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16 surprising facts you should know about Young Living essential oils

Young Living founder Gary Young was onto the power of essential oils decades before they became everyone’s favorite natural remedy, home cleaning base, and fragrance substitute.

His company has significantly grown since then, reaching over a billion in sales in 2015. Does this mean I’m involved?

This video explains everything:

Make sense? Either way, here’s 16 surprising facts you should know about Young Living essential oils.

Gary was the Godfather of essential oils.

But OGs don’t last forever. Eventually someone shows up to the game with something new and fresh, and that someone was DoTERRA. Could there be room for two in this market?

#16. The world’s “leading essential oil company”

Chances are you’ve seen someone with their products at some point, if you don’t own them yourself.They’ve been around for a good while. Since 1993, to be exact, which is back before the essential oil craze even started.

They’ve been around for a good while. Since 1993, to be exact, which is back before the essential oil craze even started.

And now, their sales for 2015 surpassed $1 billion, making them the largest essential oils company. [1] They’re kind of a big deal.

#15. Huge market growth for essential oils

The market for essential oils has grown tremendously, and it’s only going to continue. Given that they’ve established themselves as market leaders, I don’t see this company losing ground anytime soon. [2]

#14. Global expansion

From a small Washington state farm to farms in Utah, France, the Middle East, and Ecuador, and they have offices in Australia, Europe, Canada, Japan, and Singapore. Young Living now sells in over 100 countries. [3]

In fact, they just opened up their newest farm in British Columbia where they grow black spruce trees for various oils, called the “Northern Lights Farm”, for public visitation. [4]

They’ve also been doing some pretty rapid expansion of their executive team. [5]

#13. Replaced their entire executive team in 2013

Well, they call it expansion. It’s more like replacement.

In 2013 they wiped their entire executive team clean and started from scratch, claiming that they “discovered that not everyone had the same interest in the company or shared vision that Gary and I (owners) did.” [6]

It sounds a little shady and makes you wonder about stability, but after they replaced the team they experienced a huge uptick in growth, over 27% in 2013.

#12. Pretty much one of two empires

The other big player in this game is doTERRA, who has experienced a similar growth pattern but at almost double the rate. Young living might not be the essential oils giant for long.


DoTERRA is newer, (founded in only 2008), so they have the advantage of being able to take over the hot spot without having to reinvent themselves. But can they hold their own against the OG, or are they just a trend?

The two rivals have butted heads on more than one occasion, with both having filed lawsuits against one another for false advertising and false lab tests as well as imitation. The courts did decide that the two oils have different compositions and dropped the case. [7]

#11. Started as a brick and mortar with humble beginnings

Young Living was once just a tiny brick and mortar on a street corner with one small organic farm and distillery. The owner tapped into his own farmland in Utah and Idaho when he discovered a budding interest in natural living.

#10. Always reinventing themselves

To keep up with the competition, Young Living just announced 15 new and rebranded products as well as their first ever over the counter products – plant-based cough drops and pain relief cream. [8]

As long as they do more than rely on what has brought them success in the past, they should be able to hold onto their market share.

#9. Mostly woman run

A lot of MLMs market themselves toward women and stay-at-home-moms, but they don’t all practice what they preach.

This MLM is one of the largest women-run businesses in Utah. Mary Young, the founder’s wife, is still an executive within the business, and about 90% of active sellers are women. Almost half the company’s C-level management team are women as well.

A spokesperson claims, “We’re role modeling women in executive-level positions. I think Utah County can ultimately lead out in shattering the glass ceiling.” [9]

#8. Developed their own standard for oils

Not all oils are created equal. In fact most of the oils on the market are synthetic, especially if they’re cheap.

Young Living oils are so pure, they’ve even developed their own purity standard called the Young living therapeutic grade standard. They’re marketed as the purest oils on the market, never synthetic or diluted, 100% “seed to seal”. The company advocates often for industry purity.

#7. Founder is very passionate about the product

Founder Gary Young was in a nearly fatal accident that left him in a wheelchair and, tired of medications, he began to explore alternative medicine and healing. Since then, he’s developed products and advocated in the field of essential oils for decades, even before most people knew what essential oils were.

#6. Involved in sketchy dealings in the past

But it’s not all unicorns and rainbows with Gary Young.

He’s been involved in some questionable businesses in the past, including a Tijuana, Mexico clinic in the 80s that ran cheap blood tests for Americans. One investigative journalist sent the clinic cats blood instead of human, and the scientists couldn’t tell the difference. [10]

#5. Huge variety of products blended with oils

From their original oils, such as lavender, orange, and peppermint, they’ve blended together an array of products from home living to nutritional supplements that include…

Home Products

  • Natural cleaning products
  • Healthy Cooking
  • Pet products
  • Family Health

Wellness Products

  • Multivitamins
  • Weight Management
  • Joint & Mobility Assistance
  • Energy & Stamina
  • Antioxidant Support
  • Age-Based Nutrition

Beauty Products

Because of this, they have a product for just about anyone. If you have a problem you’re dealing with, a Young Living rep will almost definitely whip out a product they claim will help.

#4. Basic starter kit is relatively cheap

It’ll run you about $40, which is pretty cheap, and it includes a variety of samples. More expensive kits include full product.

#3. Member support is not always free

Most of the conferences, workshops, training kits, etc cost money, and representatives have complained that there is not a lot of online media and support offered up for free.

#2. Complicated compensation plan

There are a bunch of different ways to earn money. Whether or not you can earn a lot of money, though, is up in the air. Aside from profit on personal sales, you get…

  • Downline commission. You get 8% of the sales off your first level, 5% off your second, and 4% on the next three levels.
  • Fast start bonus. 25% commission for the first 3 months on every new recruit’s purchases.
  • Member starter kit bonus. $25 for each new distributor you sign up who buys the Premium Member Starter Kit.
  • Generation commission. If you hit “Silver”, you get an extra 2% on specific sales from your team, and when team members hit “Silver” themselves, you get 3%.
  • Diamond profit sharing pool. If you hit “Diamond”, you get shares of 0.5% of Young Living’s commissionable sales.

#1. There is evidence that some of their products are synthetic

There have been many claims as well as a good amount of evidence (a lot of it buried by Young Living) that suggest their oils aren’t 100% pure and that many of them are, in fact, adulterated. [11]

During lawsuits between Young Living and DoTERRA, Dr. Robert Papas of Purdue University found that both had oils that use synthetic materials. [12] The lawsuits were therefore dropped by the courts. [13]


It’s no secret that essential oils are hot right now, just look at the Google Trends. But is there really an income opportunity here?

Sure, you might have a few friends you could sell oils to. But after those warm leads expire, how will you continue to sell? This is a problem with the modern MLM industry and it usually leads to stagnant downlines that don’t make any money.

While I have nothing against Young Living, I have parted ways with MLM and couldn’t be happier. Check this out. It will help you wreck your money-chasing habits.



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