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Origami Owl was hot in 2013. Are they still around?

Origami Owl is a direct sales market that offers super unique and customized jewelry.

Isabella Weems was your average teenage girl, 14 years old and dreaming of the day she turned 16 and could buy her first car. She knew the only way she was going to be able to afford a car was by working for it herself. So she took her savings of $350 combined with the support of loved ones, began selling lockets to friends and families every day after school.

Sign-up cost: Starter kits start at $189

Global Revenue: $250 Million

The Good: Origami Owl produces its jewelry in the effort to let people express themselves and represent memories. This story behind this company’s origination is really a special one because it ultimately represents a little girl’s dreams coming true.

The Bad: They received a B+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. This was dependent on 200 closed complaints in three years. Complaints were generally regarding difficulty returning or exchanging an item, less than acceptable quality, and cruddy customer service.

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Origami Owl’s products are an assortment of unique trinkets that have been designed by founder Isabella. Her biggest and most innovative accomplishment was crafting the living locket, a unique transparent glass locket that can hold different trinkets or charms. Every trinket and charm has a special meaning and you can essentially build a memory or a piece of history within your locket. Origami Owl additionally offers:

  • Chains
  • Dangles
  • Custom Inscribed Jewelry
  • CORE
  • Plates
  • Bracelets
  • Earrings
  • Watches
  • Lanyards

Origami Owl’s prices are super reasonable. For instance, charms cost $5.00. Living Lockets’ prices vary from as low as $12.00 to $36.00 for the more complex and fancier lockets. You’ll notice that most of the pieces they are selling are sold individually for the consumer to sort of assemble themselves. You can purchase the chains and add the gems, or buy a bangle bracelet and the accessories to dress it up yourself.


You have the opportunity to sign up as an Origami Owl independent designer. By becoming a designer you are able to sell products for retail prices and also have the chance to enroll other independent designers and make cash on their personal volume too. As a designer you are able to:

  • Get paid what you are truly worth
  • Direct your own success
  • Pick and choose your own hours
  • Change your life while impacting others

To start your journey you need to purchase an Origami Owl business kit:

  1. Starter Kit- $189 features 85 products
  2. Signature Success Kit- $399 features 206 products
  3. Ultimate Jewelry Bar Launch Kit- $999 features 498 pieces

Through selling items and recruiting new members you receive:

  • The chance to sell jewelry and earn 30·50% commission
  • An opportunity to build your team and make income mentoring others
  • A chance to earn thrilling trips, acknowledgement, and incentives

Another way you can get involved with Origami Owl is by hosting a Jewelry Bar. So what is a jewelry bar you ask? It’s an outlet to mingle among friends, family, even coworkers and to share a unique experience involving jewelry. If you’re already getting excited about becoming a “hostess with the mostess” here are some additional perks to hosting a jewelry bar:

  1. Earn free jewelry- yup you can work as an independent designer to start earning “Hostess Hoot Loot” that can be used toward free jewelry.
  2. Discounts & rewards- Use Origami Owl’s Take Out Menu (also known as their catalog) to choose your favorite stuff and check out the Hostess Rewards chart to figure out how you can earn items on your wish list for absolutely no cash.
  3. +1 Equals More Fun- more names on the guest list for your Jewelry Bar means more earning potential for you. Invite everyone you know and ask them to bring a friend or two also.

So the hostess rewards program basically gives people the chance to get discounted or free items. The jewelry bar has to be a minimum of $250 in retail sales and at least four guests must attend. If you spend the minimum you’re going to end up with one item at half price and an exclusive 20% discount.

When a jewelry bar totals more than $1,000 you will have four half-priced items and an exclusive free item. Commissions on charms, plates, and dangles is a generous 50%. All other jewelry commissions are 30% which isn’t bad at all. Another great aspect of Origami Owl is that commissions can be paid on a weekly or monthly basis.

Some other stuff potential sales reps should know:

  • You will be marketing one of a kind jewelry that lets people express themselves and tell stories
  • You have the ability to earn a commission from every single sale you make
  • Origami Owl practices a 30-day return policy and a 90-day warranty for manufacturer’s defects

The company truly offers a creative direct selling opportunity. This is going to be a business that doesn’t necessarily have as much competition as say a direct sales position in the health products field, which is a plus too.


Honestly I have been a fan from the second I laid eyes on Origami Owl’s website. I really admire the story behind the company and their products look nice. Sales associates have reported a lot of positive feedback about their selling experiences and Origami Owl’s compensation plan.

The complaints directed at the company are common issues that most ordinary businesses experience too. It’s easy to tell that their jewelry isn’t necessarily the most expensive, or top of the line stuff out there but none the less the products are inventive and expressive (particularly the Life Lockets, which is an item I personally have not seen anywhere else).

When I think about jewelry I associate it with something meaningful, because it’s generally from someone special or a gift for an accomplishment. With that being said, Origami Owl can really do a lot of the selling for you because it’s something different and special. Their commissions are generous too so if you put in the effort to sell Origami Owl you could see some great profit.

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