Thursday, May 26, 2016

Mega Holdings is website building meets network marketing

Mega Holdings is a multi-level marketing company that offers a web builder platform as their main product.

Drag-and-drop friendly.

Michael Cheng has built this company from the ground up and they now have helped thousands of people create impressive websites all without having to learn a single line of code. This has rocked the world of web design and has created a unique niche for Mega Holdings.

Now this company is offering a unique opportunity for those wishing to become an independent distributorship business partner.

Sign-up cost: $244 1 year/$732 3 years + $6 activation key

Global revenue: N/A

The good: The products offered have to be renewed every 1 to 3 years during which you will receive 5% commission on top of the original sell.

The bad: There is an increase in the number of companies offering this service.

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Four key products offered by Mega Holdings:

  • Domain registration
  • Website hosting
  • Email hosting
  • Easy website builder

Domain registration is one product that is included inside of one of two website packages.  This will allow individuals and businesses to easily register a domain name of their choice without having to pay anything extra. 

This service is very helpful to those who simply do not have the time to register their own names.

Website hosting is another product offered to anyone purchasing one of two packages.  This will give you a place to park your website.  Without website hosting, a website simply could not exist.  Mega Holdings provide hosting to anyone who buys a package and there is never an extra fee for this service. Many people get confused by all the website hosting packages on the market today, but Mega Holdings helps make the process of choosing a whole lot easier.

Email hosting is something new that Mega Holdings is now offering within its packages.  A webmail collaboration system makes it easy to track email from your smartphone and other devices. But this offer does not stop with email. 

Appointments are made easy with this system as well which allows you to keep track of your entire day right from your smartphone. This blends the power of email with the organizational skill of an online appointment book. A wonderful new product this will help business people save time by having everything they need to stay on top of their game right in the palm of their hand.  Having this service become part of the overall company allows Mega Holding to branch out into the world of business management.

Easy website builder is the bread and butter of each package sold. 

This allows people with absolutely no background in web design to design their own site which is great for anyone who wants to save time and money. With a simple click and drag program that is similar to WordPress you can easily create a professional looking website in as little as a few hours’ time. No matter what type of website you are looking to build you can find a template for it with this easy to use software. 

With a few clicks of the mouse and some tweaks, users can save hundreds of dollars. In fact, there are some web designers who use this software as a shortcut to programming. This article shows how the world is changing in favor of website builders (1).


Mega Holdings allows you to become independent operator with the purchase of one of its packages plus the purchase of a $6 activation code.  The first package which will give you resale rights will only cost you $244 per year.  The second package will set you back $732 and is good for a full three years.  You will have a chance to make up to 5% commission on all new sales plus an additional 5% commission on package renewals. On top of that, you get $120 for every 1 package that is sold in two different branches of your downline.

The Good

Mega Holdings is one of the most recognized software MLM companies in the world.  The company has been around for more than 14 years which shows that it has staying power.  Marketers can choose between two different packages that will allow them access to the company’s software for one to three years before renewal.  They offer a generous 5% commission on all sales which means you have plenty of chances to make your investment back.

The Bad

Since the company started back in 1999 there has been a surge of companies offering similar web building software packages.  This has definitely cut into the profits of Mega Holdings and in some areas, you might find that the market has been flooded with this same type of software.  But Mega Holdings is one of the most trusted MLM companies in the world which helps its products stand out from the rest.


Mega Holdings is a trusted MLM company that has provided its packages to customers since 1999.  They offer a huge opportunity for those looking to break into the software market because their products are so well known and loved. 

While signing up for the opportunity will set you back a few hundred dollars, it could be worth the work. 

You will even make money several years down the road when someone signs back up for these very easy to use packages. 

Mega Holdings offers a wide range of support to both its customers and its independent operators.  Many people who have been in the MLM industry for a while will probably have made money from this opportunity.  If you are looking to get into the software market without spending a ton of money, this is your best bet. 

They give you everything you need to get started and you will even have your own personal business account with the company.  This will allow you to easily manage your sales and your commissions all in one place.


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