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Is the TecAdemics internet marketing college just a scam?

6-figure bloggers, paid Instagrammers, and internet marketing whiz-kids… These guys are like the unicorns of the internet world.

We hear about them, but they don’t seem real.

Can you really get rich sitting around in your pajamas eating cheese puffs and browsing the web? Not exactly.

Making money online requires actual work, believe it or not. But a group of successful internet entrepreneurs collaborated to come up with an internet marketing course that teaches the basic skill sets of an internet business.

Does this mean I’m involved?

This video explains everything:

Make sense? Either way, here’s the full review on TecAdemics.


Internet marketing is a skill like any other – you have to learn it.

But it’s not something that traditional schools tend to fit in between lessons on the history of the Civil War and essays deconstructing the poetry of Walt Whitman. Part of the problem is that internet marketing is changing by the MINUTE, so it’s hard for traditional institutions to keep up.

So, how do you learn to make money online?

Enter TecAdemics, or, the “Internet Marketing College”.

Launched just earlier this year (in August, to be exact), this internet marketing training and affiliate program claims to teach you how to become the next internet millionaire for anywhere from $100-$10,000 or more, depending on how serious you are. They’ve already got over 60,000 members. [1]

TecAdemics was started by Chris Record, and the man definitely has a record when it comes to internet marketing and MLM.

He was a top earner for Empower Network, and he was so successful that he went on to become a public figure in the industry and start up his own companies. The dude has over 40,000 loyal followers on Facebook. [2]

He’s got a pretty inspiring story, too. He’s not one of those internet millionaires who started out 50 Gs to invest.

He actually started out with quite the opposite: a negative bank account, a 485 credit score, and an eviction notice. [3]

Instead of giving up, he made a last ditch effort to make bank online. And necessity is the mother of invention…

A year later, and he had banked $485,432.55 in commissions and was making over 6-figures in a month. [4]

The guy knows his stuff, for sure.


Much of the education and training is offered by Chris Record himself, and they’ve got a variety of programs.

Their products use a proprietary technique for continuing education that they call the Systematic Path Process (SPP). According to their website…

“Our proprietary Systematic Path Process (SPP)™ is the gateway to a complete accelerated learning solution for our students. The three career paths within the SPP family send the TecAdemics student along very specific, personal, income-focused paths that end with achieving goal-oriented results. Each path deploys an additional tactical curriculum designed to empower students with a significant advantage over other individuals seeking similar opportunities.” [5]

To be honest, sounds like a bunch of buzzwords and corporate jargon but it’s really not clear what exactly makes their educational products superior. Can we just cut to the chase – where’s the make 7-figured while chilling on the beach path?

Digging a little deeper, you can start to get an idea of what their educational programs offer.

Their very, very basic membership (to become an affiliate) is free, but of course you don’t get much out of it. They’ve got four other products that range from $100/month to $25,000.

  • The Entrepreneur Club (TEC) is cheapest paid membership, and it costs $100 per month. You get new content on a weekly basis as well as access to a big community of online entrepreneurs.
  • IMPACTseries is their internet marketing core training. It’s at the intermediate level and is led by Chris Record himself, designed to teach you how you can follow in his path. You get 4 full-day lessons live streamed straight to your computer (one per month, 6 hours each). Pretty high sticker price, but it does cover pretty much every internet marketing basic you can think of: affiliate marketing, list building, social media marketing, Shopify e-commerce, Facebook advertising, search engine optimization, online branding, sales funnels, working with outsources, and more… [6]
  • TECweeks is their live in-person classroom education program, and it’s about as close to an actual university experience you’ll get in the field of internet marketing…including the tuition. It’s $10,000. However, in total, it’s 120 hours of class time. You get 25 days out of the year of structured classroom learning from the best in the game, and each purchase is good for two people.
  • ECOMincubator is their most advanced (and spendy) program. Incubators are huge in the tech world, but they haven’t quite reached internet marketing so much as they’ve reached computer programming, so Chris Record wanted to start his own. It’s $25,000 to join (good for two people), and you have to apply (not everyone is accepted). But that means that you’re rubbing shoulders with and learning from the best internet marketers in the country, and you get your own designated mentor.


Presumably, if the program does its job, you’ll be making a bunch of money from your online marketing ventures.

However, this is an MLM, so naturally, there’s a big focus on the affiliate program.

The compensation plan is a two-tiered affiliate program, but it’s structured a little differently.

Commission boils down to 20-40%. If you can sell the high-end training programs, like TECweeks, that’s a lot of money… $2,000-$4,000 a sale.

Finding people who are willing to shell out $10k for an online learning program that’s been around for less than a year is the hard part.

You only make 20% on your first two sales, because 20% goes to your sponsor. After that, you make 40%, except every 5th sale, in which you make 20% and your sponsor gets 20%. [7]

It’s tough to give up half your commission on every 5th sale, and 20% is well below industry average. However, that means that if you can recruit a lot of strong sales people, you’re sittin’ pretty just making money off your downline.

Once you hit $100,000, your earnings double. That’s a HUGE bonus.

The problem, of course, is that almost no one will actually hit that 6-figure mark. But the compensation plan is ballin’ for those who can get in ground level and really build it big.


I haven’t used the product personally, but when it’s coming from someone like Chris Record, it’s safe to assume the coursework is top-notch.

The “Internet Marketing College” he’s creating is a pretty genius and fills a huge gap in continuing education that’s got a lot of demand.

If you can afford to drop $10k+ and are super motivated, going to the live education programs and applying for the incubator is probably a game changer.

But that’s a lot of money to drop. And while the affiliate program is structured favorably, building up a huge network of people willing to buy into these programs is an insane amount of work.

If you are set on the MLM route, this would be a great one to join. You can feel a little better promoting a company that actually teaches a skill set, rather than selling an opportunity to get rich.

That being said, it’s still an MLM and they have a history of falling off the grid after a few years of hype. Not saying TecAdemics won’t last, but they’ll probably have to face some serious challenges.

If you like automated ways to build passive income, there are better ways.

(and you can trash those old MLM habits, too)


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