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Immunotec stays relevent in the MLM wellness space

Immunotec is a Canada-based multi-level marketing firm in the health and wellness industry.

The company officially launched in 1996, and in addition to Canada, Immunotec distributes its products in the United States, Mexico, Ireland, the United Kingdom, the Dominican Republic, and Trinidad & Tobago. The company states that its mission is to provide high-quality products that will enhance the quality of life of its customers.

Immunotec is a trusted and established company with a good outlook for the future. The company has shown the ability to grow and adapt over its 20-year history, and there’s little reason to think that will change in the years to come.

Sign-Up Cost: $24.95

The Good: Products backed by research and science; recognizable brand; products are endorsed by world-class athletes.

The Bad: Auto-shipping and online marketing are requirements; high prices for products.

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Immunotec’s base product is a supplement called Immunocal, which utilizes a patented formula of whey protein and has a variety of health benefits. Immunocal is the company’s bread and butter and the product that helped propel them to success initially, but they also offer dozens of other products divided into the following categories:

  • Health & Wellness – A product line filled with various vitamins, minerals, and supplements, all claiming various health benefits.
  • Elasense Skin Care – A set of eight products that includes facial wash, moisturizer, rejuvenating cream, and more.
  • Weight Management – A series of shakes, snacks, kits, and various other products geared toward maintaining a healthy diet and weight.
  • Personal Care – Contains two products: a skin perfecting cream and a toothpaste.
  • Accessories – Includes Immunotec product catalogs and books about health and wellness, as well as cups and mixers that complement Immunotec products.


Throughout its history, Immunotec has relied on a team of direct marketers to sell its products. They offer the chance to join the company as either a consultant or a preferred customer. Membership comes at a cost of $24.95, although the company encourages its consultants to purchase a Quick Start Pack that costs between $249 and $449.

Once a consultant signs up, they have six ways of earning money through Immunotec:

  • Retail Sales – Consultants and preferred customers receive discounts on products to sell to others, resulting in a modest profit.
  • Immuno Direct – Referred customers who sign up for an auto-ship program receive 20% off the retail price, with consultants earning the difference between wholesale and the customer’s fee after the discount.
  • Rank Advancement and Residual Commissions – There are seven levels within the company that produce residual commissions based on a combination of sales and sponsorships.
  • Business Builder Bonus – A bonus based on sponsoring up to three new consultants in a month’s time.
  • Moving Up Bonus – A bonus earned when a consultant moves up a rank and maintains that ranking for two straight months.
  • Upline Moving Up Bonus – Bonuses based on the success of sponsored members.

The Good

One of the biggest advantages about signing up to sell Immunotec products is that they are backed up by science and research. Even before the company launched, research scientists were working on developing what would eventually become Immunocal, creating what is now a unique and in some ways revelatory product. This level of research and emphasis on scientific fact puts Immunotec far ahead of many of the other health and wellness companies in the multi-level marketing industry. It also erases much of the doubt about whether or not Immunocal and many of the company’s other products are effective for their intended use.

The fact that Immunotec’s products are validated by science has given the company a great amount of credibility in both the health and medical communities. This in turn has given the company great brand recognition throughout North America, which has helped to fuel its success over the past two decades. That recognition obviously gives consultants a leg up in selling all of Immunotec’s products.

On top of that, Immunotec products have been endorsed by dozens of world-class athletes, most of them Canadian. This only adds to the credibility the company has, and thus the credibility of consultants who try to sell the products. Between the large amount of athlete endorsements and the strong reputation of the company, Immunotec consultants find themselves in a favorable position when it comes to direct sales.

The Bad

It’s hard to deny that Immunotec has great products, but the price of those products has the potential to be problematic. Many of Immunotec’s products are on the high side compared to other health and wellness products offered by multi-level marketing firms. To be fair, not all of Immunotec’s products are outrageously priced. Moreover, the amount of research and development the company invests in order to create such quality products is likely a factor in the higher prices, so it’s not as if the company is trying to gouge customers. However, the company’s high prices have the potential to scare away potential customers and make things harder for distributors.

Parts of the Immunotec compensation plan may also be unwelcoming to consultants, even if the compensation is more or less fair. The pressure on consultants to sign up customers for auto-shipping is not ideal, as it is asking a lot of customers to commit to a product, even one that’s so well regarded. Also, the way Immunotec is set up, it’s almost a necessity for consultants to engage in online marketing to create sales. This may work for some distributors, but it’s not necessarily a fit for everyone, as one would need the proper skills, or at least training in those skills, to have success selling Immunotec products.


In terms of multi-level marketing firms that are credible and trustworthy, it doesn’t get much better than Immunotec.

The company has a long track record of success, a great reputation, and plenty of endorsements to go along with products that are backed by science and developed after years of research. It doesn’t get much better than that, and there is little reason to hesitate joining Immunotec as a consultant.

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