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PM International one of the better beauty MLMs?

PM International is a multi-level marketing company that sells mostly beauty products.

In 1993, Ralf Sorg founded P.M. Cosmetics GmbH, which would ultimately develop into PM International.

The company has its headquarters in Luxembourg and Germany, and currently has a presence in over 30 countries worldwide, with a workforce that includes over 150,000 distributors selling PM International products.

The outlook of PM International appears to be promising. The company has a long enough track record of success to believe that the business will continue to thrive for years to come.

Sign-Up Cost: $99

Global Revenue: $313 million

The Good: Safe products; offers training for new distributors; company has received awards and endorsements.

The Bad: Lack of transparency on company website; does not offer advanced sales and marketing training.

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PM International has two primary lines of products. The first is called FitLine Nutritional supplements. This line of products features a variety of shakes and fitness drinks aimed at weight management. There are also several dietary supplements.

The second line of products is called BeautyLine Cosmetics, which has seven total products. Two of the products are designed to tone skin to make it appear younger. Two of the products are skin cleansers, one milk and one tonic. The three remaining products are designed to prevent the effects of aging on the skin. One is designed for day use, one for night use, and one can be used 24 hours a day.

PM International’s final product is called the VitalScanner, which is a device capable of interpreting your physical and mental well-being. It’s a small and portable device that can recommend PM International products that will benefit you based on your readout, which takes six minutes to complete.


In lieu of retail sales, PM International relies on its more than 150,000 distributors to sell the company’s products. The PM International compensation plan is quite complicated and should be investigated closely if you have a serious interest in joining the company. In more general terms, there are six ways to make money with PM International:

  • Retail Income – Profit made from sales to customers.
  • Top-Retailer Bonus – Bonus based on the total points accumulated on products sold.
  • Wholesale Earnings – Sponsoring a new team member results in an additional discount on product prices.
  • Performance Bonus – Bonus for attaining a certain volume of sales.
  • Royalties – Residual income from sponsored team members.
  • Management Bonus – Bonus based on rank in the company.

PM International also offers several unique incentives and bonuses for the company’s most successful distributors, including a car program and company-sponsored vacations to tropical destinations.

The Good

What stands out the most about PM International is the company’s strong reputation. It’s widely regarded as one of the top mid-size companies in Germany and has received plenty of positive recognition from within the multi-level marketing industry. PM International also has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, in large part because it has not received any complaints over the last three years. For a company to have no complaints filed against it is quite impressive and speaks volumes about PM International.

The company also deserves credit for the training and guidance it offers to new distributors. The initial startup fee of $99 covers a Demo Start Kit that covers the basics of what distributors, especially those new to MLM, should know when getting started in direct marketing. PM International also provides help through sales and marketing materials, video and phone conferences, and guidance from upper-level distributors. The amount of training and assistance the company offers shows they are invested in helping its distributors succeed.

Finally, the products sold by PM International are by all accounts high-quality goods that are safe for consumers. The quality of the company’s products is backed up by endorsements from a large number of professional athletes. Various national sports associations in both Germany and Austria have partnered with PM International, while countless individual athletes from a wide variety of sports have also endorsed the company’s products.

The Bad

One area where PM International could improve is in its transparency, which is not an unexpected problem for a foreign company. That transparency begins with its products, which appear to be fine, but the company has not published any scientific evidence that backs up their quality. The information available on each of the company’s products could be better, as the product descriptions on PM International’s website leave much to be desired.

The company’s website also has a dearth of information when it comes to its compensation plan. The plan itself is quite complex and PM International could do more to explain it better for potential distributors. It’s difficult to decipher what you may be able to learn from the company’s website, and even after signing up many PM International distributors have commented that it takes a while until they fully understand the compensation plan and can recognize the best way to go about things in order to maximize their income.

Finally, while the company does well to cover the basics of the MLM industry and get distributors on their feet, it doesn’t appear to offer any advanced training in sales and marketing. Like most MLM firms, PM International encourages distributors to sell to their family and friends, which is a good strategy for starting out, but long-term success with PM International will require either a high volume of sales or an expansive network of distributors working under you, most likely both. Without more advanced training in sales and marketing, a distributor is unlikely to accomplish that and find sustained success with PM International.


PM International is certainly a reputable company with a long track record of success. The company has been praised by many within the multi-level marketing industry and has a spotless reputation as far as the Better Business Bureau is concerned. With regard to trust and integrity, there are few companies within the MLM industry worthy of higher ratings than PM International.

This opportunity is almost exclusively for MLM veterans. With a complicated compensation plan and advanced training, an MLM rookie will not be set up to succeed with PM International


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