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11 truths you need to hear about Xyngular

Xyngular is another health and wellness MLM based in Utah. Shocking, right?

But they’ve been going through some crazy growth spurts recently, shooting them up to the top of the crop when it comes to new Utah businesses. People dig the products. Does this mean I’m involved?

This video explains everything:

Make sense? Either way, here’s 11 truths you need to hear about Xyngular.

#11. Young but mighty

They just started in 2009, so they’re under a decade old. But they’ve already hit over 1.1 million in annual revenue, and they were named one of the fastest growing companies in Utah TWO years in a row by Utah Business Magazine. [1]

#10. Lots more awards…

  • Their product Shine Hormone Optimizer was a finalist for the 2016 SupplySide Editor’s Choice Awards at Informa Exhibitions [2]
  • Shine Hormone Optimizer short listed for innovation and market impact in women’s health [3]
  • Made the Inc 5,000 list in 2016 [4]
  • Record-breaking growth in the past 24 months

To name a few…

#9. They have $1 million+ earners

8 of their distributors have made over a million so far. That’s not a huge number, but it’s good for how new Xyngular is. [5]

#8. Wellness and weight loss products

Their various products serve to help customers with…

  • Weight loss
  • Energy
  • Overall wellness
  • Daily nutrition

Their flagship product, Xyng capsules, are supposed to help customers with fat loss, energy, appetite control, and mood improvement.

Other weight loss products include a protein shake, a yam-based fiber that keeps you full, a valerian root supplement that helps control stress and sleep, and a garlic-based detox supplement.

#7. Products cost a pretty penny

Wellness and nutrition MLMs are notorious for having inflated prices (like Jeunesse), but Xyngular wins the day in that regard.

One bottle of their Cheat+ supplement, with 60 capsules, costs $70, and you’re supposed to take 6 a day. So this $70 bottle lasts you 10 days. That’s $210 PER MONTH. For one part of their weight loss program.

Their full-on 8-day weight loss starter program, the Ignite Kit, is $450. FOR 8 DAYS.

You could probably hire a personal trainer and actually save money at that rate.

#6. Based on naturally-sourced ingredients

Xyng contains green tea extract, 5-HTP (increases serotonin), and yohimbe (boosts circulation).

It’s basically a source of energy and mood improvement. Think coffee without the jitters.

Now, the benefits of 5-HTP haven’t been totally proven,  and taking it regularly might actually have negative side effects if not taken properly. [6]

#5. Short term rapid weight loss is NOT healthy

Their 8-day weight loss program that costs as much as a flat screen TV only includes three actual meals over the course of 8 whole days. Most days you’re consuming 500-800 calories, and anything under 1,000 is unhealthy and considered starvation mode for your body. [7]

Basically, the only time you should be restricting your diet that much is out of necessity and under extreme medical supervision. [8]

This also sounds like the mother of all yo-yo diets. To get back to a normal caloric intake you’d be almost doubling your calories, meaning the chances of the weight staying off are slim (pun intended).

#4. But the market is huge and it’s working

But people want their weight loss easy, and they want it now. You can tell them a diet is unhealthy ‘till you’re blue in the face, but if it’s going to make them look hotter for their high school reunion, they’ll probably take the risk.

So, if you’re wanting to sell for Xyngular, what you really need to ask yourself is this: do you need to personally believe in your product to sell it? Can you sell a product that might have health risks?

Even in the shady realm of MLM, almost any sales person will tell you that you need to be genuinely enthusiastic about your product to sell it.

#3. Headed by Mark Walker

This guy has lead two other successful MLMs – Nuskin and Xango.

He was the Vice President of International Operations at Xango where he got them to hit $500 million in annual sales. He also did the same at Nuskin. There’s a good chance he can do it a third time.

#2. Compensation plan with good rewards for high-ranking distributors

Distributors purchase product at wholesale and sell it at retail for a pretty standard profit margin.

In addition, you get a $24 bonus every time a new member purchases a case for their first monthly order. You earn $100 if you order 120 PV and enroll 4 people in your first 30 days.


Residual income is pretty high – 42% on repeat volume sales down to 8 levels. You also get 12% in corporate sales pools, travel rewards, and executive bonuses if you’re a higher-ranking distributors. [9]

#1. Easy advancement

Luckily, it’s pretty easy to advance. There are no structural qualifications for leaders to move up, which is pretty rare in MLM-world.


Xyngular is a fairly young and growing MLM that has shown some great potential. While it is still a little early to determine how well they’ll do against the industry giants, they’re off to a great start.

But before you join, you gotta remember that they’re still MLM, and the MLM industry has flaws that usually reward the top 1%ers, leaving 99% of the company downline to fight for the scraps.

Nothing against the company, but there are better ways to create a sustainable passive income.

Check this out – you can build a real online business today and forget chasing trendy MLM money-making “opportunities”.


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