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13 important tips to know about TruIntegrity

TruIntegrity is a weight loss MLM with little that separates them from all the other health MLMs out there. But did you know that with TruIntegrity you can actually make commission profits without even selling any products?

Their compensation plan is one of the more intriguing as far as MLM goes. Does this mean I’m involved?

This video explains everything:

Make sense? Either way, here’s 13 important tips to know about TruIntegrity.

#13. Commission arrives via snail mail

That’s right. While other MLMs are introducing instant commission payments and creating their own branded credit cards, TruIntegrity hasn’t even figured out direct deposit.

They still send your commission via check, and it’s only sent out once a month on the 15th[1]

#12. Updating your information is a pain

As if the checks via snail mail weren’t outdated enough, they also don’t allow you to update your payment information online.

If you’re like me and lose your debit card on a monthly basis (just me?), you’ve got to send them a fax or, if that doesn’t work, an actual letter, with your new payment information before you can order more product.

Fax? I’m sorry, what even is that?

#11. No auto-ship requirements

Getting a surprise package in the mail feels like Christmas.

Until you open it and realize it’s the auto-ship package from an MLM you signed onto and you were probably already charged for this Christmas present you don’t even want.

Luckily, TruIntegrity allows you to be what they call an “OTP (one-time-payment)” member. Granted, you don’t receive quite as much commission (you’re eligible for levels 1 and 2, whereas “Auto-Ship Prime” members are eligible for all 6), but it’s nice that you have the option.

It’s also pretty easy to upgrade your membership, which means that you can start off as a an OTP member and, if you’re successful enough to build up more than 2 downlines, upgrade to Prime to start making money off them all. [2]

#10. You can make income without ever selling product

That’s right, you can make money with TruIntegrity without ever even selling a single product.

That’s because they allow you to make money on your downlines forever and have no purchase requirements in order to be eligible to receive commission. You can’t lose your downline team. They’re actually the only nutrition-based MLM in the world that offers this. [3]

It sounds great…until you realize that focusing too much on recruitment and having no product sales is exactly what causes MLMs to fail, time and time again.

#9. No international audience

TruIntegrity only services the United States (and its official territories).

While it’s good to know they’re not growing faster than they can handle, it’s worrying that they don’t seem to have aspirations of going international at all, especially when there are some really hot markets for MLMs abroad.

#8. Essential daily products

Their products are marketed as essential and should be taken daily. This works to the advantage of their distributors, not only because they can market the product as a necessity rather than a luxury good, but also because the daily dosage requirement means customers will come back consistently for more. Helloooooooo auto-ship.

That being said, whether or not their products are actually essential is up in the air.

#7. Only TWO products

So many MLMs out there seem to carry more products than a Wal-Mart, so in a way, it’s kind of refreshing to see one that really focuses in on creating a few solid ones. However, two is pretty minimal.

They picked the three biggies when it comes to health and wellness too: weight loss and supplements.

  • Anti-Oxidant Super Blend is their nutritional supplement. Instead of targeting the next trendy plant from the Himalayas, TruIntegrity went with a tried and true #cleaneating favorite: anti-oxidants. They blend in a range of superfruits to maximize benefits, including acai, goji, mangosteen (like Xango), and pomegranate.

Because it’s not geared toward “health nuts” but average people, who can all benefit from antioxidants, the market range is wider.

  • TruGarcinia+ is a weight management formula that controls appetite, increases metabolism, and boosts energy. It contains hydroxycitric acid, which is supposed to burn fat. It combines this with other daily essentials like calcium, potassium, and chromium.

#6. Weight loss formula contains 60% Hydroxycitric Acid (HCA)

Whereas most of these fat-burning products contain 50% HCA, TruIntegrity’s contains 60%. More is better, right?

Well, Dr. Oz, the face of weight-loss scams, was actually sued for his HCA-based weight-loss product Garcinia Cambogia, touted as a “miracle pill” when in fact “all credible scientific evidence proves it doesn’t work”. [4]

However, although Dr. Oz’s product was problematic, some research suggests that there may be weight loss benefits. You’re just not getting a “miracle pill” that’s going to cut 10 pounds in a month with no diet or exercise. [5]

#5. $49.95 Start-up fee

It costs $49.95 to get started, but then you technically never have to pay a dime again. Of course, you’ll have to sign up for the recurring $49.95 monthly membership to really earn any significant money.

You receive one bottle of product for this fee, which has enough daily product to last one month.

#4. Commission is 20%…max

The highest commission rate is 20%. This is what you earn on your level 1 recruits ($10 for every bottle they purchase).

You earn 10% on level 2 recruits and earnings stop there if you’re an OTP member. If you’re a prime member, you also get 20% on level 2 recruits, then 10% on level 3, 5% on level 4, and 2.5% on both levels 5 and 6. [6]

Really, this is not great, considering the only levels with decent commission are going to be fairly narrow (you’re probably not going to have a ton of direct recruits), and…

There isn’t a single mention of commission on sales. Browsing their website, you start to wonder if their reps even make sales, at all. They seem to fully and completely rely on recruits for income, moreso than any other MLM. That’s saying a lot.

#3. No width restrictions on recruits

There are no width restrictions on recruits, which means that, in theory, you could recruit everyone under the sun into your downline. This, again in theory, gives you “unlimited earning potential”.

The problem is, you’re probably not going to recruit a TON of people. In fact, statistically speaking, you’re probably not going to recruit anyone. [7]

#2. They claim you can earn $4,740 per month or more

This math is based on recruiting 6 people and each of them recruiting 6 people and so on. Pretty baller for a fairly passive monthly income.

But given the company’s archaic recruitment practices and the fact that they lack any real product, I’d be surprised if even one distributor has made that much. [8]

#1. Recruit by mailing postcards

Forget all those annoying 3-way calls, bombarding Facebook, or bothering your great aunt at the family Christmas party. Recruiting for TruIntegrity is as easy as mailing out postcards!

This is cute. Real cute. Yet another example of TruIntegrity being stuck in the past.

It sounds easy, sure, but how many people are going to sign up for your team because of a post card?

How many of you actually pay any attention at all to your junk mail, let alone respond with all your personal information and a check for $50?

Not many. They have issues to fix before they can compete with the big dogs, and they better fix them before they become the next MLM-of-the-past.

Not a TruIntegrity hater by any means. But would I recommend them for someone trying to make some extra side income? Eh, not quite. Not when I know where your time could be better spent.

If you like automated ways to build passive income, there are better ways.

(and you can trash those old MLM habits, too)


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