Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Brain Abundance is smart drugs meets network marketing

Brain Abundance is a direct sales company that claims to offer the next generation of smart drugs.

MLM meets nootropics.

The company says it uses only the finest ingredients in order to create the best products for its customers.

One can assume that Brain Abundance is a young company, most likely in business for less than five years. With so little information to work with, it’s difficult to gauge the company’s outlook except to state the obvious, which is that there are no guarantees when getting involved with a company as young and unproven as Brain Abundance.

The Good: Intriguing product; minimal sign-up cost; bonuses primarily based on sales.

The Bad: Products not supported by science; limited number of products; little reliable information about the company.

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Brain Abundance’s primary product is called Brain Fuel PLUS, which the company claims will maximize healthy brain performance, a testament Brain Abundance says is supported by a team of doctors in a variety of medical fields, including neuroscience and nutrition. Brain Abundance claims its product is the only product that utilizes all 13 of its ingredients.

On its website, the company also advertises a new product called Brain Bears, which is geared towards kids and offers similar promises of maximizing the brain’s performance.


Like other multi-level marketing firms, Brain Abundance relies on recruiting independent business owners to sell its products. The company’s website claims that Brain Abundance has one of the most aggressive compensation plans in the direct sales industry. There are five ways that Brain Abundance distributors can make money:

Powerline Bonus – A bonus earned from having three sponsors reach a sales threshold.

Retail Bonus – Distributors are able to buy Brain Fuel Plus for $20 less than the retail price, giving them a $20 commission on each bottle they sell.

Fast Start Commissions – For each new sponsor, distributors can earn up to $75 based on the initial product order of the new member.

Accelerated Binary Compensation Plan – Commission that’s paid by adding just one person to each leg, resulting in faster pay and higher commissions than most other multi-level marketing firms.

Rank Achievement Bonuses – One-time bonus paid when a distributor achieves a new ranking within the company.

The Good

While Brain Abundance is a young company, the one thing that gives them a chance to succeed is the fact that they have a unique and intriguing product. Brain health is often overlooked, but when told of the potential benefits of Brain Fuel PLUS, most people are likely to have their interest piqued enough to at least consider trying the product. When pressed, nearly everyone could come up with one neurological issue they face, whether it’s a poor memory, trouble sleeping, anxiety, etc., and so there is certainly a market for such a product.

On top of having an interesting product, the company’s compensation plan appears to be more than fair, putting more of an emphasis on sales than simply recruiting large masses of individuals to join the company. An independent business owner who has either excellent skills or proper training in direct sales should be able to create a large enough client list to make a substantial amount in commissions. On top of that, there doesn’t seem to be much of a sign-up cost, although the Brain Abundance website doesn’t specifically state how much it costs to join the company as a distributor other than buying products at wholesale prices (1).

The Bad

Of course, while Brain Fuel PLUS is an intriguing product, it’s far from perfect. There appears to be a discrepancy with regard to whether or not Brain Fuel PLUS is the exciting and regulatory product Brain Abundance claims it to be. It’s difficult to find definitive scientific proof that such a product has any of the benefits that Brain Abundance claims. The science is not absolute, and while it’s hard to envision the ingredients in Brain Fuel PLUS being detrimental to a fairly healthy person, it’s possible the product is in large parts a placebo.

There’s also the issue that Brain Abundance has just the one product to sell. This means that every potential customer is either all or nothing; there’s no middle ground. Factor in the possibility of customers giving up on the product after a month by either deciding it doesn’t work or forgetting to take it thrice daily, and it may be difficult to find long-term customers.

Finally, there’s the issue of Brain Abundance being a young company, about which so little is known. It doesn’t have accreditation from the Better Business Bureau, nor does it have many reliable reviews from similar agencies. Even the company’s own website doesn’t provide a substantial amount of information about the brief history of the company or those running it.


All things considered, Brain Abundance is a young multi-level marketing company with a fair amount of promise. They have just one product, but if nothing else it’s a product that’s intriguing and potentially helpful for many people. The company also offers a compensation plan that’s fair, even if it doesn’t necessarily set people up for a massive payday. This makes Brain Abundance an interesting possibility that’s fairly low risk as far as direct sales companies are concerned.

That being said, one should not be expecting big things to come from joining Brain Abundance as a distributor. It remains to be seen whether the company will prove to be viable over the long term and whether its one and only product will appeal to a large enough customer base. Brain Abundance certainly has some potential as a company, but we don’t know enough about it to be able to guess which direction it’s going to go in over the years to come. At this point, joining Brain Abundance isn’t likely to result in much more than pocket change, and that’s the best-case scenario.


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