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Isagenix is still one of the hottest health MLMs

Isagenix is a multi-level marketing company that sells a variety of products related to health, weight loss, and energy.

The company was founded in 2002 by the husband-wife duo of Jim and Kathy Coover, who both had previous success with multi-level marketing, as well as co-founder John Anderson, who had previous experience in the nutrition industry.

Since then, Isagenix has produced billions in revenue and currently has a presence in more than a dozen countries across three continents.

The outlook of Isagenix appears to be promising. The company has been around for more than a decade and the past few years have been some of the company’s best. Those at the top of the company seem to have created a business model that works and may continue to work for years to come.

Sign-Up Cost: $39

Global Revenue: $3 billion

The Good: Award-winning business; A+ rating from Better Business Bureau; training and assistance for distributors.

The Bad: Product disclaimers and side effects; has faced accusations of being a pyramid scheme; few make substantial money.

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Isagenix has a wide array of products that cover a multitude of customer needs. Most of their products fall into at least one of the following categories:

  • Weight Loss Solutions – Primarily shakes and soups that are described as meal replacements.
  • Snacks and Mini Meals – A selection of nutritious snacks that help to curb hunger.
  • Energy Solutions – Drinks and supplements that can improve energy through vitamins, minerals, and other natural elements.
  • Performance Solutions – Protein shakes and other products that can either fuel training or help in recovery.
  • Healthy Aging Solutions – A small collection of products to help curb the effects of aging.
  • Targeted Solutions and Daily Health – A combination of products that can help supplement daily nutrition requirements or target specific areas such as joint health or brain support.
  • Age-Defying Skincare – A collection of serums, creams, and toners that can improve skin health and appearance.


Isagenix has always welcomed those who want to join the company to either make extra income or forge a career. The company offers a binary compensation plan with four ways to make money:

  • Retail Sales – Depending on their level within the company, distributors can earn between 30 and 100% on each item they sell.
  • Bonuses – There are bonuses awarded when a distributor sponsors someone who buys one of the company’s start-up packs when they signup. There are also bonuses based on team growth.
  • Promotions – There are four levels within the company, with each one offering a different degree of compensation for distributors as they move up the ranks.
  • Incentives – Isagenix will announce short-term incentives that may be based around sales, new memberships, or other criteria that can encourage distributors to step up their efforts in order to reach the incentive in a short period of time.

The Good

For what it’s worth, Isagenix has been the recipient of many awards. Inc. 5000 has recognized Isagenix as one of the fastest-growing companies in the U.S. for eight straight years. In 2014, Direct Selling New Global placed them 27th on a ranking of top companies.

In addition to those accolades, Isagenix has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, which is probably more meaningful. The BBB has applauded the company’s transparency, as well as their ability to resolve customer complaints. On top of that, a majority of reviews from within the company rated them as average or better, with very few egregious complaints from those employed by Isagenix.

Isagenix has also been praised for the training and assistance the company gives to its distributors. Co-founder Kathy Coover has been successful in direct sales for over two decades and has been called one of the most influential people in the industry. Her presence in the company ensures that Isagenix distributors receive the training and guidance they need to succeed. The company’s website is also filled with useful information and tools regarding Isagenix products, making it easier for distributors to sell to customers and easier for customers to use products properly, increasing the chances they will continue to buy them.

The diversity of the Isagenix product line is also advantageous for the company. Instead of trying to fill a single niche, Isagenix can appeal to people with a variety of needs, which makes the job of distributors that much easier.

The Bad

Unfortunately, the validity of the company’s products has been questioned. Part of it stems from disclaimers the company puts on its own products. Isagenix is up front about its products not being evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The company also admits that results from its weight-loss products are not typical and should not be expected.

There have also been widespread concerns about possible side effects from some of the company’s products. The number of potential side effects is quite substantial, with a few of them being potentially serious. There have also been reports of Isagenix distributors telling customers that the company’s products are capable of solving certain medical issues, which is something the company admits is a dangerous practice that they don’t encourage.

Isagenix also admits that its distributors should not expect financial success. The Isagenix website states that 82.5% of its members simply buy products at wholesale cost for their own use and make little money selling the company’s products. Roughly 12% of the company does make money from retail sales and bonuses, but at a rate of less than $500 per year. Only a small percentage of distributors make money through Isagenix that’s comparable to a full-time job.


There are both strong positives and negatives to consider with regard joining Isagenix as a distributor. There’s no denying that Isagenix has proven to be a successful company that continues to grow. It offers a diverse array of products and plenty of support to help its distributors makes sales and reach their financial goals. The awards and positive reviews Isagenix has received also showcase Isagenix work as a strong and competent company.

With minimal science to back up the company’s products and more than enough reports of negative side effects, if you can’t personally endorse Isagenix products, there’s no reason to attempt to sell them.


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