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Are people making any money with Talk Fusion?

AOL and AIM chat rooms were hot in the late 90s. They completely ran the online communication space.

But thanks to the advent of video chatting services, those days are long gone, and Talk Fusion hopped on that train. Their modern approach to video communication has given the company a lot of buzz in recent years.

Does this mean I’m involved?

This video explains everything:

Make sense? Either way, here’s the full review on Talk Fusion.


Bob Reina, named the “World’s Greatest CEO” (by…his own company, at least they like him?) founded Talk Fusion to capitalize on the trend of video chatting, from everything to personal services to video conferencing for business professionals to mobile apps.

Before joining the direct sales world, the guy was a Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Deputy…random. He actually started his first network marketing position while he was still a Sheriff, and clearly it worked out for him.

He became a top salesman, but he ended up desperately needing a way to video email with his clients and recruits, a technology that wasn’t available at the time.

So, instead of giving up, he up and started his own company and enlisted tech genius Dr. Jonathan Chen to develop video chatting software that could blow AOL out of the water. [1]

Bob is apparently also super humble, friendly, and loves animals, frequently contributing and donating to animal causes. Awww.

But anyway, aside from the gumdrops and sugar plums, how is this company really doing?

Well, their estimated revenue in 2011 was $100 million. [2]

These guys are big. According to Alexa rankings they have the number 1 ranked website in Direct Selling. They’ve got a whopping 200,000 distributors in 114 countries. [3]


Their products are pretty simple, functional, and fill a big need – or at least they did before services like Skype and Google Hangout blew up.

But it seems to still be doing well. Just a few months ago their Video Chat product received the 2016 Communications Solutions Products of the Year Award from the Technology Marketing Corporation. [4]

The app itself is available on iTunes and Google Play, and it’s got phenomenal reviews. Still nearly five stars after over 700 reviews. [5]

They’ve got quite a bit to offer…

Video Email

This is their original product.

They’re fun, quick, and easy video emails that can be used for personal, business, or charity purposes. They come with thousands of professionally designed templates.

Video Newsletters

This product has an easy drag-and-drop interface that allows businesses to create professional, impressive video newsletters with no technical knowledge.

Live Meetings

Video streaming, live chat, desktop sharing, and PowerPoint capabilities allow you to hold live global meetings from the comfort of your own office.

Video Chat

Skype and FaceTime are still more popular, but their video chat service has won awards and can connect people across any and every device.

Sign-Up Forms

They even sell sign-up forms and templates for your website to gain subscribers, and subscribers are then followed up with automatically with a video response.

All-in-One Video Marketing Solution

This bundle includes all of their products together for your ultimate video marketing needs. You can even do a free 30-day trial, which requires no credit card information and includes all of their products as well as tutorials and marketing resources. If you decide to continue your subscription, you can do so.

Depending on how many features and products you want, a monthly subscription ranges from $25-75 per month. [6]

That’s actually really not a bad price if you’re into the product.

The question is – are these video emails, video newsletters, and custom sign-up forms actually worth it?

Well, there’s actually a lot of evidence that video marketing is highly effective.

First of all, video in emails leads to a 200-300% increase in conversion rates. [7]

And, after watching a video, 64% of users are more likely to buy a product online. [8]

So, clearly the product works. But how can you make money off of it?


Commissions are instant for distributors, deposited in your bank account or onto your Talk Fusion Visa card in three minutes.

This is actually really important, because a lot of MLMs are still behind the times paying out weekly or even monthly with their commissions. Only a few have caught onto instant pay, but it is a game changer.

Distributors, or Independent Associates (IAs), market to individuals and businesses alike, broadening their potential customer base.

To join, you have to purchase one of their Business Builder Packs, which range in price from $125-$1500. $125 isn’t bad, but $1,500 is kind of insane for an investment in a network marketing opportunity.

They’ve got some good Fast Start Bonuses for selling Business Builder Packs ($10-$120) and for maintaining monthly customers ($5-$15 per month per customer).

You’ve got to qualify for team commissions, and you do that by hitting a minimum Personal Sales Volume (PSV) requirement (a one-time purchase of 50 PSV and then a monthly amount of 10 PSV) AND either

  • Having at least one personally sponsored Associate on both your left and right legs


  • Having at least one personally sponsored Associate on either your left or right leg and have one personally sponsored customer on a monthly plan

To get an idea of their point system…

  • The Video Email & Newsletter ($25) is worth 10 SV
  • The Basic package ($50) is worth 20 SV
  • The Custom package ($75) is worth 30 SV

Team commissions are confusing, not clearly laid out, and they depend heavily on how expensive your initial Business Builder Pack was.

Their Mega-Matching Bonus gets you 10% off your personally sponsored Associate’s sales if you qualify for team commissions. [9]

There are a plethora of other bonuses and rewards, from Rolexes to Mercedes, but I have to assume most people don’t ever see them.


So, they’ve got a pretty neat product, and if you know a lot about marketing and are well-connected with a lot of businesses who could use the product, this could be a good network marketing opportunity for you…

Even though their compensation plan isn’t the greatest. It’s too confusing, and the initial investment is a lot if you want to actually have a chance at making good money.

That becomes obvious when you look at their 2015 Income Disclosure Statement.

The MAJORITY of their Associates, over 60%, earned absolutely nothing. Meaning they lost money when you take into account their initial investment.

After that, another about 33.3% made $500 or less, in an entire year.

Another 5% were lucky enough to top $500 in annual earnings but couldn’t make it past $2,500.

So, if you can do math…

1.5% of their Associates made over $2,500 in annual income.

Not a good way to score big bucks.

Overall, these guys actually have a pretty cool business. But if you are just trying to make some side income, it’s probably not your best opportunity.

It’s still MLM, and MLMs are known for getting hot and then falling off the grid a few years later.

If you like automated ways to build passive income, there are better ways.

(and you can trash those old MLM habits, too)


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