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12 tips about Unicity you should read before you join

Unicity, another weight loss MLM with products that can transform your body, right? Well, this one might actually be able to back it up.

There’s actually some evidence to suggest that their weight loss and body transformation products might be effective after all. Does this mean I’m involved?

This video explains everything:

Make sense? Either way, here’s 12 tips about Unicity you should read before you join.

#12. 8 different income streams

Unicity offers its “Franchise Partners” the following 8 different ways to make money:

  1. Retail Profit
  2. Personal Rebate
  3. Fast Start Bonus
  4. Unicity Lifestyle Bonus
  5. Infinity Bonus
  6. President’s Club Bonus
  7. Additional Franchise Positions
  8. Chairman’s Club Bonus

Lots of bonuses! But what does profit actually look like?

#11. Profit margins range from 25-100% on sales

As a distributor, you profit from the difference between wholesale and retail prices, which varies depending on what you’re selling.

For sales to Retail Customers, margins are 25%-100% according to their website. Wait, 100%?!? No, not really. Most all of your sales will net you a 25% profit.

For preferred customers, your sales margins start at 25% but can range all the way up to 40% depending on the product.

These margins are pretty good, especially if you’re able to sell the right products to the right customers.

#10. 5% commission on your downlines

The compensation structure is super simple, so it’s nice to see an MLM not trying to hide anything from its distributors by making compensation too complicated to understand.

You get 5% commission on your recruits, regardless of what your rank is or how much they’re selling. What different between ranks and sales volume is how far down you can make commission.

Starting out you only get this commission on your direct recruits. With each step up in rank, you add an additional level to your commission payouts, all the way down to 9 levels deep for Presidential Diamond members.

#9. But, there are caps past 1,000 PV in sales

Of course, there are caveats to their simple compensation structure.

When a distributor produces 1,000-2,499 PV in a month, the commission on that volume is actually one Manager Share of 5% and eight “Infinity Shares” of 4%.

And when he or she generates over 2,500 PV in a given month, the commission is 5% on one Manager Share and 3% on eight Infinity Shares.

So, in reality, commission on your downlines is actually 3-5%. Still slightly above the usual rate.

#8. Chairman’s Club Bonus fulfills your grandest dreams

If you’re lucky enough to make it all the way up to the ranks of Double Diamond, Triple Diamond, or Crown Diamond, you get a pretty amazing prize – all your wishes come true.

Okay, not all.

But unlike most MLMs that offer luxury lifestyle bonuses that are set – this car for this rank, this vacation for this rank – Unicity offers unique prizes for their top earners specifically tailored toward their dreams and wishes.

#7. Seven figure bonuses

Of course, there are limits to the Chairman’s Club Bonus…but they’re pretty high.

The estimated dollar values for the custom bonuses are as follows:

  • $150,000 for Double Diamond
  • $500,000 for Triple Diamond
  • $1,000,000 for Crown Diamond

Casually raking in a millie in ONE BONUS is pretty incredible. But so is hitting Crown Diamond rank. So incredible, in fact, that it’s virtually impossible.

If you take a look at their top partners, two distributors have made it that far. [1]

#6. Green tea weight loss products

Unicity sells weight management products that contain green tea. Very unoriginal. However, I suppose there’s something to be said for tried and true favorites.

Their flagship products were…

  • Bio Life, a fiber-based supplement
  • Bio Life Slim, a supplement that encourages weight loss
  • Bio Life Matcha, a fortified green tea blend.

However, they’ve since revamped their product line, and it now consists of…

  • UNICITYBALANCE, a fiber-based blend that encourages fat-burning
  • UNICITYMATCHA, a finely powdered green tea for a natural energy boost and increased mental clarity (so, basically just matcha powder).
  • UNICITYCOMPLETE, a meal replacement protein mix
  • UNICITYCLEANSE, a naturally-based “purifying system” for improved digestion
  • UNICITYTRANSFORMATION, a 12-week health and weight loss program

The rebranding was a smart idea, as the products are a little less drab now, but it’s nothing special. These are the exact same product lines you see across many health and wellness MLMs.

#5. Been around since 2001

They’ve gone through several iterations and ownerships and were even formed as the consequence of merging two well-established nutrition companies, Enrich (formed in 1973) and Rexall (started in 1903).

Royal Numico facilitated the merger in 2001, forming the Unicity Network.

Basically, in MLM-years, they’re grandpas, since most last 2 years.

#4. Unicity was divested in 2003

And they almost did only last two years, because Royal Numico decided to divest in 2003. Clearly, they weren’t doing well. [2]

#3. New management, fresh face

Luckily, the company was purchased by internal management and renamed to Unicity International. Stewart Hughes became the new president of the company in 2005, where he is still positioned.

He gave the products a fresh look and seems to be leading the company well. The man was a Wall Street financial advisor for investment-banking firms for a good 15 years, so he probably knows what it takes to lead growth in a company. [3]

#2. Fined for violating regulations in Vietnam

Unicity Vietnam was recently fined ($5,795, chump change) in Vietnam for violating regulations, along with several other big MLMs in the country.

One even decided to withdraw from the Vietnamese market because of these fines.

The reasons for the fines were failure to renew their business license, conducting business in cities where it doesn’t have offices, and not training agents to acceptable standards. [4]

So the violations aren’t too troubling, but you’d certainly hope that an MLM expanding internationally at their rate would understand how to comply with international regulations.

The lack of training standards would be worrying if they were a traditional company, but most MLMs don’t offer a lot in the way of training (besides ones like Digital Altitude and Wealthy Affiliate).

#1. Their transformation program was called “a game changer for the weight loss industry”

Amongst a million and one weight loss solutions that range from slightly effective to downright scams, having one that not only works but has been praised as much as Unicity’s is a big deal.

Their “Make Life Better” transformation program is a 13-week, sustainable, full-body improvement program. As Unicity president Stewart Hughes states “Give us 13 weeks of your life, and we’ll give you a new life.”

Participants report huge drops in cholesterol, weight loss ranging from 20 pounds to 57 pounds (in just over 3 months), and improved mental health. [5]

Is there a money making opportunity here with Unicity? Sure, it’s possible. But if it’s just the money you’re chasing, your time could probably be better spent.

If you like automated ways to build passive income, there are better ways.

(and you can trash those old MLM habits, too)


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