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15 surprising points you should read before joining Visi

Herbal healing from the Himalayas and exotic superfruits from the Amazon might have been impressive 10 years ago, but now? Competitive industry.

However, Visi offers a super-powered supplement ingredient that literally comes from the Arctic Circle and people love it. Does this mean I’m involved?

This video explains everything:

Make sense? Either way, here’s 15 surprising points you should read before joining Visi.

#15. Started by star entrepreneurs and long-time MLM vets

Ryan Lewis is their co-founder and COO, and this guy’s a serial entrepreneur with loads of experience in both direct sales and retail companies. He’s spent a lot of this time traveling around Asia and Europe setting up consistent supply chains for his ventures.

Founder and CEO Kent Lewis is a real MLM vet with over 20 years of experience in global marketing in over 30 countries.

Paul Frampton is their CFO, and he’s proven in his two decades of MLM experience that he knows how to guide growth. He’s worked as CFO, Senior Executive, and Director of Tax at a number of global companies. [1]

#14. Company mission based on Viking expansion

No company mantras about peace, love, and sunshine – these guys mean business.

I mean, they’ve based their company’s mission and culture around the Vikings. Visi was the title for the Viking leaders who headed brutal, gravely dangerous expeditions overseas to explore and conquer new lands. [2]

The company even encourages its distributors to “follow the tradition of leadership and excellence of the Vikings”…lol, a little grandiose for protein shake sales.

But you’ll see the Scandinavian influence throughout their products too.

#13. Arctic cloudberry products

Their signature blend, used across many of their products, is called “Arctic Cloudberry”.

With new MLMs popping up left and right using moringa and mangosteen (like Xango), Visi departs from the usual tropical fruits and herbs found in exotic locations like Indonesia and the Himalayas for a more chilly, remote, and unique superfruit. Perhaps they’ll start the next trend.

The Arctic cloudberry only grows wild in the Arctic Circle, so their Viking branding isn’t too far off after all.

The berry is renowned for its anti-oxidant power, and Visi has given it superpowers through their proprietary AC2 technology, which amplifies the cloudberry’s phytonutrients with hydrolyzed collagen protein. [3]

#12. Their protein products have an astounding 95% absorptions rate

In simpler terms, their technology creates products are more nutrient-dense and have a higher absorption rate.

The hydrolyzed collagen protein they use has a 95% absorption rate, as compared to the 53% absorption rate of whey protein, 26% for soy protein, and 16% for pea protein. [4]

#11. 8 signature products to choose from

They offer eight different products that use this Arctic cloudberry blend.

Probita are their tasty, convenient protein chews. Easier than making a smoothie, and small enough to fit in your pocket. Pretty smart idea.

Nufinna is a smoothie mix with 12 grams of pure protein for better post-workout recovery results.

Valla is a dietary supplement that helps increase your workout performance.

Rensa is a whole-body cleansing supplement which includes natural digestive enzymes. Taking a pill to cleanse is definitely easier than starving yourself for a week.

Vara is their multi-vitamin drink mix that claims to boost the immune system and slow aging. A drink that makes you look younger? What is this, a fairy tale?

Energi is their energy supplement. It’s marketed as natural energy, which is preferable to sugar-filled, unhealthy energy drinks.

Lyfta is their mood supplement. It’s supposed to reduce stress and increase mental clarity.

Mikla is their skincare line blended with Arctic cloudberry and reduces wrinkles and skin damage while improve complexion.

#10. SymVital AgeRepair is their proprietary skincare ingredient, and it works

Their skincare line, Mikla, includes SymVital AgeRepair, a proprietary ingredient that seems to actually work.

SymVital AgeRepair approaches skincare at the cellular level to smooth wrinkles, improve texture, and enhance complexion in a matter of weeks. Sun damage is reduced in two weeks.

These claims are backed by not one, but two clinical trials. It’s rare to see MLMs back up their claims with clinical evidence. The product is also 100% pure.

#9. There’s science to back up cloudberries

There’s also science to back up the health claims they’ve made about cloudberries, Visi’s primary ingredient.

A 2012 study by the National Institute of Health shows that the berries showed significant antioxidant activity in humans and were highly effective as radical scavengers. [5]

#8. Monthly supplies start at $90

I don’t care if they’re personally taking sailing expeditions to the Arctic to pick my cloudberries, this is a huge price tag. And the products start at $90.

A month’s supply of ellagic acid capsules (the beneficial acid your body produces when it consumes cloudberries) costs $24.

#7. Supplements marketed as raising serotonin levels

Their mood supplement Lyfta is marketed as a supplement that increases serotonin levels to improve mood.

That’s a little troubling – medications that mess with your serotonin levels, such as Prozac and Zoloft, are dangerous and have to be prescribed by a medical doctor. If Lyfta does what they say it does, it could have some dangerous side effects.

If it’s really just a watered down, over the counter version that doesn’t do what they say it does, then why pay for them?

#6. Retail commission on personal sales up to 20%

Distributors receive retail commission on personal sales, aka the difference between wholesale and retail prices.

What that difference adds up to on individual sales isn’t stated anywhere on their website or in their compensation plan. This is likely because it’s not much.

However, if you enroll preferred customers (customers on monthly auto-ship kits), you get 20% commission. It’s below average, but not terrible. [6]

#5. Refer three, get your next month free

As a distributor, you do have the chance to receive your monthly product for free through their refer three program.

After you personally enroll a preferred customer, if that preferred customer then goes on to refer three more preferred customers whose monthly auto-ship amounts to equal or greater than theirs, you get your auto-ship kit for free that month. [7]

#4. Dual team commissions are “the backbone of the Visi compensation plan”

As with many MLMs, any real money-making is going to be happening on the recruiting side of things as opposed to your personal sales. Visi comes right out and states this.

You’ve got a left and right leg in what they call your “placement tree”, with both an upline and a downline. Once you qualify for dual team commissions, you can earn 10-20% depending on your rank. This is pretty good for team commissions, if you can move up quickly.

And if you can move up far enough, they offer some pretty generous rank bonuses.


#3. You need to be on auto-ship to qualify for commission

You do need to order 75 PV in product on monthly auto-ship in order to qualify for any commission, which is a pain.

You’ll start out at distributor rank, earning retail commission and the potential for a couple bonuses.

#2. You don’t qualify for team commissions right away

Once you enroll two active distributors, one on your right leg and one on your left, you become a qualified distributor and can start earning on your downline.

However, you can’t really start earning dual team commissions until you’ve reached a minimum of 250 CV on each of your placement tree legs. Then you’ll start earning 5% on each side for a total of 10%.

#1. Former employees claim the company culture is “toxic”

Despite Visi’s story sounding inspiring yet humble and not overly-hyped or scammy, a number of employees have come forth in recent years claiming that the company culture is toxic, and even that they don’t hold up their end of agreements.

In 2015, 8 of their 15 full-time employees quit.

A former employee also filed a lawsuit against the company, claiming that Visi was withholding up to 40% of the profits he should have been making given his team’s sales numbers. [8]

Pretty shady, but then again, they could always be rumors.

While Visi has done a lot of things right, I’m not sure there’s a great money making opportunity here. They’re still an MLM and those have a history of getting hot and then falling out.

If you like automated ways to build passive income, there are better ways.

(and you can trash those old MLM habits, too)


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