Thursday, November 17, 2016

14 crazy facts about Viridian you should know before joining

If #cleaneating  is the buzzword of today, #cleanenergy is the buzzword of tomorrow.

Renewable energy and solar power are huge, and they’re only going to gain more and more popularity as people become more environmentally-conscious.

Viridian has really pounced on the scene, snatching up partners and clients like crazy. Does this mean I’m involved?

This video explains everything:

Make sense? Either way, here’s 14 crazy facts about Viridian you should know before joining.

#14. Environmentally-friendly energy

Their product is energy. Pretty unique for an MLM.

But network marketing isn’t the only thing that sets them apart in the energy business.

They also focus on renewable energy, natural gas, and solar power. They recently paired up with solar company SolarCity.

Needless to say, this is a huge industry right now with lots of potential for the future. Governments, businesses, and consumers are all making the shift toward clean energy.

#13. Travel membership product

In addition to energy, they also offer travel services under a membership program.

Random, but still not uncommon for an MLM (just ask World Ventures).

Their service helps you “travel the world responsibly and affordably”.

There’s something ironic about offering travel booking services that are supposed to make travel more affordable but cost money. The services rarely end up saving you money in the end, although they can be more convenient.

But Viridian’s travel membership is also geared toward people who want to decrease their carbon footprint while they travel and book with companies that do the same. This feature makes the product stand out from free booking sites like Kayak and Priceline.

#12. 6 ways to get paid

Viridian offers the following avenues for generating income:

  1. Customer bonuses
  2. Team bonuses
  3. Residual payments
  4. Gen VTeam premium credit
  5. The Viridian silver circle
  6. Rank advancement

#11. Customer purchases are assigned point values

Viridian’s products work on a point value system.

If you gain an electricity customer, you get one point. Same with new gas or travel membership customers. Various bundles gain distributors another .25 points.

#10. Paid via bonuses on personal sales rather than commission

Rather than giving distributors a percentage of each sale they make, Viridian has a bonus system set in place.

Every 5 Qualified Customer Points you gain equals one “revolution”.

For your first 28 days, each revolution earns you $200. After that, it’s $100 per revolution.

That’s really not much when you think about it. You have to sign on 5 new customers just to make a hundo.

However, every time you sign on a new solar customer, you get a whopping $1,000 bonus. That’s pretty good. Also, you get $100 every time that customer refers another new customer.

#9. 5-10% residual pay on monthly contracts

Every time one of your customers pays their monthly contract, you get 10% of that payment.

Additionally, you get 5% on the payments of customers from your downline, up to 8 levels. You have to move up in rank to unlock levels in your downline.

You also need to have at least 5 customer points and be a Paid-as career title in order to qualify for any residual pay at all.

As you move up, you’ll qualify for two other types of residual pay: Code Pay at 10-20% commission, and Generation Pay (+)1%.

#8. Constantly working on projects that show their commitment to the environment

Viridian, like many MLMs, has a philanthropic branch. But it’s not just smoke and mirrors to give prospective reps the warm fuzzies.

Viridian’s projects around the world actually show a real commitment to their mission as a company. They’ve even got a big Amazon rainforest preservation project where they’ve planted over 1,500 trees. They plan to reach their goal of planting 5,000 native trees in the next few years. [1]

#7. Ranked #53 MLM in the world

Direct Selling News ranked Viridian as the number 53 direct selling company…in the world. [2]

Pretty impressive.

#6. Operates in the U.S. and Australia

While their philanthropic projects are global, the company itself only operations in Australia and the United States currently.

They haven’t mentioned any hopes of expanding globally in the near future, but that might be a good thing. Clean energy is still a very new market, and it’s best to stick to countries that have the infrastructure and demand to handle it for now.

#5. Forming big partnerships with energy companies to expand their reach

They’re definitely expanding their network in the U.S. and Australia though, teaming up with energy companies left and right to provide more and more regions with affordable, clean energy.

Their solar wing partnered with solar energy giant SolarCity recently, and just in July 2016, they announced an alliance with Click Energy in Australia that will allow them to reach markets they previously couldn’t. [3]

Just a couple weeks ago they partnered with Payless Power to provide affordable, responsible energy to greater areas in Texas. [4]

#4. Customers can reduce their carbon footprint by 50% or more

Depending on their energy plan, these partnerships have allowed Viridian to offer power that is more than 50% renewable. [5]

This is huge news, especially given that Viridian is committed to staying affordable. There are plenty of clean energy options out there, but not many at a price tag that most can afford.

#3. Offers clean power to 6 million households in Australia

Even though they’ve only just launched in Australia in the beginning of 2016, their services are already available to over 6 million households in Australia’s eastern and southern states. [6]

#2. In business for 7 years

Viridian has only been in operation since 2009, which is really not a long time.

Given their short time in business, it’s pretty incredible the leaps and bounds they’ve made.

In just 7 short years, they’ve already expanded to cover much of the United States and Australia, and their customers have avoided a grand total of seven BILLION pounds of harmful CO2 emissions by using their services. [7]

#1. Initial start-up cost is $199-299

That’s a pretty hefty sign-on fee to become a distributor for Viridian.

If you truly believe in this company, it might be worth it a few hundred dollars.

However, the company charges a monthly fee just to access your personal website and training materials. Then you have to pay an annual fee for business licenses. Neither of these fees are disclosed, but you can probably guess they add up.

This company is doing amazing things, no doubt. But that’s a big investment, especially with a compensation plan that doesn’t guarantee much in the way of earnings.

If you are a firm believer in the products and you have a few ways to get sales, this is not a bad MLM to give a shot. Just don’t plan on getting rich with it.

But if you like automated ways to build passive income, there are better ways.

(and you can trash those old MLM habits, too)


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