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Alliance in Motion Global is hot right nowAre they legit?

Alliance in Motion Global is a direct sales company based in the Philippines. The company was founded in 2005 and sells nutritional supplements and beverages that are produced by Nature’s Way USA. The stated goal of Alliance in Motion is to maximize the market of its products while helping its distributors gain “financial independence and economic stability.”

The outlook of Alliance in Motion appears to be good, although being a foreign company makes it difficult to ascertain all essential information about it. That being said, the company has a presence throughout the world and continues to expand, giving them some benefit of the doubt.

Sign-up cost: $179 – $1,256

Global Revenue: Unknown

The Good: Several ways for distributors to make money; great fringe benefits for distributors; training programs for distributors.

The Bad: Company information is hard to find; limits on sales; pressure to sponsor new distributors.

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Alliance in Motion offers roughly 20 products related to nutrition and wellness (1). The products can be divided into four categories:

  • Functional Beverages
  • Nutritional Support
  • Nutritional CosmeCeuticals
  • NaturaCentials

The Functional Beverages category makes up a majority of the Alliance in Motion product line. There are 10 beverages options, most of which are coffee-flavored drinks that claim a variety of health-related benefits.

The Nutritional Support category refers to five different nutritional supplements that claim several health benefits, including one that’s geared towards kids.

The Nutritional CosmeCeuticals category includes one skin care product, as well as a product that Alliance in Motion claims to be the “world’s first glutathione sublingual spray,” which carries a variety of benefits.

The NaturaCentials category includes soap, toothpaste, and specific types of wash for both men and women.


Alliance in Motion has six ways that distributors can earn money:

  • Retailing
  • Direct Sponsoring
  • Match Sales Bonus
  • Uni-Level Bonus
  • Stair-Step Bonus
  • Royalty Income

Retailing offers distributors the chance to resell Alliance in Motion products after purchasing them with a 25% discount.

Direct sponsoring offers distributors the chance to sell a package of products to new distributors. The company offers more than half a dozen different packages and each package sold to a new distributor gives the original distributor an $11 bonus.

A Match Sales Bonus is worth $33 and comes from earning product points or a sponsored distributor earning product points.

A Uni-Level bonus is a dynamic compression structure that gives quality distributors bonuses on up to 10 levels.

The Stair-Step Bonus set up allows distributors to climb the ladder based on global points acquired through group sales accumulation.

Royalty Income involves a 2% commission when a distributor is promoted up each of the five levels of being a Global Ambassador with Alliance in Motion.

The Good

One of the obvious positives of Alliance in Motion is that the company offers distributors six different ways to make money. This can be a bit overwhelming, and perhaps even a little confusing, but it opens the door for those who are dedicated to make a substantial amount of money.

The benefits and support the company gives its distributors are far and above what other multi-level marketing firms offer. In addition to a lifetime discount of 25% on all Alliance in Motion products, new distributors are able to receive a free medical check up when they join the company, as well as the opportunity to buy personal accident insurance. The distributor also receives a scholarship grant that can be utilized at over 300 schools and can be transferred to anyone the distributor knows. Even if the distributor doesn’t choose to take advantage of all these perks, the fact that Alliance in Motion offers them says a lot about the company (2).

When it comes to direct sales, Alliance in Motion provides seminars and training for its distributors to help them find their way in the industry. Each distributor is also given his or her own page on the company’s website to help them keep track of all sales and transactions. There are also three different ways distributors can claim payments, giving them plenty of flexibility and freedom.

The Bad

One red flag that is raised with Alliance in Motion is the lack of information about the company, most notably no report from the Better Business Bureau. To be fair, there are a limited number of online reviews from those within the company, and those reviews could not be more favorable (3).

Alliance In Motion also puts a great deal of pressure on distributors to sponsor others and grow their sales team. The company also puts a limit on the number of sales that can take place within a given time cycle. The distributor will need to learn about these stipulations and adjust their selling accordingly to ensure they receive full credit for their sales.

Finally, while Alliance in Motion offers training on the basics of the industry and the products its distributors are selling, the company has been criticized for not offering training on advanced sales and marketing techniques. Not receiving such training can make it difficult for distributors to rise through the ranks and maximize their earning potential.


Despite a lack of information about Alliance in Motion, which adds to the risk of joining it as a distributor, it’s certainly possible to experience significant financial gain from joining the business. The startup fee varies based on your level of commitment, and the company encourages distributors to join at the highest levels possible. This means putting down more money up front, which obviously increases the risk, but it also opens up the possibility for better rewards.

This type of set up can be great for someone who has the time and willingness to put in the work necessary to succeed in a multi-level marketing business. Of course, even with the right attitude, the money to get started can be a lot for some people, and the products don’t necessarily standout above the competition, so making large volumes of sales isn’t a guarantee unless you have certainty there will be a market for you to explore.

At the end of the day, Alliance in Motion is a high-risk, high-reward venture. Not enough can be learned about the company or its products to give one extraordinary amounts of confidence in joining Alliance in Motion.


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