Monday, July 24, 2017

Is Mary Kay still relevant?

Most of us have had a Lady in Pink pull up to our driveway their company Cadillac at some point or another. Mary Kay, we know ‘bout chu already.

When it comes to cosmetics direct sales, Mary Kay is almost #1 (we see you, Avon). Heck, when it comes to MLM, they’re almost #1 (shoutout to Herbalife, Vorwerk, Amway…)

So is Mary Kay a thing of the past or should you get involved?

This video explains everything:

Make sense? Either way, here’s the full review on Mary Kay.


In case you don’t fully understand the level of dominance this MLM has reached, here are a few stats for you…

Direct Selling News ranks them as the #5 MLM…in the entire world.

They’re in the billion dollar club, and not only that, but their annual revenue for 2016 was $3.5 billion. For some perspective, direct selling GIANTS Herbalife were at $4.5 billion.

Mary Kay has been around for over 50 years, and they’ve got a mega sales army of over 3.5 million Independent Beauty Consultants.

This MLM has created a worldwide name for themselves and has made countless millionaires out of women all around the globe. Not only that, but they also share the wealth through a number of charitable organizations. The Mary Kay Foundation, their charity arm, has a couple humble goals….to cure cancer and end domestic violence. All in a day’s work, you know.

So, there’s no question. Mary Kay is one of the biggest, most successful MLMs out there.

But hold up, wait a minute, don’t start dreaming about that rose-colored Caddy just yet.

How much does Mary Kay cost?
In order to become a Mary Kay consultant, you must purchase a $100 starter kit. Then, in order to remain active and qualified for the commission plan, you have to sell at least $200 in product every 3 months.


We all know what they sell – beauty products. But are they any good? What makes them so special?

First of all, their products aren’t tested on animals, which is huge nowadays.

They’ve spent years testing, researching, and developing cosmetics, so you know their products are top notch. These aren’t just trending favorites, they’re time-tested, proven favorites. Seriously, their product development team is the size of some small countries.

They’ve also got more than just makeup and skincare, although that’s where their products are focused. But you’ll also find body products, fragrances, and men’s products.

Some of their best-sellers include Lash Love Mascara, their TimeWise 3-in-1 cleanser, their Mary Kay eyeliner, and their Mineral Powder Foundation. They’ve also released a new line of skincare products called Clear Proof that have been doing really well.

On top of that, their products are very reasonably priced. Compared to most major cosmetics brands, Mary Kay is considered affordable, even cheap. Most of their top products are around $12-$18.

Compensation Plan

When you buy into becoming a Pink Lady, you automatically get the title of Independent Beauty Consultant. If you sell well, you can move up to Independent Sales Director and National Sales Director. This is where the money’s at.

We all know the peons at the bottom of the pyramid don’t make good money…or any money at all. This is especially true of organizations as big and reputable as Mary Kay. They bring in a lot of money, sure, but the longer they stick around, the harder it gets to move to the top.

Anyway, the start up kit provides you with some materials to start – a business announcement eCard, a custom color look, 40% off a business kit (which you’re going to need if you’re serious), and 50% off Mary Kay product purchased online.

Yep, you read that right. 50% off. That means you purchase product at half price, re-sell it for full price. For folks that can count, that’s a 50% commission rate on personal sales. One of the best in the business.

Once you move up in rank, you can start earning 4% on the sales of your downline. If you keep shooting toward the sky, you could reach as high as 13% commission on sales that other people are making for you. Not bad at all.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. But how do I get the free pink car?

This is how their most successful distributors rope in new team members time and time again. They show up to Becky’s engagement party in their shiny new Mary Kay Caddy, and eventually one of Becky’s friends asks how she got it. Ba-da-bing, ba-da-boom, new recruit.

Anyway, I’m going to give you the good new first, then the bad news.

The good news is that all top sales people have the option of getting the pink Cadillac as a bonus if they can reach about $100,000 per year in sales.

The bad news? You have to hit 6 figures in sales. This is not an easy feat, folks. It’s going to require a lot of spamming your family and losing all your friends.

The extra bad news? Car bonus incentive programs are basically NEVER a good deal in MLM. If you do somehow manage to sell $100,000 and qualify for the Cadillac, you don’t get the car outright – you get a 2 year lease with Mary Kay paying your monthly lease payments for you. However, if you fall below that requirement, Mary Kay stops paying off your lease and you’re left to shoulder the $800+ monthly payments on your own. It’s a good way to rack up some debt.


If you HAVE to join an MLM and you’re really into makeup, Mary Kay is an obvious choice. They’ve churned out loads of successful sales women.

That being said, for every successful sales woman they made, they made 100 women go into debt buying product they weren’t able to sell.

Yes, Mary Kay might be killing it…for direct sales. But if it’s money you’re chasing, there’s other stuff out there.

If it’s financial freedom you seek and you like automated ways to build passive income, there are better ways.

(and you can trash those old MLM habits, too)


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