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ASEA Global, can they be trusted? (review)

ASEA Global is a multi-level marketing firm that sells two progressive products related to health and skincare.

Since being founded in 2007, ASEA has expanded to include over half a million direct sales distributors and have a presence in 60 countries. The word “asea” means from the sea, representing rejuvenation and healing, a concept that resonated with the company’s founders.

The company’s outlook appears to be positive. ASEA has made great progress in less than a decade of existence, and while it appears that growth has slowed, the company’s success up until now is enough to believe that such success has a chance to continue in the years to come.

Sign-up cost: $40
Global revenue: $70 million
The Good: Unique product; has received few customer complaints.
The Bad: Limited number of products; flaws in compensation plan for distributors.

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ASEA Global has just two products. The first is the company’s original product, which is also called ASEA. This is a liquid supplement that works to improve all the body’s systems. The other product is RENU 28, which is a skin revitalizing gel that the company released in 2014.

ASEA states on its website that its namesake product is the first consumable product that can “stabilize active redox signaling molecules.” For those who don’t know, redox signaling refers to the messages between cells that orchestrate the restoration of cells, which is a vital part of health and recovery. This makes ASEA’s product a revelation in healthy living.

RENU 28 is a product that aims to improve the look of skin by making the skin itself healthier on a cellular level. It comes in the form of a gel that should be applied daily, primarily to the face, but to other parts of the body as well. Dermatest, a leading dermatological research institute in Europe, performed a study that showed RENU 28 led to improvement in the following areas:

  • Eye wrinkle depth – reduced by 21%
  • Wrinkles – improved by 23%
  • Facial skin texture – improved by 22%
  • Skin smoothness – improved by 23%
  • Skin elasticity – improved by 20%
  • Skin moisture – improved by 11%


Armed with two revelatory products, ASEA welcomes people to come aboard as distributors. ASEA offers distributors seven ways to make money:

  • Retail Sales – Associates keep the difference between purchasing products at wholesale and selling them at retail price.
  • Preferred Customer Bonus – Sign up a Preferred Customer and earn $25 on every purchase auto-shipped to them.
  • Fast Start Bonus – Sponsor someone who purchases an ASEA Product Pack during enrollment.
  • Director Bonus – $50 bonus for achieving rank of Director within 14 days of enrollment.
  • Team Commissions – Earn 10% commission from one of the two legs built through sponsorships.
  • Executive Momentum Bonus – Earn a share of global sales while rising through company ranks.
  • Check Match – Earnings based on associates you have sponsored and others they have sponsored for up to seven generations.

The Good

The biggest highlight of ASEA its products. Both ASEA and RENU 28 can be considered as medical breakthroughs, at least to some extent. Even among other health products sold by multi-level marketing firms, they should be considered unique. Having a unique product is a huge advantage when signing up as a distributor with an MLM, and that definitely gives ASEA an edge.

Many will express skepticism regarding the validity of the company’s products, but they’re backed by enough science to believe that the claims ASEA is making about its products are true. The company also has endorsements from several athletes who believe in ASEA’s namesake product. Such endorsements speak volumes, as athletes would be among the leading beneficiaries of a product that can help someone to recover quickly and maintain their health.

ASEA has also received positive reviews, both from the Better Business Bureau and from within the company. The BBB reports few customer complaints, and those that have been expressed are commonly associated with the company’s billing processes, not with their products or their use of distributors. The reviews from inside the company are not universal, but they are mostly positive. Most of the complaints pertain to middle management, while those at the head of the company have received rave reviews, which is always a positive sign for the future of the company (1).

The Bad

Of course, one of the downsides to ASEA’s products is that there are only two of them. In MLM, it’s often easier to sell to customers and expand your customer base when you have a wide variety of products to offer. With ASEA’s products, potential customers are either going to be receptive to the advancements the company has made in health supplements or they will be quick to dismiss them. This can make your success as a distributor based more on luck than skill or hard work.

The compensation plan offered by ASEA is also problematic for some. It requires a distributor to recruit others who will branch off into two legs, which is a common trait for MLM firms. However, many of the promotions and commissions that distributors rely on to make money are based on the weaker of their two legs. This forces distributors to pay more attention to recruitment and the team they build and less attention to their own sales. In this sense, a distributor may only be as strong as their weakest recruit, creating a system that can hold back an otherwise qualified and capable distributor.


If you try out the two products that ASEA offers and have a favorable impression of them, there’s little reason for you to be deterred from joining the company as a distributor. The products themselves may be a bit expensive, but the startup fee is more than reasonable.

More importantly, they offer two products that have good reviews from the scientific community and have a real chance to help people in meaningful ways. This means you’ll have a product that you’re proud to sell. Moreover, the company’s success thus far and the glowing reviews of the leaders at the top of the company should make you confident that ASEA is moving in the right direction and has a bright future ahead of it.

There are certainly some qualms with regard to the oddity of the compensation structure, but nothing egregious enough to make one back out if they like all other aspects of the company. If you believe the products and the company are a good fit for you, there should be little hesitation in joining ASEA.


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