However, you don’t have to pay for a start-up kit, initial product, or a monthly auto-ship, so it’s actually a better deal than most. [2]

Also, they do sometimes run offers where if you purchase one of their $399 streaming boxes, you get your application fee waived. If you’re not at all interested in purchasing the product yourself, you should probably reconsider your decision to sell it to other people.

#8. Only one product: a television streaming box

Their product is the UBOX Live Box, a device that live streams television from the internet to any device or television so that you never have to pay for cable again.


It operates on Android 4.2.2 with an external antenna and built-in WIFI. It supports full HD video decoding and most popular video formats.

It’s expensive at first ($399) but it’s a one-time payment with no monthly fees. So when you consider that it can eliminate your cable bill or Netflix subscription forever, it ends up paying for itself.

#7. Great for those who know nothing about technology

It comes pre-installed with the best apps available for finding and streaming all of your favorite television shows, movies, and live sports. So, if you know how to plug something in, you can probably figure this out.

For those who don’t have any clue how to stream things themselves, UBOX is a solution. However, in reality…

#6. You can get the product for free on your own

Their product, like a handful of other MLMs like Wealthy Affiliate, doesn’t actually offer anything you can’t find elsewhere for free.

As they state themselves: “The UBOX Live Box does not download, upload, copy or store any Media and in fact has no connection or association with the websites that host (store) any media. The UBOX Live Box simply connects to websites and temporarily streams the data.” [3]

Basically, it’s just connecting your TV to FREE streaming websites that you could easily visit on your own.

And if you prefer to watch these websites on your TV, you really don’t have to buy a $399 box, as a $5 HDMI cord that connects your laptop to your television will do the trick.

#5. More instant than Netflix

In the end, streaming live television does offer you some things that Netflix doesn’t – the ability to watch sports (and do it live), the ability to watch television shows as they air (no spoilers!), live radio, and the ability to watch certain channels that don’t offer their media to Netflix.

However, you don’t have access to a lot of older shows that are on Netflix unless they’re being replayed, and you don’t have access to Netflix original shows, which are really taking off. Between Orange is the New Black and Stranger Things, forgoing my Netflix subscription is only getting harder.

#4. Less reliable than Netflix

While Netflix can buffer and freeze, it’s usually due to a poor connection on your end.

With UBOX, not only do you have to have a good internet connection, but the website you’re streaming from has to have enough bandwidth to support the streaming.

Unfortunately, UBOX is a little indiscriminate in the websites they use and can’t guarantee quality.

From their website: “We cannot guarantee the quality, durability, longevity, or integrity of the streams.” [4]

Red flag!

#3. More variety than Netflix

They offer more variety than Netflix, to name a few offerings…

  • 1,000+ channels
  • No commercials
  • HD movies
  • Live worldwide sporting events
  • Over 500 live global radio stations [5]

#2. Their retail store was shut down

UWAY had a UBOX retail store in Santa Ana, California for a while.

It shut down not too long ago, which makes you wonder what went wrong. [6]

#1. Reviews are not great

On top of that, their old profile is still on Yelp, and the reviews aren’t great. One customer review states:

“If you want to pay $450 for an item that is easily found much cheaper online, go ahead.

The staff is very nice and helpful, I’ll give them that. But a lot of the movies I wanted to see, which were the newer films, were in terrible quality.  The ones with better quality tend to be the older movies. I tried to find the latest seasons of “Better call saul” and “The walking dead”, nope not there either. See my pictures in this review of what I saw when I tried to download these shows.  The UI is also not as simple to use either.

To make matters worse, when I came the next day (less than 24 hours later) to return the item, they would not give me a full refund and kept a portion as a repackaging fee.  Not cool.” [7]

Is is possible to make money with Ubox? Sure, if you like hitting your friends and family up on Facebook and hosting living room parties. But if you are looking for a sustainable income stream, your time could be better spent elsewhere.

If you like automated ways to build passive income, there are better ways.

(and you can trash those old MLM habits, too)


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