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FreeLife has grown quickly, will they continue to thrive?

FreeLife specializes in and markets nutritional products and is a fierce leader in the world of healthy weight loss and wellness.

Founded by Ray Faltinsky and Kevin Fournier in 1995, FreeLife is a top competitor in the health industry. Faltinsky’s mother suffered from osteoporosis and completely recovered from the illness using only natural remedies, inspiring him to pursue a career in organic health products.

Sign-up Cost: $29.95 for a starter membership kit.

Global Revenue: The company does not release revenue amounts or distribution statistics to the public.

The Good: Only five years after its launch the company landed a spot on the Inc 500’s “fastest growing businesses” list.

The Bad: It’s a rather small company in comparison to other brands that also market health and diet supplements.

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The Products

Originally Freelife sold a large amount of herbal supplements, weight loss aids, and personal care products but over time their product line has substantially downsized and now they only offer a tighter knit group of health supplements. Freelife has six basic product categories:

  • TAIslim- a selection of products that fight abdominal fat, enhance metabolism, control appetite, cleanse and replenish the body. Available in sugar-free fruit chews, pre-made shakes, and powder form for shakes
  • TAlfit- a selection of products that increases overall energy, controls appetite and cravings, enhances workout performance, amps up body’s fat burning potential, relieves stress. Available in the form of juice, or powder
  • TAlwellness- contains declared “healthiest super juice” in the world, GoChi that is supposed to improve health and overall well-being in 19 key areas within the body and mind
  • TAlspa- handwash, purifying gel, cleansing pads, mouth wash, tooth paste, body soap etc.
  • TAlhome- house care products like room deodorizers, and concentrated cleaning liquid
  • TAlkids- DinoPal is a multivitamin by Freelife offering vital nutrition to children

Alternatively, you can purchase different supplement packages that target your lifestyle:

  • Body breakthrough pack- lose weight and keep it off (4 bags of TAlslim SHAKE, 4 bottles of TAlslim Liquids, a bag of TAlslim SKINNYs)
  • Active lifestyle pack- partner up with Jule of the orient to achieve optimal health (2 bags of TAlslim SHAKE, 4 bottles of Jule, 2 bottles of TAlslim Liquid, a bag of TAlslim SKINNYs)
  • Balance pack- keep your health and fitness goals in check with this system designed to maintain balance (4 bottles of TAlslim Liquid, 2 bags of TAlslim SHAKES, & a bag of TAlslim SKINNYs)
  • Shape pack- a diet system using shakes a meal replacements (4 bags of TAlslim SHAKES)
  • Fit pack- a diet system using shakes as meal replacements (2 bags of TAlslim SHAKES)

Each of FreeLife’s products and programs are designed to jump start weight loss and put you on track to losing major weight. Just as crucial as actually losing the weight, the products will help you keep up with your new weight and healthier lifestyle.

Studies have been conducted and proved that FreeLife does in fact produce supplements that have powerful effects on your body. One particular study from 2008 demonstrated that a Gobi berry recipe created by FreeLife could actually reduce waist circumference, for example.

The Opportunity

The FreeLife direct sales opportunity offers a number of advantages:

  • Work from the comfort of your home
  • Set your own schedule
  • Unlimited earning potential
  • Virtually risk free, low start-up costs
  • Turnkey support system available so you’re not left guessing the next steps to take with your business
  • Original products in a rising industry
  • Help others
  • Have fun while you work

Fascinatingly enough, a majority (around 74%) of FreeLife who are making purchases each month are strictly customers who just love their products. So what does that mean for people who are interested in becoming a distributor for FreeLife? You are walking into a promising marketing opportunity.

People obviously like the products and when it comes to sales that’s the most important factor. There’s no doubt that competition exists, from other brands, and maybe more dangerous: other sales reps working for FreeLife. To become a successful distributor you’re going to have to form a strong following, and because this is a popular brand you might run into issues like competing with another salesperson in your local area. But no worries that doesn’t necessarily rule out your earning potential.

The FreeLife compensation plan features many ways to earn:

  • A low monthly qualifier
  • Customer development bonuses
  • Free product- body for free program
  • Both daily and weekly pay as a way to generate income fast
  • Ability to develop depth pay which results in huge residual income
  • Monthly car bonuses of $600-$1,000 (FreeLife’s Lux Car Club)
  • Leadership development pools to reward top marketing executives at every level of participation
  • Leadership bonuses that can reach as high as $1,000,000
  • 9-level organization commissions
  • Star director $75 per month promise
  • Product Rebate
  • Quick Start Bonus

To claim your distributor position you have to visit FreeLife’s website and purchase a bundle of products. Once you become a sales associate you must build up your personal points to hit the 100 mark. Then you can start earning 10% commission points per sale, and you can continue increasing your earnings to a 20% commission. Each product and program represents a different number of points. Every month you consistently sign up 3 new members you are gifted a health pack by FreeLife, essentially giving you the opportunity to get the body and level of health you want for free.

The company definitely propositions some cool perks for people interested in fitness.


So you pay to sign up for FreeLife, and then you’re going to experience a waiting period before you can start earning and have to build up points. Their company’s compensation plan is confusing to say the least. I’m seeing a lot of discussion about points rather than about money. And pardon me if I am mistaken but isn’t it a goal as a distributor to reel in some cash? To be frank it sounds like too much work.

If you’re interested in the fitness products, you’d be stepping into a promising business as you can technically earn yours for free on a month to month basis if you can manage to sign up just 3 customers a month. As for making a legitimate income, I don’t think FreeLife is the place.


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