Friday, May 13, 2016

Should you join Lyoness?

Lyoness is a multi-level marketing company that offers customers a cashback discount and customer loyalty program.

Lyoness was founded in 2003 by Iwan J. Ackermann, Max Meienberg and Uwe Proch. Hubert Freidl is the company’s current CEO. The main headquarters is located in Graz, Austria. Rapid growth and expansion has brought offices to every continent. There are 5 million members and 54 thousand merchants affiliated with Lyoness, offering cash back rewards with every purchase.

The company created the Child and Family Foundation (CFF) in 2008 in Switzerland. The foundation has successfully provided assistance to over 10,500 children, adolescents and their families. The foundation makes education available to deprived and under privileged families. A portion of all purchases goes towards CFF. The company also founded Greenfinity in 2008 in order to help create a healthy and sustainable environment. So far there has been 22 projects worldwide saving 742,392 tons of CO2 emissions.

Sign-up Cost: $0

Global Revenue: 1.5 Million annually

The Bad: The company has been in business for over a decade and has expanded to every continent. Lyoness has 2 foundations that are meant to make a difference.

The Bad: The company has seen it’s days of lawsuits. The business opportunity rely’s strongly on the referral system, with the average person only being able to sponsor 1-2 people.

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There are no products manufactured or distributed by the company. It simply offers customer loyalty and cash-back programs. When customers make a purchase from one of the loyalty merchants they can earn 1-2% cash back from the total purchase. The minimum requirement cash-back balance must be $15 before any withdrawals can be made.

Customers sign-up for a Lyoness cashback card for free and simply present it before they checkout. You can find loyalty merchants on the company’s website. There are currently cashback cards and vouchers available for the online stores.


Lyoness offers an opportunity to maximize benefits in the company using the Down Payment Program. Independent Representatives can make a down payment deposit that is applied to any future shopping done by the IR. The program is not an investment rather a deposit, this allows you to place accounting units ahead of referrals. The minimum amount that can be put down is $75 and the maximum is $3,000. When you place a down payment of the maximum amount of $3,000 there is a potential to earn $24,858, but there is no telling how fast the return will be generated.

Independent Representatives generate an income through the referral system, the more referral the better, there is no limit to the amount of referrals in the generation line. Commission can be earned through referrals depositing money into the Down Payment Program, through the form of compression.

If you have the education, tools and training skills there is a possibility to make a decent income, however if you lack the proper training with the referral system there is a very big possibility that you will generate little to no income. IR’s are offered cashback, friendship bonuses, loyalty cash, loyalty credit, loyalty commission and finally loyalty cashback bonuses. Again there is opportunity if you have the experience with the referral system.

The Good

Lyoness Austria has been in business for over ten years, in that time expanding business worldwide with offices on every continent. The company continues to remain extremely successful with their annual global revenue remaining on the high end. There are over 5 million members and 54 thousand merchants that customers can choose to shop from. There is an opportunity for those with the proper skills in the referral system to generate an income, as well as, cashback rewards and several different bonuses.

The company founded organizations in order to give back to the community. The Child and Family Foundation helps children and families receive a proper education. The Greenify Foundation is designed to make a cleaner more sustainable environment for the future. There are 20 different projects running worldwide, so far they have brought down carbon emissions by over 740 thousand tons.

The Bad

While there is opportunity for independent representatives to generate an income, without the proper training, tools and education of the referral system the outcome of success is very little. There are many reviews claiming that the company is running a pyramid scheme, leading many away from the company. Mastercard has denounced Lyoness stating that there is no direct relationship between the two. Lyoness for a time was advertising there was a connection between the two.

The company has been investigated and has had several lawsuits filed against them. One of the lawsuits was the ACC Pyramid Scheme lawsuit. A huge selection of investors in Austria have filed lawsuits against Lyoness demanding full refunds of the money they invested. There is a lot of reviews and complaints from customers, as well as, independent representatives against the company.(


Lyoness is a multi-level marketing shopping community that offers customers and representatives cashback rewards. The company was founded in 2003 in the country of Austria, since then the company has made expansions worldwide. There are 5 million members and 54 thousand different merchants involved with the company.

There is no sign-up fee to become a member or an independent representative with the company. There is opportunity for those with referral system understanding to generate an income. The Down Payment Program allows representatives to make a down payment that is put towards their future purchase, the company also claims that a $3,000 down payment will result in a $24,000 payout.

In the amount of time that the business has been operating there have been several lawsuits filed, selective investors have backed out demanding full refunds on all investments and many customer complaints. There are many reviews stating that the company is simply running a huge pyramid scheme, but the evidence of global revenue and over a decade of service that may prove otherwise.

Lyoness strives to give back with the two foundations they set up. The foundations were established in order to help people, as well as, the environment. There are currently 20 ongoing projects designed to bring down carbon emissions and to lessen the human footprint. The foundations are known worldwide.


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