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12 facts about Winalite you should know before joining

One thing all women can agree on is that your period is basically Lucifer himself sent to earth once a month to curse women for all of eternity…or something like that.

Winalite claims they have a product that will make a woman’s period more comfortable and less painful, and they’ve got some solid growth to back it up. Does this mean I’m involved?

This video explains everything:

Make sense? Either way, here’s 12 Facts about Winalite you should know before joining.

#12. Known for sanitary napkins

Winalite International is a healthcare products company that started in China in 2007. They develop and manufacture their own products, including their principal product, Love Moon Anion sanitary pads.

At first glance this sounds a little odd for an MLM. There are a million and one ways to market and sell makeup and nutritional supplements, but how do you peddle pads?

Well, the company has already grown exponentially and received a good amount of global recognition in less than 10 years, so they must be doing something right.

#11. Massive growth

Since 2007, they’ve already gained a whopping 5 million business partners around the globe, over 400 employees, and they’re established on every continent but Antarctica (we can cut them some slack on that one). They also have an experienced management team from Fortune 500 companies. [1]

They’ve also got some serious production power to support further growth, including 60 sets of fully automated manufacturing machines that produce 3 billion napkins every year.

While U.S. manufacturers still lead the pack, Winalite has actually become one of the top producers of feminine hygiene products in the world. [2]

#10. Corporate slogan is “technology creates love”

Other phrases on their English website include “health products create love” and “interpersonal marketing creates love”.

I’m not gonna lie, I LOLed at these for at least a minute. More than a little cheesy. Can of cheez whiz cheesy. Also leaves you wondering if something got lost in translation.

But basically all they’re saying is they want to stay on the forefront of healthcare technology while also creating a responsible and caring corporate culture that creates rewarding business opportunities for its distributors and a solid product for women. I can get behind that.

#9. Already achieving a lot

This company’s racking up the trophies so fast they’re about to hit the big leagues. Some recent awards and credentials include…

  • Certified as a “Consumer Rights Protection Credible Enterprise” by the China Foundation of Consumer Protection (basically, they’re trustworthy and their product is high-quality)
  • Named a “Guangdong Credit Model Enterprise” by Guangdong Credit Research Association (this organization with a name I definitely laughed at says they’re doing a great job)
  • Accredited by the Hong Kong SGS to an international advanced standard (basically the world’s top dogs when it comes to assessing the quality and integrity of companies) [3]
  • Joined the NASDAQ in 2008 (HKWO) [4]

#8. Rags to riches founder story

Literal rags to riches. Their founder, Vincent Chen, grew up in rural China with little parental guidance, so poor that he almost starved to death. Now? Well, he’s founded over 20 companies. Here are some of his achievements…

  • 2006 International Chinese Outstanding Contributor
  • 2007 Top 100 Businessmen in China
  • Vice President of the China Association for Poverty Alleviation and Development
  • 2007 Chinese Star of Poverty Alleviation
  • 2008 China civil development pioneer [5]

#7. So…how do you “innovate” and technologize a pad?

I was wondering the same thing. It’s just a piece of cotton that sticks to women’s underwear, right? Well…

Winalite has two patents in China on their product, so it must have some unique features.

According to them, it goes above and beyond regular menstrual needs to provide all kinds of additional benefits. [6]

First of all, the Love Moon Anion Sanitary Napkins are created from safe, natural ingredients. Every pad is hypo-allergenic and sealed by manufacturing so that they never touch human hands. They’ve also got 7 layers of protection and a design that makes them extra dry, breathable, and comfortable. [7]

Anion technology implanted into their pads, however, seems to be the real selling point that sets them apart.

#6. Patented “anion” strip that magically relieves menstrual pain

That’s right. Winalite claims that their pads don’t just absorb, but actually help relieve your cramps. Skeptical? Me too.

Here’s the science behind that claim…

Anion technology is the use of negative ions to provide health benefits and pain relief. Remember those negative ion bracelets that got popular briefly? Basically, their pads have one of those in stuck in them. It’s activated by moisture and friction and when the anions are emitted, cramps disappear, and it also helps prevent the growth of bacteria.

Sounds a little new agey, but it is patented, and people seem to like it. And if it works, that’s one hell of an invention. [8]

#5. A few other products

They also sell an EMF protection shield that claims to protect from the damaging electro-magnetic frequencies (radiation) that various electronics like computers and cell phones emit, and WinGaurd, a phone sticker that reduces electromagnetic radiation and increases call quality for your cell phone.

Not sure how easy it would be to sell a phone sticker though. The pads seem to be where the money potential is at. But how much?

#4. Compensation plan

You earn up to $30 retail profit on every package of sanitary napkins sold. Additionally, representatives get a product introduction bonus of $10 when they introduce new members to their team, and a multiplier bonus (like Jeunesse’s), which is commissions based on the sales of your recruits to an unlimited depth. [9]

If you move up in the ranks to leader, you get other special bonuses on your downline. [10]

It’s a little confusing when you look at the details, but clearly, recruitment is where the money is (if there is any). Unless you want to work for peanuts.

#3. No purchase required

The easiest thing about Winalite is you don’t have to make any purchases to join as a distributor.

Of course, you do have to purchase product in order to sell it, but there’s no sign-on cost or initial package you have to buy.

#2. Easy vertical movement

If you’re motivated by climbing the ladder and getting new titles, Winalite will do it for you. It’s pretty easy to move up in rank quickly here. You only need to sell 1 set to hit silver, 5 for gold, 12 for platinum, and 30 for diamond.

That being said, like most MLMs, their titles are a little inflated and don’t seem to provide much in substantial rewards until you hit the very top of the pack. [11]

#1. Home parties don’t sound very fun

Can you think of anything more boring than a Tupperware party?

Pad parties. Like, what do these even consist of? Despite what some men might imagine, women don’t actually sit around talking about their periods.

So, this isn’t a product that’s very fun or glamorous to market. And although distributors are encouraged to host home parties, it really doesn’t sound appealing.

That being said, if the product is a really solid product, word of mouth and recommendations might be able to take the place of home parties.


Stop with the home parties. Stop with the group calls. Stop promoting your product on your Facebook. These are the old ways of MLM.

Check this out. It will help you wreck your money-chasing addictions by building a real value-driven business that you can feel great about.


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