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Are Swissgolden affiliates really getting paid gold?

All gold everything.

That’s the motto for Swissgolden – as a customer or distributor, you’re buying and selling 24-karat, pure gold bars.

Kinda badass right?

And you can’t really front about the value of their product – it’s literally the gold standard.

So does this mean I’m involved?

This video explains everything:

Make sense? Either way, here’s the full review on Swissgolden.


The company is headquartered in the UK but the business is registered in the British Virgin Islands…offshore bank accounts, not surprising. [1]

They are legally authorized to market gold, and they partner with a lot of the best gold manufacturers in the world, including Argor, Heraus, Valcambi, Umicore, and Metalor Technologies.

The company has expanded internationally into countries like Mexico and even Nigeria. [2]

But Mexican officials from the National Commission for the Protection and Defense of Users of Financial Services have called into question the legality of their practices, given that they provide financial guidance to customers and recruits – assuring them that the value of gold is invincible, will protect your money from inflation, does not expire or depend on changes in government, and can only increase in value – when they are not officially registered as an institution that can give financial advice. [3]

Questionable, but welcome to MLM.

Here’s the thing though: these guys have been around since 2012, so they’ve made it past the terrible twos…but they still haven’t made a name for themselves.

That’s not a good sign, as one of the best perks of getting in early with a young, potentially risky MLM, is the chance to ride a trend wave straight into loads of cash. And SwissGolden is just not trending.

It’s surprising, because all the fear and anxiety about money markets and economic instability in the past decade or two has caused interest in gold bar investments to rise, but SwissGolden doesn’t seem to be cashing in as much as they could.

And really, you’re not turning a profit off your gold investment alone. At the end of the day, this company is at heart an MLM, and you need to recruit a downline to make a profit.


Their products are pure Swiss and German gold bars from some of the most reputable houses of gold:

  • Argor-Heraeus
  • Valcambi
  • Umicore
  • Metalor

Valcambi bars from these manufacturers are 999.9 pure, or “four nines” fine, which is the same degree of purity used for gold money such as the Canadian Gold Maple Leaf and the American Buffalo coin. [4]

You might think you’ve got to be ballin’ out to buy a gold bar, but their product comes in all sizes – ranging from 1 gram up to 100 grams.

1 gram of gold is something even the little guys can get at. It’s not a bar, but rather barely larger than a gold flake. It’s around the size of a microchip. In fact, it’s so small, that they encase it in a plastic covering before shipping it out to make sure it doesn’t get lost.

So it’s a company that wants to be able to provide gold investments for everyone, not just bankers and lawyers. Pretty cool. The 1 gram gold pieces start at as little as $40.

All gold is purchased online, and then you can store your gold purchases in their storage facilities in Switzerland or Germany for a monthly fee that is equal to .1% of the value of your stored gold. If you want to have your gold shipped to you, you pay the cost of that, which can be upwards of $60. [5]

They charge a 10% processing fee on all orders, which can add up if you’re buying big. They do pay for part of this fee if you join their leadership reward program, of course.

The company also buys back gold, and you can sell your gold back to them 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through their webshop.


There aren’t any upfront costs to join as an affiliate, which is nice.

However, you have to make sales to get into their leadership program. If you do, you get a small discount (10% processing fee waived) on your gold purchases.

Basically, your customers subsidize your own gold purchases. It’s cool that you can buy a little more gold as an affiliate, but really, a good commission rate is so much more valuable.

In effect, they’re making you spend your earnings on their products. The value you earn from selling gold alone can’t go toward anything but purchasing more gold from them. That’s not a great deal, especially when the value of their product fluctuates on a daily basis.

You get bonus credits if you can sell enough, but the standards are pretty high…

  • In order to fill up your Main Table matrix slot and start qualifying for bonuses, you have to sell 7,000 euros worth of gold.
  • After that, to fill a VIP Table matrix slot, you’ve got to sell 27,500 euros worth of gold.
  • The VIP PLUS Table requires 98,000 euros in gold sales. Good luck.

Granted, you can sell your gold back to the company at any time, but it’s still weird to be compensated 100% with company product – no cash income from this job.


It’s nice to know that their product has a solid, verifiable value, unlike a lot of MLMs that go around basically selling magic beans and snake oil.

If you’re into gold investments, this is a great way to get a discount on your gold purchases as well.

But if you’re not looking specifically to invest in gold, there’s really no reason to go with this company. You don’t even get a paycheck.

And even if you are looking to invest in gold, you better be really good at sales and have a lot of marketing experience, because you don’t start earning perks and discounts right away unlike most MLMs.

You have to sell a pretty hefty amount of gold to even catch yourself a 10% discount, and even then it’s not really a discount on the value of gold but rather a waiving of their processing fee.

So, do you have lots of wealthy friends who are looking to buy gold from you?

If not, SwissGolden might not be the best option for you.

As I’ve shown throughout this review, I’m not a Swissgolden hater. I actually admire a lot of things the company has done. But I wouldn’t waste my time trying to make side income with this business.

It’s still MLM, and MLMs are known for getting hot and then falling off the grid a few years later.

If you like automated ways to build passive income, there are better ways.

(and you can trash those old MLM habits, too)


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