Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Dubli is the cash reward network marketing company (are they done?)

DubLi is a cash-back rewards MLM.

Think: Shopping rewards meets network marketing.

Founded in 2003 by Michael Hansen, DubLi offers people an opportunity to build a career or a second income business, simply by generating earnings from millions of products and services that customers buy online.

They provide a referral based income program, as well as, a partner program. The company has become the largest direct selling e-commerce company in the world.

Sign-up Cost: $99

Global Revenue: $4.7 Million

The Good: DubLi is teamed up with thousands of major and minor small time retailers, providing people with the opportunity to run their own business.

The Bad: The website can be confusing and lacks some details. It also seems that their revenue fluctuates showing a decline in 2014 of $12.4 Million (1)

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Customers can sign up for an online account on DubLi Network for free. After signing up customers can browse the online mall where they can find all kinds of products that are currently out on the market. You can shop for entertainment, book flights and hotels, clothing and many other items. The company also has their own line of products available for purchase on their website sporting their logo. They have accessories, items for men, women and children etc. The Network also offers different business packages that run from $295 – $2,495.

The business package gives Business Associates access to the DubLi Network back offices with state of the art marketing tools, business reports, cash management software, customer care, customer analysis tools, newsletters, weekly deals and much more.

The Opportunity

DubLi Network offers Business Associates an opportunity to earn a substantial up-front income, as well as, building a residual income stream. You have the option to market memberships to customers or build a marketing team.

There are currently two ways for Business Associates to make money. The 1st option is through where associates earn commission on their personal customers. The 2nd option is to earn commission through building sales organizations. You can earn anywhere from 5% – 25% commission when selling the business packages, one can also earn 25% from the shopping mall and travel commission.

Just as any other MLM marketing Network company associates have the chance to move up in ranking which generally provides an increase of income. They have the chance to earn promotions by reaching certain guidelines in their team size, sales volume and customer points.

The Good

The company has been operating for almost 15 years providing plenty of experience. It is known as the worlds largest e-commerce direct selling company and network for cashback shopping. In 2015 DubLi Network was awarded the Network-Karriere ETI Award for Expansion Technology Innovation. Network-Karriere is one of the most respected network publications world wide in some business owners eyes.

DubLi Network has associates in over 100 countries. The company has adapted its multilingual and multi-regional e-commerce platforms to serve 12 international markets in order to strengthen their global presence. In one years time the company’s global revenue increased by $3.5 Million.

The Bad

The company has several bad reviews from customers and associates as well, claiming that the company is not all that it appears to be along with it being a scam. Customer complaints have been failed to be disputed or resolved by the company.

The official website has confused many people in terms of the opportunity available, as well as, information regarding the claims of cash back rewards.Aside the initial sign up fee of $99, which is stated it is a one time fee, associates must renew their business license with the company once a year after the first two years. Business Associates also have to make a purchase of one of the business packages that costs $499 which is a one time fee, after the first year associates must pay a monthly fee of $49 to continue having access to the package. This information must be searched for outside of the official website in order to learn this.The global revenue has fluctuated up and down throughout the company’s existence, especially in the last 2 – 3 years.

The company provides a lot of information on the background of the business and its founder, as well as, providing insight on what they do but overall the site lacks any actual information regarding compensation, commission and what businesses they are affiliated with or the products they will be selling in their mall.


The company DubLi Network has over a decade worth of experience. It is considered to be known as one of the biggest e-commerce direct selling company’s and networks when it comes to cash back shopping.

The career opportunity may seem to prove rewarding to some while others strongly disagree. The company claims that it is easy to receive a full time income, while it is well known that the referral system is one of the more difficult ways to generate money through an MLM company. The rise of other internet and online shopping stores, such as, Amazon, Ebay and Etsy may have this company taking a step back. More and more people are becoming independent sales representatives for themselves generating 100% of all commissions.

The website could use some work and some additional information, as many reviewers said they stayed away due to the lack of information provided for business associates and customers alike. Unfortunately too many consider this company to be a scam and the customers complain about all of the calls they receive where the associates are calling from one phone number and requesting they immediately call them back at another.

On the website it says there is a one time fee of $99 dollars to get started, it fails to inform you directly about the $499 package you have to buy or the $49 monthly fee to be able to continue using the package.

Truth is, Dubli is a has been. They faded quick.


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