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Is World Wide Dream Builders worth the money?

World Wide Dream Builders is an internet marketing organization affiliated with MLM giant Amway.

With the advent of the internet, anyone who figures out how to make good money can make even more money teaching other people how to do it – and unlike gold, which is a limited, physical resource, lots of these online money-making opportunities are unlimited.

That’s what World Wide Dream Builders is all about.

So have I been involved?

This video explains everything:

Make sense? Either way, here’s the full review on WWDB.


If you’ve heard of MLM, you’ve probably heard of Amway. And if you’ve heard of Amway, you’ve probably heard of World Wide Dream Builders…

Here’s why.

Amway is the #1, long-time reigning champ when it comes to direct sales. Call them the Michael Phelps of MLM.

If you take a look at the top MLMs in the world based on revenue, the numbers speak for themselves. Amway is, and has been for years, in the first position. They bring in $8.8 billion in annual revenue, while #2, Avon, isn’t even close – they sit at $5.7 billion.

So, it makes sense that when you have a corporation that huge, it’s going to have some popular offshoots and copycats. Well, Amway has hundreds. In fact, they have so many, there’s a name for them: Amway Motivational Organizations (AMOs).

These are MLMs that successful Amway distributors started in which they use the methods from their own success to train and motivate new Amway distributors to follow in their (6-figure) footsteps…all for the low, low price of $49.95. These guys built their own pyramid off the side of another pyramid, basically.

Worldwide Dream Builders (WWDB) is one of those AMOs. In fact, it’s the largest, most successful AMO.

WWDB was started by Amway legend Ron Puryear. This guy started with Amway wayyy back in the early 70s, and he managed to hit it big. It only took him 4 years to move up to Diamond, and before he knew it, he was pulling in 6 figures.

Naturally, people began to notice him, and he’d taken to teaching others his methods for success. So he decided to make money off this by starting WWDB in 1997. Using his WWDB program, he’s grown his own prodigies: his organization at Amway now has over 500 Diamonds.

How much does Worldwide Dream Builders cost?

It costs $49.95 per month to join WWDB as a basic member.

However, there are some additional fees you’ll need to pay in addition to your membership, and they’re a little hidden. I’ll spell them out for you.

Communikate – $36.95/month. This is the communication system they use. Without it, you won’t be able to partake in any of the benefits of being a member.

A basic subscription to training CDs and audio – $25/month. Without these, you might as well not join at all, as they’re the bread and butter of the company.

So, it’s closer to $112 per month, bare minimum.

On top of this, there are lots of extra training kits, events, and educational programs you can purchase that can add up to over $250 a piece. Plus, you have to sell around $300 per month to qualify for commission. This is in addition to whatever you’re paying Amway to sell for them.


WWDB sells the dream of striking it rich with Amway. They do this in various formats – eBooks, audio files, CDs, and presentations.

They also sell training events in various cities around the country that cost a pretty penny. They really sell distributors on these events, convincing them that attending in person is the only way they can make real money. Those costs add up fast.

Their basic $25/month order gets you 6 audio files per month with the most recent information, trainings, and advice for selling with Amway. There are an endless amount of materials and training packets that one can purchase though.

It’s genius – if anyone feels like they’re wasting their money and not getting anything out of WWDB, they can convince that person that they simply aren’t spending enough. “Well, of course you’re not seeing success yet, you haven’t purchased XYZ!”

Compensation Plan

Known for having one of the most unique compensation plans in the industry, WWDB really makes their distributors work long, hard hours and go hard with the Facebook spamming in order to see any results.

That’s because they work on a compensation system that requires you to build up 6, (yes, SIX), legs, all at once. Just to qualify for a bonus, you’ve got to hit 300 PV yourself and then get all 6 of your legs to hit 100 PV each.

That’s not all. In addition to getting all six to sell for you, you’ve also got to get half of them to attend those expensive in person events, and 5 out of 6 have to be purchasing the monthly standing order of audio files.

On top of that, your legs will break away when they hit 7,500 PV, and you’ll have to start all over from scratch.

It sounds crazy, and it is. But you do see some good rewards if you can make it happen continually. You get 30% commission off your active legs, and even after they break away, you still see 4% residuals for life.


Don’t expect dream building to come easy. You’ve got to put in some serious work to do well with WWDB (along with some serious cash).

This is all on top of the time and money you’re investing into Amway, which is likely already way too much.

Can you get rich off Amway and WWDB?

Highly doubtful. Nothing against the company, but 99% of MLM-ers aren’t making any money.

If it’s financial freedom you seek and you like automated ways to build passive income, there are better ways.

(and you can trash those old MLM habits, too)


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