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Will Steeped Tea live up to all the buzz?

Tea parties aren’t just for kids and Brits anymore.

Steeped Tea distributors now set them up all over Canada and the U.S., toting along bags of loose-leaf tea to sell to attendees.

While they’re a Canadian company, they’re headquartered in New York. There’s a lot of potential for tea to blow up in the U.S. too – after all, coffee already has, but tea has extra health benefits without the jitters.

Does this mean I’m involved?

This video explains everything:

Make sense? Either way, here’s the full review on Steeped Tea.


Steeped Tea has only been around since 2006, but they were already ranked as the 27th fastest growing company in all of Canada by 2013. They hit $20 million in sales in 2015, which is pretty fantastic. [1] [2]

Their founding story is just as charming. Tonia Jahshan is a serious tea-lover, and she started the business as a side hobby. But it was so popular that it grew into a full-time business.

She soon made it to the Forbes list of 6 entrepreneurial women to watch. After that, she was named number 1 on the 2016 W100 ranking of Canada’s top female entrepreneurs. This woman is a powerhouse. [3]

“In 2005, we were on holidays in Nova Scotia, and we had a cup of loose leaf Creme of Earl Grey tea that just blew us away. Before we knew it, we had visited the tea shop and bought a bunch of loose tea to bring home to try out.” –Tonia Jahshan [4]

Their mission is ‘’to inspire and empower people to achieve their dreams by creating a natural connection over a cup of tea. We believe that the secret to a perfect cup of tea is who you share it with.’’

Tonia Jahshan really sticks to the original vision too. Ever since the company launched, she’s kept executive annual salaries, including her own, at a fixed rate so that she can pour all the revenue back into the company itself to help produce even more growth. They went from a massive 300% growth rate to an even more astounding 600% growth rate in a matter of years.

Steeped Tea even takes great care of their distributors. They seem generally very pleased with the company culture, and Jahshan even does regular tours around the U.S. to meet her distributors.

Super down-to-earth.

But, a less charming but still important question – can you make any money?


Premium loose leaf tea and tea accessories – nice and simple, no outlandish promises about rapid weight loss or massive stock market wins.

They’re members of the Ethical Tea Partnership, which means their teas are healthy and come from sustainable farms.

The tea is USDA certified organic and has no artificial flavors, colors, or added sugar. Just tasty, natural ingredients from tea leaves to herbs to fruits. Some popular flavors include…

  • Cocoa Mint
  • Cocoa Bean Chai
  • Orange India Spice
  • Chocolate Date Night
  • Cinnamon Hearts Pu’erh
  • Fine and Dandy
  • Feel Good Fennel
  • Honey Lemon Breezy
  • Ginger Lemon Sunshine
  • Nettle Greek Mountain
  • Turmeric ‘n Spice
  • Sleepy Chai
  • Apple Raspberry Sorbet
  • Lychee Fruit Paradise


They also sell accessories such as…

  • Muffin and cake mixes
  • Latte mixes
  • Hot chocolate mixes
  • Tea presses
  • Milk frothers
  • Tea tumblers
  • Matcha and matcha shakers
  • Teacup sets


Hosts get product credits ranging from $25 to over $250 depending on their sales, as well as 1-4 half priced items.

Starter kits cost $99+, which isn’t cheap, but it does include a lot.

  • Tip Top Tea Carafe
  • Ten of their most popular teas
  • Tea-infused spices and mixes
  • 1 Pot of Steeped Tea, spoon
  • Steeping Sacks, tea filters
  • Catalogs and business forms
  • Training programs
  • 3-months free Tea Talk, Customer newsletter; personal website and shopping cart
  • Head Office support
  • 4 Stacking Tea Tins

There are minimum order requirements to remain active, but it’s only $100 in sales over a six month period, which is nothing compared to MLMs that require you to auto-ship $200 worth of useless weight loss pills to your home every single month.

Retail commission is 30%, which is actually pretty good for this niche. You also get some nice perks like personal team bonuses, personal sales bonuses, and various cash bonuses.

Party sales range from $300-3,000 on average, which means that a party can net a distributor $90 on the low end or $900 on the high end. [5]

If you hold at least six parties a month though, there’s an opportunity to nearly double your income because of their 5% sales bonus.

So, if you can get your sales to the high end and throw lots of parties, you could make a decent living…but still nothing mind-blowing.


Steeped Tea is super down-to-earth, from their founder, to their transparent compensation plan, to their teas, which are all made from organic, natural ingredients.

If you’re going to go MLM for a little side money, or if you’re just super into tea and love the idea of holding tea parties with your friends, this is a fun side gig.

But even with 30% commission, don’t expect to be rolling in dough, or even making a full-time living off of it, because most aren’t.

That being said, there are plenty of opportunities out there that you could make a full time living with, without selling stuff to friends and family.

If you like automated ways to build passive income, there are better ways.

(and you can trash those old MLM habits, too)


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