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Kannaway sells hemp products, and they’re blowing up

Kannaway is MLM meets marijuana.

Its product line features legal hemp products through online retail and mlm. They blew up in 2014, but seem to have cooled off since.

Relatively young, the company started in 2014 and has flourished since opening, bringing in an estimated $5-10 million per year.

The passion of the CEO, Jeff Rogers, infuses the company with motivation and inspiration on a daily basis. His firm belief in the health benefits of Hemp oil has been a driving force behind the booming business.

Sign-up cost: $9.99-$49.99

Global revenue: $5-$10 million

The good: Kannaway is the leader in the Hemp production on the mlm level. It is legal and cannot be used in any illegal fashion.

As an employee, you will receive a good amount of training and support and the sign up is cheap at just under $10 per month or just under $50 for the year.

The products are available in the entire United States and is opening up in Puerto Rico.

The bad: Kannaway’s entire product line contains Hemp in some way and that turns away many prospective buyers because of the confusion with weed. Also, they blew up, than they cooled off.

If you are an employee, Kannaway is one of the few mlm companies to not reward for recruiting others to the company. Commissions are made off the sales of products alone. In addition, you can’t make a website for the sole purpose of selling Kannaway products, nor can you use social media to promote or sell the products.

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The main product that Kannaway uses in their product line is their non-GMO, European Hemp Oil. In each of their items, the hemp oil is present in some way or another in a completely legal fashion. Here are a few of the products that the company has produced with the Hemp Oil:

• Balance 12 System
• Cannabis Beauty Defined
• Hemp VAP
• Kannactive
• Revive

Balance 12 System is an entire regimen that targets whole body health. It has numerous products in the line that claim to create a perfect healthy balance inside and out.

The Cannabis Beauty Defined is another expensive skin care line that promises flawless skin.(1)

The Hemp Vap is a line of flavorful e-cigarettes that contain no carcinogens, hallucinogenic properties, or nicotine yet costs a fortune.
Kannactive will supposedly give you more energy and mental focus than most competitors’ products.

Revive has BiBong herbal concoction to boost your health, immunity, longevity, and youthfulness, although that all seems too good to be true, and the sticker shock may cause serious health problems.


Although it may sound quite appealing to make your own schedule with an mlm such as Kannaway, it is quite a daunting task to take on. There are many hours you just simply won’t get paid for. In particular, Kannaway is structured a bit different where you cannot earn on getting recruits for the company.

They claim to have nine different ways to make money. Many of these nine ways are labelled with the word ‘bonus’ meaning they are not guaranteed and even worse, some are labelled with the word ‘team’ which means your bonus depends on the sales of team members. There is no way to gauge your earnings with this faulty structure.

There is significant training for any individuals that are interested in joining the company, however it is unclear if it is free or costly. Promotional material, Kannaway marketing website, and access to Kway University training are a few of the training avenues available to prospective marketers.

Another perk is that Kannaway does allow customers to be just customers and not enroll as a marketing agent.

The Good

Kannaway has a few great aspects for both those looking to work for them and for the consumer.
For marketers, Kannaway is the only mlm in the hemp oil industry at this time. They have no competition which is good and bad. It’s bad because there is a small target audience that is willing to try a relatively new product with something that is often related to marijuana as an ingredient. This takes a bit of pioneering.

Consumers that are interested in the product for their own personal use will find a truly unique product for their needs. With natural ingredients and extremely strict quality control check points, these products go to the consumer only after plenty of testing and purity checks.

Another positive about the company is that they have an A- rating with the BBB and since opening in 2014, there have been no complaints filed.

The Bad

There is a giant social gap that needs to be bridged through education, about the issues that some people have with Kannaway’s main ingredient and claim to fame, hemp. The confusion of hemp with marijuana has proven to be a bit of a stumbling block for the company especially since they are the pioneers of this kind of product.

The bad part for anyone interested in selling the products is that they are up against that misunderstanding and have to not only educate potential customers, but also convince them that the products are 100% safe. In addition, the products are extremely expensive and target the wealthy. Unless you are in a community of extremely wealthy people who are interested in trying new and natural products, it will be a tough sell.

And finally, although the company has an A-rating with the BBB they are so new that they do not really offer many customer reviews. So in the long run, customers can’t be sure if they are buying a quality product or not.


Kannaway is in the early stages of a quite lucrative natural hemp product business. The product lines are attractive to many lifestyles although the prices really target the wealthy. The products are strictly regulated and are legal under the Controlled Substance Act. They are available in all the United States and has a superb rating with the BBB during its short couple years in business.

The company did not get listed among the top 100 mlm companies in the 2015 list released by the Direct Selling News.

via http://mlmcompanies.org/kannaway/

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