Thursday, October 20, 2016

12 amazing facts about World Global Network you need to know

If all your childhood dreams of about flying devices and space technology came true and turned into an MLM, it would be called the World Global Network.

WGN is on that next level, futurist, sci-fi-turned-reality stuff. Between space phones, wearable tech, and virtual reality, this company is snatching up all the tech trends from Silicon Valley and taking them straight to the people. Does this mean I’m involved?

This video explains everything:

Make sense? Either way, here’s 12 amazing facts about World Global Network you need to know.

#12. Very new

World Global Network (written WOR(l)D Global Network) has only been around for about three years. Although, it’s more like double that in MLM-years.

#11. Truly a global network

Despite being around for less time than it takes to get a college degree, they’re everywhere.

Headquartered in the UK, they also have offices in Miami, Moscow, Dubai, London, Singapore, and Dublin, and they operate in over 100 countries.

#10. Unique product market

For MLMs that is. They traffic in cellular devices, which is pretty much unheard of in network marketing.

It’s a little complicated to sort out what all they offer, but basically they have proprietary phones on their own community-built network that supposedly has better coverage for a lower cost.

#9. Innovative product

Unlike many MLMs who have products that are questionable or repetitive at best and downright non-existent at worst, theirs is clear-cut, useful, and pretty innovative.

Their technology, or product, is project mCell 5G technology. Basically, a wireless network is created by members who install hubs everywhere they can (in their homes, offices, etc), basically becoming the builders of the network. This allows users to tap into a huge variety of networks for optimal coverage that includes 3G, 4G, WiFi, and LTE-U5G.

Basically, World Global Network users are sticking it to the man by creating their own, privately owned communication network, thereby kind of deregulating telecommunications.

#8. They have space phones

Phones that work in space? For when the zombie apocalypse come and we all have to move to Mars?

Well, not quite. But still cool.

Basically, the user-installed wireless hubs are called “space stations” and their phones are called “space phones”. When users are near a “space station”, their phone uses that signal instead of its regular service, meaning you’re not using up your allotted data, texts, or calls. Everything is free.

So you’re not going to space, but still, it’s pretty cool. Their spacephone 5gs is the first phone built pre-connected to the internet, you never run out of data, and you have worldwide coverage in more than 100 countries on their independent mobile network.

#7. Wearable technology

Wearable technology is a huge buzzword that’s been gaining a lot of traction the past few years, and is predicted to become a huge part of our lives.


WGN has entered this market with the HELO, a wristband that monitors your health and predicts disease. Basically a super-Fitbit.

#6. Now using brand new tech from Toshiba

The HELO wristband uses new technology developed by Toshiba that integrates Bluetooth, a new heavy duty processor, and flash memory into one tiny package.

Soooo….what does that actually mean?

Well, in the HELO, it means that it collects data and detects changes with extremely high precision and then uses to Bluetooth feature to relay the information, in detail, to your smartphone. [1]

#5. New augmented reality glasses

This company is really hitting up all the latest tech trends and buzzwords. Augmented reality is right up there with wearable technology, and they’ve announced a new product to keep up.

LUMINA smart glasses are wire-free and give the wearer high quality “infotainment” experiences using wide screen display, high-resolution, and built-in stereo sound (not to be confused with Limu). It’s also got a 13MP camera, compass, GPS, microphones, HD video recording, gyroscopes (what?), and accelerometers (whaaaat???). [2]

Basically, the ultimate YouTube Celebrity or Adventure Travel Blogger starter pack.

#4. Top talent working with them

Basically a bunch of tech and business all-stars. Think Chicago Bulls in 1996.

They’ve got the inventor of Socialmatic, a Polaroid camera, a top 20 Top Direct Selling CEO (ranked right below the CEO of Mary Kay), and the top selling CEO in the world in 2014. [3]

#3. Award-winning compensation plan

They’ve got a pretty unique model for compensation, and it seems to be working well.

In fact, it was actually ranked as number 10 in the Best MLM Compensation Plan Poll for 2014. [5]

Basically you own a little piece of the network, so every time a user connects to it, you’re helping them generate revenue, which they then share with you.

The exact amount you make is a little vague. According to their website, it “depends on the number of micro-cells installed worldwide and the time each user spends on the network.” But when you install microcells, you get a MINIMUM of 30% a year of the value invested in your personal microcell.

#2. Top 100 MLM company

In 2015, only a couple years after starting up, they’d already been listed as one of the top 100 MLM companies in the world. What have you done in two years? [6]

#1. Expensive start-up cost

Starting up with this company isn’t cheap, but you do get a lot more than some pamphlets and a protein shake.

For the HELO healthband, they have two start-up packs. $349 gets you started with your own HELO healthband and $1,149 gets you HELO healthbands for the whole family.

For the phones, they’ve got a “lite” start-up package for $199.99, and a “suite” start-up package for $349. You get a phone with this. Of course, you need the bigger one to make money, as is usually the case.


World Global Network is no doubt one of the hottest tech MLMs right now with a pretty cool concept. They have an interesting compensation plan with opportunities to make some good side money if you get people on board. You probably won’t get rich, but if you are set on MLM, this wouldn’t be a bad one to try.

However, if you are just looking for a business opportunity that can help you become financially independent while being your own boss, there are certainly better opportunities available.

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